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15:32  22 january  2021
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Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party Thursday. The decision rocked the British political world: Less than a year ago, at the December 2019 general election Before Corbyn ' s suspension was publicly announced, his successor as leader , Keir Starmer, said he

British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote to U . S . President Donald Trump on Monday to ask him to revise U . S . negotiating objectives for a post-Brexit trade deal to ensure 12 election, has sought to make Britain' s much-loved National Health Service ( NHS ) a key battleground in the vote.

Britain's Conservative lawmakers have defended a vote to reject legal protections for the National Health Service (NHS) in post-Brexit trade deals with the U.S. and other countries, saying that it is already a "top priority".

graffiti on a brick building: Oppositions politicians have accused the government of putting the NHS at risk by including it in trade negotiations © Joseph Okpako/Getty Oppositions politicians have accused the government of putting the NHS at risk by including it in trade negotiations

The British House of Lords added an amendment to the government's new Trade Bill - which will enable the U.K. to make new international trade agreements after leaving the EU - that sought to legally protect the NHS from being used in future negotiations.

NHS may move patients into hotels - as Hancock says end of restrictions 'impossible to know'

  NHS may move patients into hotels - as Hancock says end of restrictions 'impossible to know' The NHS is considering plans to discharge patients into hotels as hospitals become swamped with COVID patients, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed - as he said it was "impossible to know" how long lockdown restrictions might last. Mr Hancock told Sky News that the government would "look at all options" to relieve pressures on the NHS, with more than 35,000 coronavirus patients currently in hospitals across the UK."There are huge pressures on the NHS and, as you'd expect, we're looking to all different ways that we can relieve those pressures," he said.

Jeremy Corbyn says he has documents which 'confirm' under Boris Johnson 'the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale ' to the US. Mr Johnson has repeatedly said that the NHS would not be on the table in trade talks. The UK could insist that the health service was listed as one of the exemptions.

Mr Corbyn said Labour would cover the lost revenue from parking charges with an 8 per cent hike on insurance premium tax charged on private health insurance. Labour say this will be enough to cover the £162 million that English hospitals raise annually from car parking charges.

The clause banned any agreement that "undermines or restricts" the U.K.'s ability to provide "a comprehensive publicly funded health service free at the point of delivery" and restricted "the sale of patient data" and the government's ability to control drug prices. The amendment was supported by opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Labour Party, but rejected by Conservative MPs by 357 votes to 266.

When he went up against Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the 2019 U.K. election, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed the NHS would be "up for sale" under the Conservatives in order to secure a trade deal with the U.S. He claims to Newsweek that the result of the vote on the Trade Bill amendment has shown that the Conservatives have "betrayed" the NHS and broken any promise it would be protected.

Fox execs fear shake-up as Murdoch returns to US thanks to vaccine

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Labour leader in denial on migration: Corbyn denies record numbers coming to the UK are putting pressure on schools, the NHS and other services . And former Labour leader Gordon Brown said the EU should hand over money to help relieve the pressure on communities facing a large influx of

Jeremy Corbyn has desperately tried to downplay damaging remarks made about him by shadow Last month a poll found that less than a quarter of British voters like Mr Corbyn , in a fresh blow to The Labour leader insisted that funding of the health service was a 'serious issue, it' s a political

"During the General Election, Tory MPs denied our claims that the NHS would be up for sale in trade deals, but that is exactly what is happening now," Corbyn says. "We must continue to campaign against NHS privatization and for better funding."

Conservative Trade Minister Greg Hands argued the government is "wholly committed to ensuring that the NHS remains universal and free at the point of service" and called the allegation that the NHS could be "sold off" to foreign companies "offensive and absurd".

He said: "Our position could not be clearer: the NHS, the services it provides and the price it pays for medicines will remain off the table when we are negotiating free trade agreements. These are not just words. I am pleased to confirm that none of the agreements we have signed with 63 partner countries has threatened the delivery of a free and universal NHS. Not a single one of those agreements has affected our ability to protect the health service."

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Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is banging the drum for his new commitment to cut class sizes in schools with a tour through the south . 'Every vote for the SNP on May 4th is a vote against Tory austerity and a vote to protect vital services and jobs. 'All of our candidates are working hard

Mr Corbyn said yesterday that Labour could win the 2020 election if it argues that ‘we can become a country that doesn’t have poverty, that Four MPs made it onto the final list of candidates to succeed Ed Miliband as Labour leader following a late surge in support for hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn .

NHS emergency doctor Robert Hirst says that despite what Hands says, he fears the health service is at risk from "forces which prioritize profit over our health" so some deal could be done with the trade negotiations. "Last year the government stated the NHS would not be on the table," Hirst says. "At that point, one in eight NHS beds was already being provided by a private American company. In Greater Manchester, it was one in four NHS beds. In a post-Brexit economy, our NHS is more vulnerable than ever."

Shadow Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry, who spoke during the Commons debate on the Bill, tells Newsweek her biggest concern is the potential for other countries to access NHS patient data. "It's deeply disappointing and disturbing that the government has refused to exclude the NHS from the scope of future trade deals with the U.S. and other countries," she says.

"Some people think the issue here is private healthcare companies from overseas being able to compete against the NHS to deliver taxpayer-funded healthcare. But for me, the far more realistic and pernicious threat is those same companies winning a greater right to provide services to the NHS through open procurement contracts, and gaining access through that route to the vast resource of NHS patient data that they've been actively pursuing for years. It should worry everyone in Britain that the government rejected it."

It’s just not cricket

  It’s just not cricket Good morning, early birds. A third planeload of tennis players will be forced into two weeks of quarantine, and Joe Biden is reportedly planning to tackle COVID-19, immigration, and climate change policies during his first days in office. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.At least five passengers in total tested positive and at least 170 are isolating after being identified as close contacts. This includes 72 players who are now unable to train, and some of whom The New Daily reports have breached quarantine to speak to one another.

Access to NHS patient records is sought by drugs companies because they contain information on some 55 million people from birth to death. Unrestricted access to the data has been given an estimated value of almost £10 billion a year ($13.7bn) by professional services company EY.

In 2019, the Guardian reported that data about millions of NHS patients had already been sold to U.S. and other international pharmaceutical companies for research. Drugs giants, including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly were named as companies that had paid the U.K. government for data derived from GPs' surgeries, for licenses costing up to £330,000 each in return for anonymized data. Campaigners have called for greater transparency in the nature of the deals and clarity on what the data is to be used for.

Licenses to buy data are issued by the Clinical Practice Research Datalink, which is part of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The MHRA says any information sold is "anonymized in accordance with the Information Commissioner's Office anonymization code of practice".

At the moment, patients who do not want their data to be shared must opt-out at their GP practice, by contacting the NHS over the phone or by filling out an online form. During the Trade Bill debate, Hands argued that the government did not see a need for the amendment to be included "as protecting the NHS is already a top priority in negotiations".

Pandemic forces Jordanian children into labour market

  Pandemic forces Jordanian children into labour market Omar's heart sinks when he trudges past his closed school gates in the Jordanian capital Amman -- now part of his trip to work, to repair and clean kerosene heaters. "As school is shut, I help my family financially," said Omar, sporting a sweater and dirty jeans as he cleaned a heater with his blackened hands. He works exhausting 12-hour days at the workshop, and collapses into bed after a shower and a quick evening meal.Overall, the work "doesn't bother me", he said."What is unbearable is the smell of kerosene... (it) doesn't go away."He earns three dinars (around $4.25) a day, which helps pay the family's monthly rent of 130 dinars.

"We have all witnessed the heroic efforts of the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are immensely grateful for all that it has accomplished," Hands said. "The NHS is not on the table. The NHS is not and never will be for sale." The Conservative Party did not respond to a request for comment prior to publication.

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