World Brexit: our fishermen should regain access to Jersey waters

15:25  27 january  2021
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  'Putting UK, not GB, delayed my fish for 24 hours' New trading rules are causing problems for some firms, creating backlogs and uncertainty.Logistics firms have paused deliveries to the UK. Exporters point to huge increases in documentation required. And firms dealing with perishable produce say they have lost money over delays at border crossings.

Brexit : nos pêcheurs devraient retrouver l’accès aux eaux de Jersey © Pixabay Brexit: our fishermen should regain access to Jersey waters Interrupted after the end of the post-Brexit period, access by French fishermen Jersey waters will be restored "within a week", the time for the written formalization of the agreements, according to the Norman fishermen. "The administrative imbroglio is settled".

Good news for our fishermen. While they had been deprived of their usual access to the waters of Jersey (United Kingdom) at the beginning of January after the end of the post-Brexit transition period, they will be able to return there within a "short week" and until at the end of April, welcomes the regional fisheries committee of Normandy. "The administrative imbroglio is resolved," said the president of the regional fisheries committee, Dimitri Rogoff, in a text message to AFP. In a press release issued on Wednesday, authorities in Jersey confirmed that "arrangements" had been made.

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On January 15, Norman fishermen had deplored no longer having access to Jersey waters, while it was expected that holders of a fishing license in these waters under the Granville Treaty, which expired with the Brexit , can continue to access it until April 30. Jersey then ensured that it could not finally implement this transition period because it had not, according to the Channel Island, been validated by the European Commission. "We come back to the terms of the provisional permit agreement," said Rogoff.

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"On Monday 25 January the European Commissioner for Fisheries and the Minister for External Relations of Jersey confirmed the political commitment of the European Commission and the government of Jersey to formalize transitional arrangements for European Union vessels fishing in Jersey waters ", specifies the Channel Island. These "arrangements formalize a period in which those boats which had licenses (...) to fish in Jersey waters (...) will continue to have access to Jersey waters until the end of April," according to the statement. .

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"The details of these arrangements will now be confirmed in writing, once finalized by Great Britain, the European Union and Jersey", according to the island. "We are happy," Hugo Le Huby, communications officer for the regional fisheries committee, told AFP, even if "we regret the debauchery of energy". French fishermen should be able to return to Jersey waters "within a short week", time for the written formalization of the agreements, he said.

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To fish in Jersey after April 30, French fishermen, who had the Granville license, must prove that they have fished for more than 10 days per year in Jersey waters for the past three years. "This job is complicated because there is a lot of data which is not always easy to recover," he adds. 340 boats are holders of a Granville license, according to the Norman committee.

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