World A "stillborn" trial: the optimistic Trump clan, Democrats seek the parade

23:00  27 january  2021
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The Biggest Decision Democrats Face

  The Biggest Decision Democrats Face Will they get rid of the filibuster if it means passing their voting-rights and election-reform agenda?The party’s immediate political fate in the 2022 and 2024 elections is likely to turn mostly on whether Joe Biden can successfully control the coronavirus outbreak—restarting the economy and returning a sense of normalcy to daily life. But the contours of American politics just over that horizon, through 2030 and beyond, will be determined even more by whether Democrats can establish new national standards for the conduct of elections through a revised Voting Rights Act and sweeping legislation known as H.R.

The Democrats (right, DNC Chair Tom Perez) have reportedly amassed a huge 2020 trove of opposition research that will be used against President Donald Trump in key battlegrounds states. Information includes documentation about every time Trump told supporters at his 2016 campaign rallies that Mexico would pay for the wall. The Democrats will use the research against the president in the 2020 election, particularly in key battlegrounds states. Information was gathered through news articles and interviews with residents in states like Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado

Trump and Turkey's Recep Erdogan. Turkey slammed US President Donald Trump ’s Middle East peace plan as “ stillborn ” on Tuesday, calling it an “annexation plan” intended to destroy hopes for a two-state solution. Trump on Tuesday unveiled long-awaited details of a US plan for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that Jerusalem would remain Israel’s “undivided capital”. Turkey, a strong advocate of the Palestinian cause, said Jerusalem was Ankara’s “redline”. “We will not allow any step that will legitimise Israel’s occupation and persecution.

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U n "stillborn" impeachment trial: Donald Trump's entourage was delighted to see Wednesday his chances of being acquitted in the Senate increased after a formal vote, which showed the reluctance of Republican senators to condemn him for "inciting insurrection" during the assault on the Capitol.

The risk for the Democrats, who absolutely need a two-thirds majority in the Senate to condemn it?

See the billionaire once again showing off the headlines proclaiming him "acquitted", as at the end of his first impeachment trial, in the Ukrainian affair.

A prospect that motivated a senator on Wednesday to rally support in an attempt to avoid a trial, by voting instead on a motion of censure.

Biden says Democrats don't have votes to impeach Trump

  Biden says Democrats don't have votes to impeach Trump Biden says Democrats don't have votes to impeach TrumpGood morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...

I’m glad someone didn’t feel bad at the end of the movie, because I sure did, and not because of Unpregnant’s political stance on the complex issue of abortion, or its ham-handed cultural politics, but because it is an unfunny, cliché-ridden, mess of a movie that is poorly written, acted and directed. In conclusion, Unpregnant is a stillborn cinematic dud that should have taken its own advice and aborted itself in the first trimester of its creative process. Think your friends would be interested?

Trump won at least three states on Tuesday but his loss in Ohio means the Republican nominating convention in July may be contested if he falls short of winning a majority of delegates in the state-by-state contests. Republican donors are a testing ground for Trump , who is under pressure to soften his tone to win independent voters. Trump will likely face a barrage of attack ads and negative mailings funded by Super PACs, labor unions and the campaign of his Democratic opponent. Answering the charges on the airwaves would require more than just giving interviews and prove costly.

This parliamentary weapon, less powerful than impeachment, would amount to marking him with blame, and could attract more Republican support, many of whom were also deeply shocked by the violence of Donald Trump's supporters perpetrated in Congress on January 6, even as they sat there.

On Tuesday, nearly all Republican senators, 45 out of 50, supported an attempt to block the historic second impeachment trial of the 45th President of the United States.

Now the 100 senators will serve as jurors during this trial scheduled for February 9. And the Democrats would need the rallying of 17 Republicans to condemn the ex-president.

"This stuff is stillborn," said billionaire's son Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter on Wednesday.

Without the same glee, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine nonetheless shared a similar diagnosis.

The gangster, the general and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

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Ivanka Trump 's statement about Roy Moore's accusers play prominently in a new ad for Doug Jones, Moore's Democratic opponent. Scroll down for video. The quote is shown in large white letters on a simple black background in Jones' new ad. 'On Roy Moore's disturbing actions, Ivanka Trump says there is a special place in hell for people who prey on Sessions needs little introduction in Alabama. He gave up the Senate seat being sought by Moore in order to join the Trump Administration. The ad lauds conservative voices for 'doing what's right'. The ad also invokes Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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This vote "made it clear that we are far from getting the 67 votes" necessary to condemn him, the moderate told reporters. By explaining that he was working on the text of a motion of censure which could also obtain the support of Republicans and "potentially avoid the trial".

"I think 'Donald Trump' needs to be held accountable and there are consequences, and I believe many Republicans" could support him, "Hillary Clinton's former running mate continued in 2016.

Ten Republicans are expected to join the 50 Democrats to pass a motion. A possible prospect.

Even though Democrats promised the trial would be faster than the first, which lasted 21 days in early 2020, it could monopolize the Senate Monday through Saturday to the detriment of the "top priority" of Joe Biden's early term in office, he stressed: adopt a gigantic aid plan to fight the pandemic and confirm the members of his cabinet.

Senate Republicans are doing what they do best: supporting Trump

  Senate Republicans are doing what they do best: supporting Trump Many Republicans are poised to stand by Trump during the impeachment trial — much as they have for years.In a vote on the constitutionality of the trial on Tuesday, just five of the 50-member Republican conference sided with Democrats in favor of moving forward, an indication that the other 45 members were questioning the validity of the proceedings or using that argument as a way to get out of what will probably be a politically challenging situation. The vote was largely viewed as a sign that the majority of Republicans weren’t open to convicting the former president, though several lawmakers emphasized that they still planned to weigh the evidence.

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Republicans divided

As of Tuesday evening, the moderate Republican senator Susan Collins had made the same observation of failure announced: "Just do the math", she had blurted out, judging "extraordinarily improbable" that the president is condemned ". It is now associated with the initiative of Tim Kaine.

Donald Trump would be the first ex-president to fall under a motion of censure, which would not however prevent him from running again in 2024.

Under the still immense influence of this extraordinary personality, the Republicans appear divided: 56% say that Donald Trump should "probably or absolutely" seek a new mandate, while 36% believe that he should "probably or absolutely" not do so, According to a poll by Politico and Morning Consult.

Five Republicans voted Tuesday against the initiative of Senator Rand Paul, who tried to block the trial by arguing that it would be unconstitutional to try a former president: Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey.

But several of the 50 Republicans who voted then stressed that this in no way prejudged their position in the impeachment trial. Led by their leader, Mitch McConnell.

In a shattering rupture, this former Trump ally had let it be known that he did not rule out condemning him, the very day of his indictment in the House of Representatives, on January 13. He has since claimed that supporters of the real estate mogul have been "showered with lies" and "prompted" to launch their deadly assault by the president.

On Wednesday, this influential Senate veteran who weighs his words carefully let the threat hang:

"The trial has not yet started and I intend to take part and listen to the arguments".

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5 Key Things From Democrats' Impeachment Brief Ahead of Trump's Second Trial .
The authors state the evidence that Donald Trump committed crimes is "overwhelming," and the Senate has a legal right to impeach a former president.After submitting the 77-page pre-trial legal brief, House managers led by Jamie Raskin (D-MD) issued a statement that reiterated the "compelling" and "overwhelming" evidence that Trump was responsible for the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6, and that the Senate's duty to hear the case was "clear and unavoidable.

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