World Hundreds of Rohingya missing from Indonesian refugee camp

09:46  28 january  2021
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Indonesia's president promises to rebuild city hit by earthquake as death toll reaches 90

  Indonesia's president promises to rebuild city hit by earthquake as death toll reaches 90 Indonesia's president promises to rebuild city hit by earthquake as death toll reaches 90The 6.2-magnitude earthquake caused significant damage to hundreds of homes, a mall, hospital, hotels and government buildings early on Friday and has been followed by more than 39 aftershocks since.

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are being relocated to a controversial island facility. "Without appropriate assessments and adequate information for refugees about conditions on the island, the move is nothing short of a dangerous mass detention of the Rohingya people in violation of "Everyone recognizes the refugee camps are not sustainable, but Bhasan Char is part of a secure, voluntary and temporary solution in the meantime." Several rights groups, however, have raised concerns that refugees may have been coerced. Human Rights Watch said about a dozen families

By Mohammed Rafique, The Rohingya Post On May 12, a highly devastating fire spread in Kutupalong Refugee Camp , in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh where hundreds of

Hundreds of Rohingya are missing from a refugee camp in Indonesia and are believed to have been trafficked to neighbouring Malaysia, officials and sources said Thursday.

A refugee camp in Lhokseumawe, Aceh province on January 27, 2021, after several hundred Rohingya refugees left the camp © AMANDA JUFRIAN A refugee camp in Lhokseumawe, Aceh province on January 27, 2021, after several hundred Rohingya refugees left the camp

Just 112 refugees remain at the makeshift camp in Lhokseumawe on Indonesia's northern coast this week, well down from the almost 400 that arrived between June and September last year.

Neither local authorities nor the UN could account for the whereabouts of the refugees from the stateless Muslim minority from Myanmar, who are feared to have enlisted traffickers to help them cross the Malacca strait into Malaysia.

Bangladesh to move more Rohingya refugees to remote island

  Bangladesh to move more Rohingya refugees to remote island Officials says the country will move 2,000 to 3,000 more refugees to Bhasan Char despite international criticism.Bangladesh has relocated about 3,500 Rohingya refugees from neighbouring Myanmar to Bhasan Char island since early December. They were previously sheltering in border camps where a million live in ramshackle huts perched on razed hillsides.

Over 400 Rohingya refugees have fled the violence and brutality terrorizing their country. The refugees have attempted to enter nearby countries like Malaysia, Indonesian , and Thailand as of Hundreds of survivors still remain on the waters today. Ships are in critical condition since they have Poor conditions follow them in Bangladesh safety camps , where over 900,000 Rohingya now live.

A huge fire swept through Rohingya refugee camps in southern Bangladesh early Thursday, the United Nations said, destroying homes belonging to thousands of people.

"We don't know yet where they went," said Ridwan Jamil, head of the Rohingya taskforce in Lhokseumawe. "But they'll escape if they can find any hole to leave because that is their goal."

A Myanmar military crackdown in 2017, which UN investigators said amounted to genocide, forced 750,000 Rohingya to flee across the border into Bangladesh's southeast coastal district of Cox's Bazar, where many ended up in sprawling refugee camps.

Thousands have since paid smugglers to get them out of Bangladesh, enduring harrowing, months-long sea journeys punctuated by illness, beatings by traffickers and near starvation rations to reach Indonesia and Malaysia.

At least 18 Rohingya from the Lhokseumawe camp and over a dozen suspected traffickers were recently apprehended by police several hundred kilometres south in Medan city, a frequent staging point for illegal crossings into Malaysia, authorities said.

Bangladesh moves thousands more Rohingya to remote island

  Bangladesh moves thousands more Rohingya to remote island Bangladesh authorities on Friday moved more than 1,750 Rohingya Muslims to a controversial island in the Bay of Bengal despite complaints made by refugees already there. Bangladesh has struggled to cope with more than 700,000 Rohingyas who fled across the frontier in 2017 after a Myanmar military crackdown on the Muslim minority. That added to 300,000 already in the camps.With the new arrivals, some 7,000 Rohingya would be on the 13,000-acre (53-square kilometre) island.The government has said about 100,000 people could be settled on Bhashan Char from the camps.

Every year thousands of Rohingya embark on perilous journeys to flee persecution in Myanmar or to escape squalid conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Traffickers prey upon desperate communities, promising the chance of a better life abroad. It is not clear how many more boats “The Indonesian government must provide these survivors with their basic needs and must under no circumstance send them back out to sea.” In Aceh, Nasruddin said residents had served the refugees with food and provided clothes. They are now being housed in a building that was previously an

Rohingya refugees have spoken of horrors at sea: of murders, of killing each other over scarce supplies of food and water, and of corpses thrown overboard. Migrants from Burma and Bangladesh were at sea for weeks, surviving on minimal supplies given to them from the Indonesian and Malaysian navies.

The refugees have been asked not to leave the camp, the UN's refugee agency said, given the risks involved in making the journey.

"But (they) left despite our constant efforts to remind them about the danger and risks they could face by leaving, including if they used the services of smugglers," said UNHCR spokeswoman Mitra Suryono.

"But we have to remember that many of (them) have relatives in other countries such as Malaysia. That may be one of the reasons why they continued their journey," she added.

Rights groups blamed the Indonesian government, which drastically reduced security at the settlement when the Rohingya were placed under the supervision of UNHCR last month.

While Indonesia is not a signatory to an international convention on refugees, the move was a breach of its obligations to protect them, said Usman Hamid, director of Amnesty International's Indonesia office.


Dozens of Rohingya refugees caught arriving in Malaysia .
Dozens of Rohingya, mostly women and children, were caught as they arrived by boat in Malaysia last month after fleeing a refugee camp in neighbouring Indonesia, police said Friday. News of the boat landing tallies with accounts from Rohingya at the camp in Indonesia, who told AFP this week that scores of women had been smuggled to Malaysia. While some were caught, others are believed to have successfully entered the country and reunited with their spouses, according to Rohingya and human rights groups.

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