World Israel transfers 5,000 vaccines to Palestinians

17:41  31 january  2021
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  How to Shrink the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict By dramatically enhancing Palestinian autonomy, Israel can deliver a better future for itself, its neighbors, and the Palestinians.There is, however, more room than is commonly understood for progress on this front—and it is found in the fascinating disconnect between the political identity most Israelis embrace and the policies they support. In polls, most Israelis today identify as politically right-wing. But when asked what they think about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most Israelis do not offer right-wing positions. Instead, they articulate much more complicated moderate or centrist views.

Israel says it is transferring 5,000 doses of Covid vaccine to immunise frontline Palestinian health workers.

a young boy holding a baby: A Palestinian boy is tested in Gaza. Inoculation drives are yet to begin © Reuters A Palestinian boy is tested in Gaza. Inoculation drives are yet to begin

Israel has one of the most advanced vaccination programmes in the world but Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza have yet to see one.

UN experts say Israel has a responsibility for vaccinations there.

Israel says that is not part of agreed protocols and it has not received any requests from the Palestinians. This is its first such transfer.

  • Why are Palestinians not getting vaccines?

Israel has recorded some 640,000 Covid cases since the pandemic began, and just over 4,700 deaths, Johns Hopkins University research shows. There have been almost 160,000 cases in the West Bank and Gaza, with 1,833 deaths, the research shows.

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Israel's special deal with vaccine supplier Pfizer has helped it to become the country that has inoculated more people per head of population than any other.

  • The vaccination drive targeting younger people
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Some 1.7 million people, almost 20% of the population, have already received both doses. More than three million people have received the first. However, the country remains under lockdown.

The office of Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz confirmed the transfer to the Palestinian Authority on Sunday. The Palestinians have not yet commented.

What is the situation in the territories?

Neither the West Bank, whose limited self-rule is run by the Palestinian Authority, nor Gaza, controlled by militant Islamist movement Hamas, has started vaccination programmes.

Why Israel’s Vaccine Success Might Be Hard to Replicate

  Why Israel’s Vaccine Success Might Be Hard to Replicate A credible health-care system may be the key determinant to success.It’s the kind of standout success one would expect from the now-familiar stars of the global response to COVID-19—Taiwan, South Korea, or New Zealand. But it’s actually been achieved by Israel, in several respects a surprising country to be the world’s front-runner on vaccine distribution. A 2019 Johns Hopkins study ranked Israel an unspectacular 54th among 195 countries in terms of preparedness for a pandemic. After initially appearing to vanquish the coronavirus, Israel has since suffered some of the world’s worst outbreaks—something that remains true as it celebrates its vaccine advances.

Palestinian health officials say deals are being negotiated for vaccine supplies but it is unclear when they will start.

The territories also hope to benefit from the World Health Organization-backed Covax scheme, to supply vaccines to poorer states and nations, but again timings are unknown.

A few thousand Russian-made vaccines have arrived but is unclear who they have gone to.

About 2.7 million Palestinians live in the West Bank, and another 1.8 million in Gaza.

Whose responsibility is it to vaccinate Palestinians?

Israel points to the Oslo accords, agreed in 1993 and 1995, which set out how parts of the West Bank and Gaza would be governed under an interim framework until a permanent peace settlement can be reached.

It says these give the Palestinian Authority oversight of public health under the principles of self-determination.

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The Palestinians say those accords also say Israel should co-operate in combating epidemics and contagious diseases.

UN experts say the Geneva Convention on occupied territories takes priority over these accords and it is Israel's responsibility to provide equitable access to vaccines for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

But international law experts disagree on this and on many other issues surrounding the occupied territories.

Israel's extensive vaccination drive does include Israel's Arab citizens and Palestinians living in annexed east Jerusalem.

On Friday the WHO warned against "vaccine nationalism", saying there was a "real danger that the very tools that could help to end the pandemic - vaccines - may exacerbate" global inequality.

Here’s Why It Will Be Hard to Ramp Up COVID Vaxx Production .
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