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03:40  06 february  2021
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Racist rant loses NZ station sponsors

  Racist rant loses NZ station sponsors Former Auckland mayor John Banks has apologised and been dumped as a radio host after agreeing with a racist caller's rant.A Magic Talk caller described Maori as "genetically predisposed to crime, alcohol and underperformance educationally" and "a stone-age people" in an offensive rant.

Is there a crisis between Ennesto Monté (45) and Daniela Büchner (43)? It wasn't until January 24 that the pop singer surprised his fans with a statement that sounded like a breakup. And that although the " Goodbye Germany " emigrant only made her new relationship public in November 2020.

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Because Daniela and Ennesto do not yet live together, they regularly send virtual greetings to each other. In the video above you can see one of the hot messages.

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Since the love bomb burst shortly after the second anniversary of Daniela's husband Jens Büchner († 49), the two have regularly shared intimate relationship updates Instagram. With his latest statements, however, Ennesto caused a lot of question marks and head shakes!

DSDS star Lisa Bund: In tears: she talks about the reasons for the marriage

 DSDS star Lisa Bund: In tears: she talks about the reasons for the marriage 14 years ago ex- DSDS star Lisa Bund (32) fell in love with her then dream man Sharia (37 ). The romantic wedding only followed around three years ago, in August 2017. The couple seemed inseparable - but the love fire is said to have gone out by now. © Brauer Photos h00524758.jpg As the "Bild" newspaper reports, Lisa and Sharia have split up quite surprisingly. Compared to RTL, the singer and former jungle camp participant explained with tears how it was possible to end love.

In the following video we show you which couple pictures Daniela and Ennesto made their relationship official with.

Ennesto Monté admits: "I'm not talking about love at the moment." be. On Instagram, however, the former "" participant suddenly said: "I'm not talking about love at the moment." What did he mean by that? The 45-year-old answered several fan questions in his Instagram story.

Your browser does not support this video One of them was: "How much do you love Danni?" Monté explained his surprisingly emotionless response with the words: "When I talk about love, a ring usually follows. We're just getting to know each other." Even with the following statement, Ennesto should not have made his loved one happy - when a fan wanted to know whether he was loyal to his Danni, Ennesto said almost cheekily: "I can only answer that to a priest."

Bénabar sings a declaration of love to "girls over 40"

 Bénabar sings a declaration of love to © Europe 1 Bénabar is the guest of Anne Roumanoff's program "It feels good" Friday, the day of the release of her album "Happy Indocile". In this new disc, he sings "Girls over 40", a declaration of love "made in hollow", of which he explains the genesis. After " Tous les divorced ", Bénabar deciphers a short story of his songs from his album Happy Indocile, released on Friday. On this occasion, he is the guest of Anne Roumanoff in her program Ça fait du bien .

Your browser does not support this video Thereupon Ennesto tried to appease his sometimes provocative statements. He wrote: "Many are more concerned about me than I am. I actually don't take myself that seriously." A little later he shared another message to his fans: "I am slowly beginning to understand why so many people cannot cope with my direct manner. You are used to being lied to and talking to you. (...) Something like that it doesn't in my world. Get used to it. "

Clear words! But the otherwise wild pop singer can do differently. When asked by a fan whether he was in a steady relationship, the 45-year-old replied briefly: "Happily forgiven". Could he basically imagine an engagement with

You don't give a damn about the critics! You can see how happy Daniela Büchner and Ennesto Monté were recently here:

jungle show winner has been determined

 jungle show winner has been determined "I am a star - the big jungle show" has a winner: Filip Pavlovic wins on the last day of the RTL production and thus has a place in Camp 2022. © Imago Images / Future Image filip pavlovic jungle camp What a final: Filip Pavlovic wins "I am a star - The great jungle show" in 2021. The reality TV star thus secures a place in the "real" jungle camp next year.

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