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15:30  08 february  2021
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TOWIE star Mario Falcone caught out living it up in Dubai

  TOWIE star Mario Falcone caught out living it up in Dubai Mario Falcone has been caught out secretly holidaying in Dubai during lockdown while posting old photos on Instagram giving the impression he is in the UK. The former TOWIE star, 32, and his make-up artist fiancée Becky Miesner were seen enjoying the sunshine in the emirate with their son Parker, two, but have continued to upload images taken at their Essex home. On Thursday, Becky posted a photo of her wrapped up in a warm winter coat and Wellington boots – just as she and Mario were spotted enjoying the beach wearing shorts and sunglasses in temperatures of 27C.

mountain of debt, mini-apartment and Hartz IV: This is what the life of Lisha (34) and Lou (31) looked like five years ago. In the meantime, the daily routine of the former " Summer House of Stars " candidates has turned 180 degrees. They now follow a good 400,000 viewers on their YouTube channel and this means a lot of money flows into their coffers. But the way was not as easy as one might think. In an interview with "Bild" the social media stars have now revealed how they managed to earn so much money.

Lisha und Lou © Instagram / lishaandlou_the_originals Lisha and Lou

Not only professionally, a lot has changed for Lisha and Lou. A lot has also changed visually. Would you like to know how they used to look? Then click into the video above!

From February 1 to 7, television focuses on family relationships

 From February 1 to 7, television focuses on family relationships © Jean-Philippe Baltel / Authent Camille Lou and Hugo Becker in “I promise you”, Monday February 1, on TF1. This week's small screen explores the intensity of blood ties. This will be the case in particular with "I promise you" on TF1, "He already has your eyes" on C8 and "The Child with a Thousand Dreams" on Arte. Every Sunday, Ouest-France teams up with TV Magazine to find the must-see TV programs for the coming week.

Lisha & Lou explain: This is how you make money with YouTube videos Earning money on YouTube is not as easy as many think, they both make clear. To get any money at all, you have to be accepted as a YouTube partner there. Only when that is the case does the platform switch advertising and you earn something with your clips. The amount of the remuneration depends on the number of clicks. " A post, a so-called vlog with one million clicks, makes an average of around 2,000 to 3,000 euros, while a beauty video with just 300,000 clicks can also bring in 3,000 euros. Here, the value of the advertising that is placed differs from that Beauty topics work best. So not every click has the same value, "explain the network stars.

While there were still some disputes between the Robens and Lisha and Lou in the "summer house of the stars", they get on all the better now. In the summer, the YouTubers even spent their vacation with the emigrants, as you can see in the video below.

How Congress learned to stop worrying and start handing out cash

  How Congress learned to stop worrying and start handing out cash The $1,200 Covid-19 stimulus checks last year were a breakthrough in US policy — and may well signal a new course for US politics.But consider what a dramatic transformation of American politics this represents. The first $1,200 checks that were sent out as part of a massive relief package in early 2020 were genuinely unprecedented in American history.

You have to bring these qualities as a YouTube star

In addition to exciting videos, as a network star you also need a high recognition value, a lot of patience, hard work and creativity. But another thing is most important: "First of all you have to get the thickest skin in the world, because you have to put up with and endure a lot of negative criticism and hatred. If you can't do that, you shouldn't even start because this hatred comes to everyone who goes public. No matter what you do or say - everything will be judged and condemned. " The couple had to experience some criticism , especially after their appearance at at the "Sommerhaus der Stars". But that doesn't seem to have hurt their success either.

In the last "summer house of the stars" there was a lot of crashing. In the video below, candidate Annemarie Eilfeld explains what the reason for the argument was.

Did YouTube make the "Summer House of the Stars" candidates rich?

millionaire through YouTube: This is the dream par excellence for many young people. But is it really that simple? Can You Really Get Rich With Video Blogs And Makeup Tips? In any case, Lisha and Lou's answer is clear: "You definitely can. The stories of the young YouTube millionaires are not made up." The couple probably speaks a little about themselves. "If you consider that five years ago we were Hartz-4 recipients who lived on 30 square meters and sat on a mountain full of debts, then we are already very much today good. We're debt free, live in a big house, and can pretty much afford anything we want, "the two admit.

Smartmatic Hits Fox News, Rudy Giuliani With One of the Largest Defamation Suits Ever Filed in U.S.

  Smartmatic Hits Fox News, Rudy Giuliani With One of the Largest Defamation Suits Ever Filed in U.S. Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro are among the co-defendants listed in the $2.7 billion lawsuit.Conspiracy theories about the electronic voting systems company spread following the presidential election, despite federal election and security officials declaring it the "most secure" election in U.S. history. According to Smartmatic's lawsuit, Fox Corporation played a pivotal role in encouraging those conspiracy theories.

In addition to YouTube, Lisha and Lou also live on the income from the sale of Lisha's own beauty products. In summary, one can say that Lisha and Lou have seized and used their opportunities and can now lead a very carefree life - at least when it comes to finances.

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