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15:20  09 february  2021
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African radicals must realise the importance of pan-Africanism

  African radicals must realise the importance of pan-Africanism The success of individual struggles in Africa depends on achieving continent-wide solidarity.In order for Africa’s young radicals to maintain momentum in this new year, they must strategically organise themselves and move from localised rebellion towards a continental pan-African resistance.

Mathilde Panot, députée La France insoumise à Paris le 23 juin 2019. © Marc Chaumeil Mathilde Panot, deputy La France insoumise in Paris on June 23, 2019.

Mathilde Panot, deputy of rebellious France, was scolded and qualified as a “fishmonger” in the National Assembly by the LREM deputy for Vendée Pierre Henriet. Just as much as sexism, this insult illustrates the uninhibited class contempt of part of the Marche Republic, despite the obligatory praise of nurses, garbage collectors and cashiers since the start of the pandemic.

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Mathilde Pénot and Pierre Henriet seem to have fairly similar trajectories. They were born two years apart (the first in 1989, the second in 1991), and there is no evidence to indicate that either was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and the another plastic spoon. Except that Pierre Henriet is following in the footsteps of his father, mayor of the Vendée town of Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, for which he was elected municipal councilor in the first round in 2014. The Vendéen does not leave his zone of electoral, social, political and territorial comfort. For her part, Mathilde Pénot is from Loiret and elected Member of Parliament for Val-de-Marne in 2017. She is committed to La France insoumise, often guided by a "popular ecology" which is particularly close to her heart.

Carrefour would ultimately not be interested in buying Grand Frais

 Carrefour would ultimately not be interested in buying Grand Frais © Akhmad Fauzi / Wikimedia Carrefour would ultimately not be interested in buying Grand Frais The group led by Alexandre Bompard, mentioned as a potential buyer would not want to participate to the process. It would therefore be an end of inadmissibility. If the name of the company Carrefour were evoked to acquire Prosol , the fruit, vegetables, fishmonger and creamery division of the Grand Frais brand, mainly owned by the Ardian fund, this would ultimately not be the case.


It is quite legitimate that the hate speech of Pierre Henriet was denounced for their sexism. In fact, if parity were truly enacted at the Palais Bourbon, these insults would no doubt be unthinkable. Nonetheless, focusing on the sexist dimension of the insult is very simplistic, because behind the words of MP LREM there is also, perhaps even above all, a contempt for class. The sociological profile of the deputies, in particular within LREM, is more and more firmly attached to the well-to-do classes. In fact, one does not go without the other. There is here a double stigmatization of two minority groups: women and the working classes.

The best incarnation of homo poissonorius is provided by Ordralfabétix from the Gallic village of Asterix. Indeed, how many generations of French people, including Pierre Henriet himself, have been bottle-fed after reading the threat: "What do you mean, my fish is not fresh?" So, a fishmonger, or a fishmonger, in the French collective imagination, "that" speaks loudly, badly, "that" eviscerates fish and "that" removes milt. We are very far from the first of the ropes who hear driver the future of the country between two Nespresso. Because the words of Pierre Henriet show it: the scarcity of fish on a planetary scale has not made this profession noble in the collective unconscious of the macronia.

“Sexism” in the Assembly: Richard Ferrand “strongly condemns” the comments made

 “Sexism” in the Assembly: Richard Ferrand “strongly condemns” the comments made © CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP The President of the National Assembly strongly condemned the sexist comments made by a deputy on Tuesday evening against Mathilde Panot. Tuesday evening in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, while she was about to speak, the deputy La France rebellious Mathilde Panot was called a "fishmonger". Words condemned by the president of the National Assembly.

The fishmonger and "those who are nothing"

In what was once a railway depot, at the Halle Freyssinet, an Emmanuel Macron from the ultra-select preparatory class of Henri-IV made a panegyric of the " start-up nation ”by launching: “ A station is a place where you meet successful people and people who are nothing. ” The implicit “doing everything” and the explicit “being nothing” in the words of the current president are more shocking in my opinion than the exit of Nicolas Sarkozy “on the scum”, in Argenteuil in 2005. Au less in this former head of state, there was the ubuesque side of the little rascal of Neuilly surrounded by his great bodyguards. Now, can we seriously object that Pierre Henriet's "fishmonger" has nothing to do with the Macronian discourse of the Freyssinet hall?

According to Pierre Henriet, is a fishmonger or a fishmonger "who is nothing"? You should ask him the question. Would we have imagined the same deputy launching at the Palais Bourbon a "real estate agent" as a synonym for "liar" or even a "trader" to signify the lure of profit satisfied in a few clicks? In any case, rarely the intersection of referents of class, gender, race etc. will have seemed also capital, so much the intersectional contempt obstructs the public space. Age is also crucial: faced with the contempt of a deputy barely in his thirties, it is not surprising that fishmongers near retirement, in Vendée or elsewhere, are outraged. This young age itself is a corollary of the class: if he were the son of an immigrant worker, Pierre Henriet would perhaps empty soles for Auchan.

The deputy Pierre Henriet sanctioned after an insult in session .
The walker, elected from Vendée, had treated his rebellious colleague from France Mathilde Panot of "fishmonger". © @ The protests of MP Pierre Henriet did not save him a sanction. After having described as a "fishmonger" the rebellious deputy of France Mathilde Panot on February 2 in session, the elected representative of the Republic on the march was punished on Tuesday, according to parliamentary sources quoted by AFP.

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