World Fact Check: Did Wealthy Areas Around Dallas Not Experience Rolling Power Outages?

01:23  18 february  2021
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ERCOT Power Outage Map, Updates As Texas Winter Storm Leaves 1.8 Million Without Power

  ERCOT Power Outage Map, Updates As Texas Winter Storm Leaves 1.8 Million Without Power Energy companies have been directed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to rotate power outages.Power Outage US reports that nearly two million Texans are without power as numerous energy providers implement controlled outages to control the flow of power. Texas is being hit by a winter storm and facing freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Power outages in Texas amid extreme cold winter weather led to rolling blackouts and millions are without electricity. Here's why it happened. Power outages across Texas have left millions of people in the dark and bitter cold this week amid an unprecedented winter storm that buried the state in snow and ice and brought single-degree temperatures. Extreme energy demand and overloaded frozen utility plants are among the factors that led to the power outages , experts say.

Rotating power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas on Monday, meaning thousands went without electricity for short periods as temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and Houston. The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired outfielder Derek Fisher from the Toronto Blue Jays for cash and a player to be named. Fisher, 27, batted .226 with one homer and seven RBIs in 16 games last season. Fisher is a right-handed thrower and left-handed hitter who has MLB experience at all three outfield positions.

Texas is in crisis mode as a winter storm has caused millions to lose power in their homes during freezing temperatures.

a man holding a snow covered street: Millions have been hit by power outages in the U.S. © John Weast/Getty Images Millions have been hit by power outages in the U.S.

The effects have been widely shared on social media by those who have lost power. One user tweeted an image of icicles hanging from their apartment ceiling fan on Monday.

"I have many friends and some family members who have had no power for over 24 hours in Texas. This is infuriating. Their house inside temp down in the 20's," one user tweeted.

The Claim

Multiple social media users have expressed complaints, claiming that wealthy regions of Texas have not been hit by rolling blackouts while many have suffered without power for over a day.

One Twitter user on Tuesday posted, "Hey @CityOfDallas care to explain why the wealthiest section of Dallas has not experienced any loss of power while all other areas have been down/had rolling blackouts for over 24 hours?" in a tweet that received more than 300 likes and 100 retweets.

The tweet appears to show a screenshot of the wealthy Dallas suburb of Highland Park without any power outages.

One tweet also claimed Uptown, Preston Hollow and Farmers Branch as other Dallas areas that did not lose power.

"It's so wild that this is how we're living in our minority-majority communities, but Highland Park, Uptown, Preston Hollow, and Farmers Branch never even lost power. #texaspoweroutage."

The Facts

As of mid-afternoon Wednesday, almost 3 million customers were out of power in Texas, according to PowerOutage.us.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is Texas' electric grid manager that represents 90 percent of the state's electric load.

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Ryan pleaded with residents who do have power to conserve as much as possible as the region continues to grapple with the after-effects of the storm and sustained outage . “Every unit of power that you don't use helps one of your fellow Harris County citizens keep their power ,” Ryan continued. “Water line breaks in Tulsa are creating dangerous conditions,” Tulsa Police tweeted with a photo of a parked patrol car that became stuck when a water line broke and the water froze around the vehicle’s wheels. Police advised people to move vehicles away from standing water if possible.

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Oncor Electric Delivery (ONCOR) is the largest transmission distribution company for Texas and the largest electric service provider for Dallas. In Dallas, ONCOR's outage map on Wednesday showed more than 22,000 active outages.

Sunday night into Monday morning, ERCOT directed ONCOR to begin the rolling outages, ONCOR spokeswoman Kerri Dunn told Newsweek.

ONCOR's outage map displays both the rolling outages, which they refer to as "controlled," and the weather-related outages, according to Dunn.

"Right now, this is overall a generation issue," Dunn said.

When generation of electricity drops, there is a loss of supply, which is what has occurred in Texas over the past few days.

ERCOT gave ONCOR the directive to drop a certain amount of load, according to Dunn.

ONCOR's intentions were to rotate outages around the grid to provide relief for its customers. Some outages have lasted longer than expected because of the amount of load ONCOR has had to drop, Dunn said.

The rolling (controlled) outages are the majority of the outages displayed on ONCOR's map, according to Dunn. The location of the rolling (controlled) outages depend on how much load, which Dunn said can be understood as the energy, that ERCOT has directed ONCOR to drop.

Fox News turns Winter Storm Uri into a cudgel to own the libs

  Fox News turns Winter Storm Uri into a cudgel to own the libs “It seems pretty clear that a reckless reliance on windmills is the cause of this disaster” in Texas, Tucker Carlson lied.As Vox’s Umair Irfan explained, the blackouts happened when the winter storm created a sudden spike in energy demand and hamstrung production of natural gas, coal, nuclear, and wind energy. The root problems (climate change aside) involve the state’s failure to winterize energy facilities and infrastructure in a region not accustomed to sustained freezing weather.

ONCOR is primarily focusing its rolling outages on residential neighborhoods and commercial areas to avoid dropping the electricity to hospitals and critical infrastructure according to Dunn.

"It would normally be everyone gets cut off for a short period of time as we go through these rotations, but because we haven't been able to move through those rotations you're seeing them everywhere," Dunn said.

Regarding areas hit by ONCOR's rolling outages, Dunn said, "That's decided at our operations level and at our emergency plans level. It's not looked at as far as geographical- or population-wise, it's looked at from an engineering and mathematical standpoint."

Dunn advised that looking at ONCOR's outage map by ZIP code, not by location, is more helpful to gain an accurate picture.

She said ONCOR has received reports from customers outside of Highland Park saying that they believe Highland Park still had power, which was not true.

As Power Outages Continue in Texas, Portland, Oregon Struggles With 'Unprecedented' Winter Storm

  As Power Outages Continue in Texas, Portland, Oregon Struggles With 'Unprecedented' Winter Storm "The destruction and damage to kind of every aspect of our system was significant. The storm was unprecedented and came in three waves which created its own set of challenges," Elizabeth Lattanner, a spokesperson for Portland General Electric told Newsweek.While speaking with Newsweek, Elizabeth Lattanner, a spokesperson for Portland General Electric (PGE), explained that electrical crews have been able to restore power to more than 566,000 customers, but "about 98,000 remain without power.

"We're hearing from customers who are in Highland Park who looked at the map and didn't believe they saw their outage reflected accurately on the map," Dunn said.

Viewing Highland Park by ZIP code shows the region partially covered in red and yellow. That means that there are more than 1,000 customers affected by outages in the red region and about 501 to 1000 customers out in the yellow region.

Other Dallas areas that social media users alleged did not lose power are the neighborhoods of Preston Hollow and Uptown and the city of Farmers Branch.

On ONCOR's map, viewing the region of Preston Hollow by ZIP code shows that it is covered in red and green. That means more than 1,000 customers were out in the red region and 51 to 500 in the green region. Most of Uptown's region was covered in red, with more than 1,000 customers out of power. The region of Farmers Branch was entirely covered in red, with more than 1,000 customers out of power.

"We're trying to find these areas where we've had customers who are without power for longer periods of time and as soon as we have the supply to do so, we're doing everything we can to give them a moment of relief," Dunn said.

The Ruling


ONCOR's power outage map shows sweeping area outages throughout the Dallas area.

Highland Park, Preston Hollow, Uptown, and Farmers Branch can be seen experiencing power outages by viewing ONCOR's map by ZIP code. The outages displayed are rolling and weather-related.

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What went wrong in Texas? The Lone Star State made three fundamental errors.Severed from electricity and bare to the frigid weather, Texas’s infrastructure suffered a kind of multisystem failure. Pipes began to burst inside homes. Cell networks went down, preventing people from calling 911. In Austin and elsewhere, so many people ran their pipes at a drip (in order to prevent them from freezing) that the water system depressurized, contaminating the supply and forcing residents to boil their water before using it.

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