World In Texas, thousands of sea turtles stunned by the cold

13:30  18 february  2021
13:30  18 february  2021 Source:   huffingtonpost.fr

ERCOT Power Outage Map, Updates As Texas Winter Storm Leaves 1.8 Million Without Power

  ERCOT Power Outage Map, Updates As Texas Winter Storm Leaves 1.8 Million Without Power Energy companies have been directed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to rotate power outages.Power Outage US reports that nearly two million Texans are without power as numerous energy providers implement controlled outages to control the flow of power. Texas is being hit by a winter storm and facing freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Des milliers de tortues sauvées du froid au Texas © REUTERS Thousands of turtles rescued from the cold in Texas

WINTER - Thousands of sea turtles, surprised by the drop in temperatures, have washed up on the beaches of South Padre Island, off the South Texas coast. Volunteers sheltered 4,700 of them in a conference center, as you can see in the video above .

They have been protected in this way and will be kept in tanks and enclosures before being released when the water becomes warmer again. The historic cold spell in Texas left millions of Texans without heat, victims of blackouts.

The power shortage has been exacerbated by the shutdown of several gas-fired power stations and wind turbines due to freezing conditions. More than 30 deaths are linked to bad winter weather according to US media, and authorities have urged Americans to be careful.

Why the Texas power grid is struggling to cope with the extreme cold

  Why the Texas power grid is struggling to cope with the extreme cold A sudden spike in energy demand and a loss of natural gas, coal, nuclear, and wind energy during a winter storm triggered blackouts across the state.The National Weather Service on Monday reported that 150 million Americans were under various winter storm warnings, with heavy snow and ice still likely to sweep from the Southern Plains, to the Ohio Valley, to the Northeast.

The water temperature also fell well below usual levels. Ed Caum, the executive director of the South Padre Island Convention and Visitors Bureau, who filmed the footage, explains that the turtles were "stunned by the cold".

In fact, cold-blooded animals exhibit hypothermic reactions such as lethargy and the inability to move when the temperature of the environment in which they live drops. Volunteers carefully placed the animals on carts and then onto the conference center floor, which was covered in turtles of all shapes and sizes.

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Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan .
What went wrong in Texas? The Lone Star State made three fundamental errors.Severed from electricity and bare to the frigid weather, Texas’s infrastructure suffered a kind of multisystem failure. Pipes began to burst inside homes. Cell networks went down, preventing people from calling 911. In Austin and elsewhere, so many people ran their pipes at a drip (in order to prevent them from freezing) that the water system depressurized, contaminating the supply and forcing residents to boil their water before using it.

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