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19:37  18 february  2021
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Issy-les-Moulineaux a adopté un budget climat, comme la ville d’Oslo en Norvège, pour inscrire année après année des objectifs quantifiables de réduction de gaz à effet de serre. © City of Issy-les-Moulineaux Issy-les-Moulineaux has adopted a climate budget, like the city of Oslo in Norway, to record year after year quantifiable greenhouse gas reduction targets.

This is a first in France. The city unanimously adopted a “climate budget” on February 4, inspired by the Norwegian model of Oslo. But instead of the accounting lines of a classic budget, with expenditure and revenue in euros, the climate budget is expressed in qualitative and quantitative objectives measured in tonnes of carbon equivalent, in other words in tonnes of CO2.

If the approach is in line with the objectives set by the Paris agreement on the climate and the national low carbon strategy aimed at emission neutrality in 2050, the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux wishes to move forward from here there, step by step, by setting small annual objectives.

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“We often make the mistake of having long-term goals, which are easy to push back as the deadline approaches,” said Mayor (UDI) André Santini. Thus, the city has set itself a target this year of a 3.5% reduction in its CO2 emissions. It will have to go from 130,100 tonnes of CO2 to 125,500 tonnes in all sectors: residential, tertiary, industrial, transport and waste.

Real estate pollutes more than industry

“In all these sectors, we have objected to a reduction in tonnes of carbon equivalent by relying on the data available in open data from the Ore agency (energy network operators ) and the Rose network (Statistical observation network for energy and greenhouse gas emissions) in the Île-de-France region, explains Tiphaine Bonnier, deputy in charge of sustainable development. It is a wealth of information, which will allow us to put in place tools to reduce our CO2 emissions. »

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In Issy-les-Moulineaux, as in many other cities, the residential sector is the main source of pollution. It represents 48,300 tonnes of CO2 emitted in 2020, against 4,000 for industry or 18,200 for waste. “Since 2005, Issy has already recorded a reduction of 26% in the level of greenhouse gas emissions linked to buildings (residential and offices). This can be explained in particular by the construction of various new real estate programs, better insulated and less energy consuming, ”presents the deputy mayor.

To act on this sector, the city has the PLU lever, the local urban plan which must evolve this year by including a minimum rate of greening for new constructions. It also wants to plant no less than 500 trees in 2021.

To this must be added, among other things, the reactivation of the network of electric charging stations this summer, the increase in the collection of bio-waste and electrical and electronic equipment , at the scale of the Grand Paris Seine Ouest territory (GPSO). In addition, there is an increase in cycle paths (14 km today) under consultation, also at the level of GPSO.

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The suspicious opposition

So, a communication blow or a real effort in favor of the planet? “This is a good signal and I welcome the gesture, but it is rather surprising that it is carried by a mayor who has rather concrete over the past 40 years. I am waiting for proof and concrete achievements ”, tempers Thomas Puijalon, municipal councilor (PS). The elected opposition tackles in particular the absence of actions of the majority concerning the place of the car or the demolitions of offices "under 40 years", without recycling and reuse of materials on site.

The Environment 92 association, for its part, issues the same criticism as for the Climate Air Energy Plan of GPSO . Namely that the method of calculation used, in particular via the Rose database, of greenhouse gas emissions, is underestimated. “The carbon footprint is calculated as a minimum because trade with the outside world, such as air, rail and freight transport, is not counted. Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) had proposed three methods to compare territories with each other. Many have chosen the most advantageous method, ”laments Irène Nenner, president of the association.

“We will improve the reliability of the data as we go,” assures Tiphaine Bonnier, aware of the difficulty in measuring carbon emissions. According to Environnement 92, after Issy-les-Moulineaux, other towns in the department could well take up the same challenge.

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