World Covid-19: Could empty office buildings help solve France's housing crisis?

06:40  21 february  2021
06:40  21 february  2021 Source:   afp.com

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  Meet the Elected COVID Clowns Hyping Get-Rich-Quick Schemes In November, as Reno County, Kansas, weathered its worst-yet wave of COVID-19, an unusual guest took the lectern at a county commission meeting. The woman, dressed in sunny yellow, described herself as a local mother there to discuss health in the pandemic era. “I’m also privileged to represent the top two percent of the world’s largest essential oil company, doTERRA, which means ‘gift of the earth,’” she said in a presentation previously reported by the Kansas Reflector. “My job is to empower people to use safe, natural, 100 percent pure essential oils to manage their families’ needs proactively.”She began to continue, only to be cut off.

Could they help solve the housing crisis ? Homes have turned into offices . World leaders are looking at vacated office buildings and shuttered retail shops and seeing one thing: housing . Co.Design. Sustainable cities after COVID - 19 : Why Barcelona-style green zones could be the answer.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has severely disrupted construction, made it difficult for many households to pay for shelter, and seriously hurt the housing sector. Governments have responded with a wide array of measures to protect tenants and mortgage-holders, as well as support builders and lenders. This note mobilises web-search data to shed new light on the impact of the crisis on the construction sector. It then takes stock of measures taken by governments and argues that some of the relief could , if not duly phased out as planned, create unintended inefficiencies and notably make housing supply less

Covid-19 has emptied office buildings and business districts, and with working from home expected to be the norm after the pandemic, some want to convert them to residential use to help solve inner city housing crises.

France has already begun to experiment with office-to-home conversions © ALAIN JOCARD France has already begun to experiment with office-to-home conversions

France has already begun to experiment with such conversions and "the significant rise in remote working encourages scaling up" such projects, French Housing Minister Emmanuelle Wargon said recently.

She wants to accelerate the transformations to respond to both the need for housing and to fight against urban sprawl.

The needless clash between teachers’ unions and science is harming America’s kids

  The needless clash between teachers’ unions and science is harming America’s kids The evidence it clear: We can open schools safely now.Educators’ anxiety is based on reasonable concerns. Covid-19 is a serious illness. And schools are an indoor group setting with the potential to spread infection. But schools, it turns out, with a few basic safety measures, including masks and reasonable distancing, are not a high-risk venue for Covid-19 transmission. In fact, they appear to have far lower rates of the virus than their surrounding communities. Still, some education union leaders are beginning to lay the foundation for schools remaining shuttered into the 2021-22 school year.

6: 19 METERS. 9:58 An Bord Pleanála has rejected a plan by developer Johnny Ronan s company Ronan Group Real Estate RGRE to build Dublin s tallest building next to Tara Street station in Dublin city centre Independent ie can reveal. 10:02 Read more Ronan appeals to save 5m underground plan.

Now, she’ s helping to distribute flyers about COVID - 19 that are translated into eight languages. Smith has also been working on strategies for landlords and tenants to “collaborate productively” in the face of the crisis . Specifically, she’ s trying to get the word out to Section 8 renters that they need to quickly report Martin Szydlowski, the new executive director of the Auburn Housing Authority, recently sent out a notice to tenants that described the closure of its office and community room that normally hosts a number of activities and classes. He said the organization is erring on the side of caution regarding

A recent study concentrating on the Paris region, home to nearly a fifth of France's population, found that if around 40 percent of firms adopted two days of remote working per week following the pandemic, they could reduce the office space they occupy by almost 30 percent, or 3.3 million square metres, over the coming decade.

Such a scenario is a nightmare for the commercial real estate industry -- a favourite of investors as it is easier to manage, with slower turnover of clients and fewer unpaid rent bills.

But even before the pandemic more than six percent of Paris region office space was vacant, according to the study from the IEIF research institute.

- 'Mythical creature' -

"The conversion of offices into housing is a bit of a mythical creature", said IEIF's director Christian de Karangal.

U.S. COVID Cases Are Down, but the Virus Isn't in Retreat

  U.S. COVID Cases Are Down, but the Virus Isn't in Retreat The outbreak is moving in the right direction, but experts told Newsweek they fear progress could be jeopardized by complacency and new variants.On Sunday, the U.S. reported 72,000 new COVID cases, 67,000 people hospitalized with the disease, and 1,363 deaths, according to the COVID Tracking Project. That was down from the all-time high at the start of January when 1.7 million cases were reported in a week. Similarly, hospitalizations have fallen from their record of 132,000 in early January, and fatalities were down for the second week in a row as of Thursday.

France ' s coronavirus lockdown has left the homeless in a catch-22 situation: nowhere to go, but they cannot stay in public places. In the next few days, France is to open “self-isolation centres for the homeless with COVID - 19 who cannot be isolated in housing centres and whose health doesn’t necessitate to go to hospital. But this will not help the homeless without symptoms, who still won’t have anywhere to go, Bigot said.

During COVID - 19 lockdowns the dramatic increase in domestic abuse has put an already stretched system under greater pressure. Crisis accommodation providers were interviewed for an ongoing research project. One of them reported a six-fold increase in demand for their homelessness services from Subsidies to help crisis accommodation providers access new markets and a dramatic increase in social housing , as most housing services advocate, seem the most reasonable steps to take. As one crisis accommodation frontline worker lamented, the current crisis system needed to be more

Although years of discussion have never amounted to concrete actions this time may be different, said de Karangal -- even if the extent of remote working's impact on office space occupancy is still unclear.

That is because -- in addition to public authorities encouraging such conversions -- some buildings are becoming obsolete for use as offices, and institutional investors are now interested.

But the changes are not always straightforward.

"Not all buildings can be converted," said Sebastien Lorrain, a senior director for residential, healthcare and investment properties at international commercial real estate group CBRE in France.

"Only around 20 percent of assets studied showed a real potential for conversion," he said.

One of the greatest problems is natural light, said Carlos Alvarez, a project leader at the Moatti-Riviere architectural firm, which co-won an industry prize in 2019 for transforming offices into apartments.

Fears Tasmanian building boom will worsen traffic congestion unless planning laws change

  Fears Tasmanian building boom will worsen traffic congestion unless planning laws change Last year's COVID lockdown provided a welcome respite from traffic congestion for Tasmanian mum Kali Bean; but the clogged lanes are back — and experts say it will get worse.But as restrictions eased and traffic congestion returned to pre-COVID levels in Tasmanian cities, she once again faced a slow daily commute to drop her kids off at school and get to work in the Hobart CBD.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), “The COVID - 19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes….” Talking and breathing can also release droplets and particles.3 Droplets generally fall to the ground or other From John H. For buildings that are unoccupied and closed, is there any guidance on limiting the hours of operation of the HVAC systems related to the COVID - 19 virus? This is a time when many buildings are not occupied. It might appear as an opportunity to save significant HVAC-related energy by either

Covid - 19 has revealed the shaky foundations on which much of what we take for granted in the developed world is built, from the intricately interwoven nature of globalised supply chains and manufacturing infrastructure to the just-in-time deliveries to supermarkets, as well as stark contrasts Behind all the suffering and disruption and economic hardship of the coronavirus pandemic, an even larger global crisis is lurking: climate change. Could our experiences with the international lockdowns help the environmental cause, or would we just return to "business as usual" as quickly as possible?

Commercial buildings often have much greater floor space, making it difficult to ensure all rooms have windows to let in natural light.

"Most of the time, this results in demolitions," said Alvarez.

- Fantasy into reality -

Another issue is buildings constructed in the 1970s -- which account for the majority for sale -- often contain asbestos, resulting in millions in additional costs to remove hazardous material.

For Norbert Fanchon, director of the public housing group Gambetta, the idea of conversions is "a fantasy as old as property developers".

He believes to jump-start such projects, the ball is in the court of local authorities, who need to deliver building permits, as well as the French state which needs to "reduce the technical and administrative constraints" that make such redevelopments particularly expensive.

There is some time to resolve the issues holding back the transformations.

"The deflationary impact on the Paris region's office park will take time" to be felt, said the IEIF.

Employers will first need to define their post-pandemic remote working policies and see how much they can reduce office space. With some commercial rental agreements lasting nine years, the effect on the market will be gradual.

"There is inertia on the markets... (but) the volumes will accelerate," said Alexandre Chirier, who heads up a conversion division at Action Logement, a public-private group that builds and operates public housing.

Created last year, it aims to invest 1.5 billion euros ($1.8 billion) over three to four years to acquire office buildings and convert them into 20,000 apartments.

Chirier said care must be taken to "build a balance where accessibility, green spaces, open spaces and the quality of accommodation make people feel good."


New office build celebrated in Adelaide as CBD vacancies increase to highest level since 2017 .
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