World EDITORIAL. For Anne Hidalgo, the road to the presidential election will be long and difficult

13:20  21 february  2021
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Anne Hidalgo against the confinement of Paris at the weekend: The pungent response of Gabriel Attal

 Anne Hidalgo against the confinement of Paris at the weekend: The pungent response of Gabriel Attal Gabriel Attal reacted on Tuesday to the statements of the mayor Anne Hidalgo who considers as "inhuman" the measure of a confinement at the weekend to Paris against covid-19. © REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier What strategy will Paris adopt to deal with the resurgence of covid-19 cases? Confinement on weekends, as has been put in place in the Alpes-Maritimes and Dunkirk, is not accepted by the mayor Anne Hidalgo , who says she is "opposed" to such a measure that she judges "Inhuman".

L'EDITO DU JDD. Sur Europe 1, le directeur de la rédaction du JDD, Hervé Gattegno, analyse les chances de candidature à l'élection présidentielle de 2022 d'Anne Hidalgo, la maire de Paris. © Reuters

L'EDITO DU JDD. On Europe 1, the editorial director of the JDD, Hervé Gattegno, analyzes the chances of candidacy for the 2022 presidential election of Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris.

Hello Hervé Gattegno. Anne Hidalgo , the mayor of Paris, began Friday in Nancy a series of trips to the provinces which strongly resembles the start of the campaign. For you, is there still any doubt about his candidacy for the presidential election?

I have no doubt that she wants to be a candidate, but there is some uncertainty about what decision she will make - probably in the fall. With his re-election as mayor of Paris, his political position has strengthened. She comes from the PS but she has distanced herself from the PS - we understand her. She has a real green policy in Paris, but without being hostage to environmentalists - that's an asset. And then she said to herself that Emmanuel Macron having positioned himself in the center-right, with positions more to the right on sovereign subjects, he opened a space on the left; and that if it manages to replicate its alliance with the Greens nationally, it can rush into it. So does she have a chance of winning, it's too early to tell (she's still low in the polls). But is there a chance that she will be a candidate, I would say yes.

Pécresse unveils its solution to help young people without "locking them into the assistantship"

 Pécresse unveils its solution to help young people without © Denis Allard Valérie Pécresse is implementing a measure costing 270 million euros supposed to help 18-25 year olds in Ile-de -France to get through the crisis. Opposed to the creation of a youth RSA, Valérie Pécresse is launching an "RJA" on Monday.

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Anne Hidalgo has been mayor of Paris for almost seven years. With the rivalry we know between the capital and the rest of the country, isn't that a handicap?

You know, Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris for almost 20 years and he was elected and re-elected at the Elysee Palace, so it is not discriminating at this point… Especially since Anne Hidalgo is a Parisian woman. he is of Spanish origin - she was naturalized at the age of 14 - and in addition she grew up in Lyon. In fact, her handicap is mainly that she is little known outside Paris - hence the Tour de France that she is preparing to do is to gain notoriety. On the other hand, her Parisian mandate gives her a foundation, a status: in a country which prefers local elected representatives to national leaders, she has both the mayor's scarf and the experience of a huge community, with a colossal budget. , plethora of services. Anne Hidalgo is in a way the first local elected in France. It can be an asset.

Coronavirus: between reconfining or delaying, the executive hesitates on the measures to be adopted

 Coronavirus: between reconfining or delaying, the executive hesitates on the measures to be adopted © AFP A new health defense council is being held on Wednesday, and Jean Castex could announce on Thursday new restrictions to try to slow down the progress of the coronavirus epidemic. But the executive, which wants at all costs to avoid a national reconfinement, no longer has many options.

The social democratic left is in decline in many European countries: what could make Anne Hidalgo succeed in provoking a surge?

Precisely the fact that it is - perhaps - the bearer of another equation. She is the representative of a left which has not abdicated its values ​​in the exercise of power - this has earned her a great deal of hostility among some Parisians, who find her too intransigent. And since it has this ecological legitimacy, in particular with its anti-car policy, which it has never denied, it can pose as a modernizer of the left - as Tony Blair had modernized Labor in the United Kingdom in the 90s. And then there is also the fact, which we measure in certain polls, that a majority of French people do not want a new Macron-Le Pen duel. So there is an expectation of other personalities, other projects. For Anne Hidalgo, that means she has a few months to make herself known. And then the road will be long and difficult, because it will have to be valued, then be desired.

The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution .
The 45th president profoundly altered our system of government.The surprising aspect of this conclusion is not that the Constitution can be informally amended. That has been the usual way of making revisions. In 1803, the Supreme Court granted itself the power to review laws and overturn them. In 1824, the states tied the electoral vote to the popular vote. Neither of those changes was inscribed on parchment or envisioned by the Founders, but today we can’t imagine our constitutional system without them.

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