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18:35  22 february  2021
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How the Black Church Embraces Tragic History and the Fervor of Faith

  How the Black Church Embraces Tragic History and the Fervor of Faith “It was out in the country, far from home, far from my foster home, on a dark Sunday night. The road wandered from our rambling log‑house up the stony bed of a creek, past wheat and corn, until we could hear dimly across the fields a rhythmic cadence of song,—soft, thrilling, powerful, that swelled and died sorrowfully in our ears. I was a country schoolteacher then, fresh from the East, and had never seen a Southern Negro revival. To be sure, we in Berkshire were not perhaps as stiff and formal as they in Suffolk of olden time; yet we were very quiet and subdued, and I know not what would have happened those clear Sabbath mornings had some one punctuated the sermon with a wild scream,

The home office as the status quo will probably be with us for quite a while. Fortunately, there are tools so that nobody gets lonely and procrastination does not get out of hand: They network you with strangers and together you make sure that you are productive.

Die Kollegen weiterhin zu sehen, wenn auch nur per Videocall, trägt zu einem guten Teamgeist bei © Shutterstock / Kate Kultsevych Continuing to see our colleagues, even if only via video call, contributes to a good team spirit

No matter how the corona numbers develop: Most of us will probably still work from home for quite a while . While some think it's great and are finally really productive without annoying disruptive factors, others suffer from loneliness. Fortunately, there is a remedy.

Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan

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To deal with the problem of loneliness , it doesn't take much on closer inspection. In normal office operations, we don't talk to our colleagues all the time - we can tell that they are there by the rustling paper, the coffee cup that is put down, or the phone calls in the background. So what could be more natural than networking with like-minded people and working together remotely? We present three solutions that make this possible.

Focusmate - in 1on1 with strangers

The productivity app Focusmate either connects two people randomly or enables an agreed coworking session via link. Users are encouraged to briefly - no more than a minute - exchange ideas about what they want to do at the beginning and end of the 50-minute sessions. The rest of the time is worked - the camera and microphone should be switched on so that the "social control" works. You can read about our experiences with Focusmate in of our report .

Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Says 'Be Less White' Learning Plan Was About Workplace Inclusion

  Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Says 'Be Less White' Learning Plan Was About Workplace Inclusion "Our Better Together global learning curriculum is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace," said a Coca-Cola spokesperson.On Friday, Karlyn Borysenko, an activist who supports banning critical race theory, shared images from an internal whistleblower of the company's online racism training. The slides included tips to learners on how to be "less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble.

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Up to three 50-minute sessions per week are available free of charge from Focusmate. After that, the app costs five US dollars per month, which gives users an unlimited number of sessions.

Group work with Caveday

In Caveday , users come together in so-called caves - in contrast to Focusmate, however, in groups of around 20. In the zoom calls, participants are less likely to deal with everyday business in the form of emails and the like, but rather dedicate yourself to important and urgent tasks. These are then done in one or three hour sprints. In addition, Caveday offers numerous slots per day that members can dial into. In addition, cave guides are available as contact persons who, for example, ensure that the participants exercise regularly and lead exercises.

Participation in a three-hour cave costs $ 20. A monthly membership for $ 39.99 includes unlimited participation in all caves, the use of a sprint tool and access to a forum. Annual membership costs $ 420.

For Slack users: Remote Workmates

If you already use Slack at work, you should definitely take a look at Remote Workmates from Great Britain. Participation is very easy: Join the Slack community - that's it (almost). Those who are new to remote business can get tips and assistance from experienced people. Everyone else works together in groups and - if desired - challenges, which of course are related to productivity and the achievement of goals. There are also special events such as Wellbeing Week, where, in addition to yoga or Zumba classes, direct help is given, for example with government financial aid.

Remote Workmates can be used free of charge.

Visual Studio 2019: Microsoft releases version 16.9 with numerous improvements .
© Provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft has released a major update for its Visual Studio 2019 development environment with version 16.9. For users of Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise, the new version is also the fourth servicing baseline, which is now supplied with bug fixes and security updates for another year after the next servicing baseline. The predecessor will be provided with corresponding updates in the form of version 16.7 until April 2022.

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