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22:05  25 february  2021
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More is more: these three dresses are trendy in spring 2021!

 More is more: these three dresses are trendy in spring 2021! © Imaxtree Dress trends in spring 2021 Imaxtree These three dresses are trendy in spring 2021: blazer dresses, voluminous shirt dresses and Regencycore dresses. The three most important clothing trends are so simple that they do not overwhelm you in lockdown, but they are so effective that you feel like you have been reborn in terms of style. While the trend dresses are currently still ideal for the home office, they are also a great look for the office later in the year.

Still looking for new fashion inspiration? This is the spring fashion trend that you should try according to your zodiac sign

Der passende Frühlingstrend für jedes Sternzeichen ddp © ddp The right spring trend for every zodiac sign ddp

If you are looking for new pieces for spring or want to change your style, there is no better inspiration as your zodiac sign. Because according to the properties and characteristics of your zodiac sign, the perfect spring part can be determined. These suit you:

1. Aries

You often lack self-confidence, so you should start the spring with daring pattern pieces. Large prints and abstract patterns not only put you in a good mood, they also make your style more exciting.

Back in one fell swoop: The 70ies flared pants made of jeans promise us a lively spring

 Back in one fell swoop: The 70ies flared pants made of jeans promise us a lively spring © PR Jeans trend: 70ies flared pants PR The flared pants are celebrating a comeback The 70ies jeans create an elegant look How to style the flared jeans trend in spring 2021 Anyone who hears “flared pants” may think of the 2000s and a wide flared jeans with a low waistband and worn hem.

2. Taurus

Because of your love for luxury and fashion, your wardrobe is not lacking in elegance. To match your collection: a feminine slip dress. With a tight turtleneck sweater underneath, you are well dressed for the changeable weather. Alternatively, a wrap dress made of fine satin fabric flatters you.

3. Twins

After a quiet 2020, the motto in spring 2021 is: Awaken the spirit of adventure. You should go for eye-catching statement shoulder details or puff sleeves. Not only are they trendy, they also go with your self-confident manner.

4. Krebs

Loungewear has always been your favorite clothing? How about a cozy knitted cardigan and top? This is not only super comfortable, but also gives a feeling of well-being.

5. Leo

As an attention-loving zodiac sign, an extravagant transition coat suits you in spring. It can be colorful, oversized or made of an unusual material such as paint - the main thing is that you stand out.

Zodiac: a French researcher would have finally found the identity of the killer

 Zodiac: a French researcher would have finally found the identity of the killer According to information from Le Point magazine, a French researcher would have succeeded in penetrating the last two reputedly indecipherable codes of the Zodiac killer, thus finding his identity. A suspect already known to the FBI, and who died in 2010 ... © AlloCiné Zodiac: a French researcher has finally found the identity of the killer Brief flashback sequence.

6. Virgo

Virgos love to be fashionably dressed and are always up to date with what's trendy. Perfect for you: stylish tank tops. Loved by women of fashion, the pieces can be worn comfortably with a light shirt even in spring.

7. Libra

Your fashion style is always up-to-date, but you pay attention to subtle looks and elegant combinations. A high-quality trench coat in beige or cream is therefore made for you as a transition jacket in spring.

8. Scorpio

The mysterious character among the zodiac signs, likes to dress muted and always flattering. A romantic corset or bustier would be an ideal addition to your wardrobe. You can wear it alone under a blazer or over a fitted top.

9. Sagittarius

You love the feeling of freedom, so your clothes shouldn't be too restrictive. How good that you can unpack your airy clothes in the cottage core style again in spring. Ruffles and puffed sleeves give a girlish yet elegant look.

10. Capricorn

As a Capricorn you are very disciplined and try to plan your whole life. In the spring, it won't hurt you to relax - how about a stylish loungewear set consisting of a hoodie and sweatpants? Comfortable and particularly popular with women of fashion during lockdown.

11. Aquarius

As a creative and unique air symbol, you should focus on transparent details this spring. A long-sleeved shirt made of mesh or a romantic blouse made of tulle completes your individual look.

12. Pisces

Your love for romance and daydreaming can be particularly expressed with a cute wrap skirt with a floral print. Psst: These skirts are in for 2021 and also go perfectly with Pisces.

(Author: Irem Özkalgay)

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