World Three Percenter Truck at Capitol on Jan. 6 Belongs to Hitler-Quoting Rep’s Husband

07:07  26 february  2021
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The NAACP is suing Trump, Giuliani, and 2 extremist groups for inciting the violent Capitol riot

  The NAACP is suing Trump, Giuliani, and 2 extremist groups for inciting the violent Capitol riot The NAACP is suing Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani for their alleged connection to the Capitol riot. The suit also named the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers as defendants. It accuses them of violating the Klu Klux Klan Act by conspiring to incite a riot. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A Mississippi congressman and the NAACP have filed suit against former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and two extremist groups in connection to the January 6 Capitol insurrection. The suit was brought on behalf of Rep.

On Friday morning, Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman insisted in a statement that the department “did not instruct the National Guard to vacate the Capitol Building facilities.” “The Department is also working with the Guard to reduce the need for sleeping accommodations by establishing shorter shifts, and will ensure they have access to the comfortable accommodations they absolutely deserve when the need arises,” Pittman added. Guardsmen who spoke with POLITICO were not given a clear reason why they were asked to vacate the buildings.

Trump supporters overtook Capitol Police officers to enter the building as lawmakers attempted to count the electoral college votes on Jan . The woman who was shot and killed during rioting in the Capitol on Wednesday was identified as 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, a California native and Air Force veteran, said her former husband . Timothy McEntee wrote in text messages that Babbitt, of San Diego, was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in the Air Force, before other deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar.

A pickup truck parked at the United States Capitol and bearing a Three Percenter militia sticker on the day of the Jan. 6 riot belongs to the husband of freshman U.S. Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, who approvingly quoted Adolf Hitler a day earlier.

a person standing in front of a car posing for the camera: Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/Twitter © Provided by The Daily Beast Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/Twitter

Researchers on Twitter first noticed the Ford pickup truck with the far-right militia’s decal parked on the Capitol grounds in footage posted to social media and taken by CBS News.

The presence of a vehicle with a militia decal so close to the Capitol, inaccessible to normal vehicle traffic, raised questions about how it got there—and whether it belonged to any of the hundreds of suspects involved in the deadly riot.

A far-right UCLA student who live-streamed the Capitol siege was slapped with federal charges for his role in the insurrection

  A far-right UCLA student who live-streamed the Capitol siege was slapped with federal charges for his role in the insurrection A UCLA student with a history of far-right online activity was charged with storming the Capitol. Federal agents helped arrest 22-year-old Christian Secor with the help of tipsters. One tipster indicated that Secor threw away his phone and bragged he wouldn't get caught. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Christian Secor, a UCLA student who espoused far-right and white supremacist views, was charged by federal authorities for his role in storming the Capitol on January 6.

Democratic bigwigs Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have called for a probe into Russian President Vladimir Putin’ s – real or entirely imagined – role in the Capitol riot, theorizing that he may have personally ordered the unrest. Because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world,” Pelosi added confidently, despite being fuzzy on the details. These people, unbeknownst to them, they are Putin puppets. They were doing Putin’ s business when they [stormed the Capitol ], at the incitement of an insurrection by the president of the United States.

The false flag storming of the Capitol Building is being used by the media and members of Congress to whitewash all the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the general election. Suddenly in the media narrative, even the possibility of vote fraud by the Biden camp no longer matters because some people Patrick Byrne has retweeted this video revealing Capitol Police openly directing Antifa / BLM “actors” (dressed as MAGA patriots) to invade certain sections of the Capitol Building. Byrne calls it, “The moment we realized that this is a staged psyop…” That same media narrative demands that we

But in an email to The Daily Beast, Chris Miller, Rep. Miller’s husband and a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, conceded the truck belonged to him even as he pleaded ignorance about the militia group.

“Army friend gave me decal. Thought it was a cool decal. Took it off because of negative pub,” Miller wrote in an email late Thursday. He says he “never was member” of the militia and “didn't know anything about 3% till fake news started this fake story and read about them.”

A request for comment to the office of U.S. Rep. Miller was not returned prior to publication.

The link between the truck and Rep. Miller was first reported on Twitter on Thursday by the @capitolhunters account, which has organized research about rioters seen in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot from a large community of volunteers reviewing thousands of hours of footage.

Tucker Carlson Says No White Supremacy at Riot—An Officer Says He Was Called Racial Slurs

  Tucker Carlson Says No White Supremacy at Riot—An Officer Says He Was Called Racial Slurs The reactionary Fox News host has said there was no white supremacy during the violence on January 6 despite an officer saying police were beaten with Confederate flags while protecting the Capitol.The reactionary Fox News host responded to a clip of Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland who promised to "supervise the prosecution of white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol," as he seeks confirmation for his appointment next week.

On Fri. 22 Jan . a Juan O Savin reported that the US Interim Military Government was about to arrest Joe Biden and his traitor Deep State politicians in DC. Crimes of these elite politicians have recently been exposed from findings of the Russia hoax Mueller probe, impeachments of Trump and Obamagate. How can I put this to you gently: Congress does not meet at the White House. You should change your adventure story to “military at the Capitol arresting congress”… yeah – that’ll work!

The stunning events at the Capitol prompted the Joint Chiefs of Staff to issue an internal memo to all service members condemning the riot, confirming that Joe Biden will be the next commander in chief and noting that any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is "against the law." Fort Bragg officials are reviewing an Army officer' s claims that she only participated in the rally prior to the violence at the Capitol building and are also trying to determine if other base personnel joined her as part of a group that came to Washington, said a defense official.

A pickup truck with the same make, model, color, and Illinois plate number as the one at the Capitol on Jan. 6 is also visible in a July 2020 photo carrying Mary Miller for Congress banners during a Fourth of July parade in Illinois. That same day, Rep. Miller’s Facebook page posted a picture of what appeared to be the same truck with the same Trump-Pence and Mary Miller for Congress banners attached to the same PVC pipe frame as she campaigned in the towns of Mattoon, Sullivan, Herrick, and Moweaqua.


Previously, the Millers have proudly posted pictures of the same model of Ford pickup truck, often emblazoned with the same stickers—like “herd quitter” and Guns Save Life, a website affiliated with an Illinois-based gun rights group—as the truck at the Capitol bore on Jan. 6, albeit in at least one case, before Chris Miller’s election in 2018, with a different license plate.

Judge Denies Release of Capitol Rioter Who Argued Lack of Cellphone Made Him Less of a Threat

  Judge Denies Release of Capitol Rioter Who Argued Lack of Cellphone Made Him Less of a Threat Emanuel Jackson allegedly hit police officers with a baseball bat and a judge ruled there were no release conditions that could ensure the safety of the community or law enforcement.There are more than 180 cases against alleged Capitol rioters and prosecutors are increasingly citing the possibility of a future threat when pushing judges to deny their requests for pretrial release. In arguing for his release, Jackson, 20, pointed to the fact he turned himself in to law enforcement, has no criminal history and that communicating with people planning future riots could be challenging for him.

At the conclusion of the Obersalzberg Speech (1939), German dictator Adolf Hitler may have stated, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

The storming of the US Capitol Building today is now being pounced upon by the left-wing media to demonize Trump supporters as violent terrorists. Yet the same media outlets described Antifa / BLM violence as "mostly peaceful," even when those left-wing actors were hurling Molotov cocktail. This same person — wearing the same outfit and nearly identical face paint — was also reportedly spotted at a BLM rally earlier this year. Note the identical tattoos, facial hair and costume: This short video shows Capitol Police actively waving a group of protesters to “breach” the Capitol building.

The couple have appeared with that truck at campaign events, sometimes with the vehicle plastered in pictures of their faces or “taxpayers lives matter” posters. The license plate of the vehicle at the Capitol on Jan. 6—registered to Illinois, but with a drawing of the state’s Capitol building—appears to be a design reserved for Illinois politicians, like Chris Miller, who took office in 2019.

The Three Percenter decal may have been a relatively new addition to the car, as it was not visible in images from this summer.


Elected last November, Mary Miller, a Republican, is perhaps best known for speaking at a “Moms for America” rally in front of the Capitol one day before the riot. “Hitler was right on one thing: whoever has the youth has the future," she told the crowd. She later apologized for the remarks and said “some are trying to intentionally twist my words to mean something antithetical to my beliefs.”

Militia groups have garnered new attention from law enforcement given the number of members arrested and charged with riot-related crimes since Jan. 6. Robert Gieswein, an alleged rioter identified by The Daily Beast who’s visible in footage of the first rioters to break into the Capitol, "appears to be affiliated with the radical militia group known as the Three Percenters," according to an FBI affidavit filed in the court case against him.

House Administrative Official Tells Congress Mental Impact of Capitol Riot Could Be Long-lasting

  House Administrative Official Tells Congress Mental Impact of Capitol Riot Could Be Long-lasting Nearly two months after a mob of angry Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, members of Congress are beginning to dive into the fallout from an attack that left five people dead and many more injured. © Samuel Corum/Getty Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Trump supporters gathered in the nation's capital today to protest the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election.

The group, which first formed in 2008, is part of a loose network of “anti-government extremists” who liken their crusade against the U.S. government to that of Revolutionary War-era patriots, according to the Anti Defamation League. Their name comes from the false claim that only 3 percent of U.S. colonists fought in that war.

Ties between militia groups and Congress have also come under greater scrutiny after some lawmakers suggested their colleagues may have played a role in the riot. Rep. Steve Cohen pointedly claimed that U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert led a “large” tour through the Capitol shortly before the riot. Boebert said she gave no tours to anyone outside her family at the time and there is no evidence as yet that any of the rioters benefited from inside help.

Boebert has, however, been criticized for her links to militia groups after she posed for a picture at a December 2019 gun rights rally where rally-goers flashed Three Percenter hand signs.

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Capitol Police Chief Pittman says threats to Congress members up by 93.5% in first 2 months of 2021 .
Capitol Police acting Chief Yogananda Pittman testified before a House Appropriations subcommittee Wednesday that threats to members of Congress have increased by 93.5% within the first two months of 2021, compared to the same time period last year. And from 2017 to 2020, Pittman said there has been a 118.66% increase in "total threats and directions of interests," with the overwhelming majority of suspects residing outside the National Capital Region (NCR) in Washington, D.C. CAPITOL RIOT HEARING: DC NATIONAL GUARD GENERAL SAYS 3 HOURS PASSED BEFORE ARMY APPROVED REQUEST ON JAN.

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