World Fox and Friends Host Pete Hegseth Says the 10th Amendment Is Discussed by People in Diners

17:09  28 february  2021
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Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth has raised eyebrows by suggesting that the 10th Amendment is a hot topic of conversations among regular Americans.

Pete Hegseth wearing a suit and tie: Host Pete Hegseth at Fox News Channel Studios on February 05, 2019 in New York City. © Roy Rochlin/Getty Host Pete Hegseth at Fox News Channel Studios on February 05, 2019 in New York City.

Hegseth named the amendment—which hands all powers not expressly reserved for the federal government to the state—when listing 10 subjects people speak to him about.

The TV host contrasted the topics with unspecified "esoteric" topics, understood only by those with specialized knowledge, which he said were discussed on left-leaning media outlet MSNBC and by those who went to America's top universities.

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"I sit down with a school teacher, or a construction worker, or a small business owner, or a cook at a restaurant, or a waitress at the restaurant we're at," Hegseth said.

"And they're not talking about esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about or MSNBC talks about. They're talking about the Bible, and faith, and prayer, and their family, hard work, supporting the police, standing for the national anthem, the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 10th Amendment."

His remarks came during a speech at prominent conservative event, Conservative Political Action Conference 2021, which is taking place in Orlando, Florida, this week.

A short video clip of the speech has been watched more than 1.8 million times on Twitter since it was posted by Right Wing Watch.

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Some observers questioned how accurate Hegseth comments had been.

One Twitter-user who described themselves as a "real American," said: "The last time I thought about the tenth amendment, I was probably in the tenth grade."

Another tweeter in Florida, wrote: "I used to be a waitress at a diner. Not once did I hear anyone talking about any of these things. Is he just randomly sitting at strangers tables and bringing this stuff up to them?"

MSNBC host Chris Hayes also hit back, tweeting: "Fwiw we led our show last night with the fact the minimum wage is too low and it's too hard to make ends meet for too many Americans. But maybe that's more esoteric than the 10th amendment, I dunno."

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Mehdi Hasan, the station's British-American political analyst, accused the Fox News host of seeking a "fake-populism, 'man-of-the-people'" persona, pointing out that Hegseth attended two Ivy League universities.

While author Ella Howard quipped: "This morning after coffee and eggs, my partner and I shared our weekly reflections on the 10th Amendment, then did the laundry."

Conservative figures have gathered together in Orlando for CPAC 2021, which began on Thursday. Former President Donald Trump is set to speak at the event on Sunday.

Former GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards, who a previous chair of CPAC, accused Republicans attending this year's convention of "living in an alternate reality."

Edwards, who left the Republican Party following the January 6 Capitol insurrection, suggested the conference had lost sight of the principles "conservative or otherwise" it once operated on, with the focus shifting to Trump.

"The people at CPAC are living in an alternate reality in which facts don't matter. The Constitution doesn't matter. They have no principle except whatever their leader says," Edwards told CNN earlier this week.

Earlier in the interview, after being asked about the bizarre golden Trump statue, Edwards likened the conference and its obsession with the ex-president to a cult.

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