World NY Democratic Officials Call for Cuomo's Resignation Following 2nd Sexual Harassment Allegation

19:00  28 february  2021
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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Refers to Andrew Cuomo as a Bully When Asked About Nursing Home Scandal

  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Refers to Andrew Cuomo as a Bully When Asked About Nursing Home Scandal The mayor says in interview that "a lot of people" in New York state have received angry phone calls from the governor.Cuomo's "bullying" is "nothing new," de Blasio said to anchor Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC's Morning Joe Thursday morning. Brzezinski asked de Blasio to corroborate a reported phone call in which Cuomo called state Assemblyman Ron Kim of Queens and yelled at him about a comment Kim made to the New York Post regarding a recent revelation his administration concealed data on COVID-19-related deaths in nursing homes.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faced immediate calls to resign after a second former aide detailed sexual harassment allegations against him in a New York Times report published Saturday. In addition to calls from state leaders who urged the governor to step down, numerous officials emphasized the need for an independent investigation into his alleged conduct.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Democratic state officials called for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation after a second former aide detailed sexual harassment allegations against him in a Saturday © Spencer Platt/Getty Democratic state officials called for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation after a second former aide detailed sexual harassment allegations against him in a Saturday "New York Times" report. In the photograph above, Cuomo arrives at a new conference on September 8, 2020 in New York City.

Charlotte Bennett, 25, left Cuomo's administration in November after serving as a health policy adviser. Bennett told the Times that the governor asked her if she had ever dated an older man, and said he was open to relationships with women of her age, during her time working in the administration.

Impeach Andrew Cuomo Billboards Appear in New York Amid COVID, Sexual Harassment Scandals

  Impeach Andrew Cuomo Billboards Appear in New York Amid COVID, Sexual Harassment Scandals The three-term governor has been embroiled in controversy over the state's handling of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. 787 billboard calls for Gov. Cuomo's impeachment https://t.co/zLDJAO6lFw— WNYT NewsChannel 13 (@WNYT) February 25, 2021 Lindsey Boylan, a former deputy secretary for Economic Development and Housing for the state of New York and Cuomo's special adviser, accused him of "sexual harassment and bullying" on Wednesday.New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat, supported Boylan and offered harsh criticism of the governor on Twitter."Cuomo is a coward who has abused his powers," Kim wrote.

The Times report was published just after former Cuomo aide and current candidate for Manhattan borough president, Lindsey Boylan, recounted Cuomo's extensive history of alleged inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment toward her in an essay released via Medium.

The governor has denied both women's allegations. In a statement issued Saturday, Cuomo praised Bennett's work ethic while Beth Garvey, special counsel and senior adviser to the governor, confirmed that former federal Judge Barbara Jones would conduct an internal review of the accusations "and all staff will cooperate in that endeavor."

Many of New York's state leaders are advocating for an independent investigation into allegations against Cuomo, including Democratic Senate Majority Leader Andrew Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. A group of Republican state senators called on New York Attorney General Letitia James, whose office previously pursued an investigation into Cuomo's conduct surrounding COVID-19 deaths in the state's long-term care facilities, to open another inquiry following Boylan's harassment allegations last week.

AOC Says Andrew Cuomo Impeachment Shouldn't Be Ruled Out

  AOC Says Andrew Cuomo Impeachment Shouldn't Be Ruled Out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has faced allegations of sexual assault, bullying, and hiding the true number of COVID-related deaths in state care homes. Over the weekend, a second former aide of Cuomo's came forward with accusations that he sexually harassed her.Charlotte Bennett, a health policy adviser to Cuomo until November, told The New York Times that he had harassed her last year. Another former aide, Lindsey Boylan, has also accused the governor of sexual harassment.On his talk show, Hasan asked Ocasio-Cortez at what point does Cuomo's behaviour become "untenable.

At least two Democratic state legislators have called on Cuomo to resign Saturday.

"I commend the courage of Ms. Bennett and Lindsey Boylan for coming forward. The harassment experienced bye these former staffers is part of a clear pattern of abuse and manipulation by the Governor, and that pattern makes him unworthy of holding the highest office in New York," said New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi in a statement. "A truly independent investigation into the allegations made by Ms. Bennett, Ms. Boylan, and any forthcoming survivors should take place — but the Governor's influence touches all entities in New York that might review his conduct."

America’s Andrew Cuomo Problem

  America’s Andrew Cuomo Problem Why was the New York governor’s reckoning so long in coming?But which myth? Is he Icarus, flying too close to the sun in his premature attempt to claim credit for New York’s public-health prowess, only to have his wings melted by the heat of scandal? Is he Oedipus, brought low by his determination to eclipse his father? Or is he simply Zeus, a powerful man prone to wrathful outbursts and sexual misconduct?

Biaggi noted that personnel currently assigned to conduct a review of Cuomo's conduct are intertwined with his professional network, and therefore, the investigation "does not meet any standard of independence." Still, she insisted the governor resign from his position.

"While a truly independent investigation may uncover more evidence or instances of abuse, the existing details are sufficient for me to form my conclusion. As a New Yorkers, a legislator, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, and a survivor of sexual abuse, I am calling for Governor Cuomo to resign," the statement concluded.

Biaggi was one of 14 Democrats who called for an end to Cuomo's expanded emergency powers earlier this month, primarily in light of the governor's role in last year's nursing home crisis and alleged attempt at a cover-up.

Portrait of a Leader Humblebragging

  Portrait of a Leader Humblebragging In October, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a book-length ode to his leadership style. It has not aged well.The book now looks even more ill-conceived. Since last week, three women have come forward to accuse Cuomo of unwanted sexual advances. Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo staffer, alleged that he had “created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected”—and that the governor kissed her against her will while the two were alone in his office.

Democratic New York State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou also asked Cuomo to resign.

"You're showing, @NYGovCuomo," she wrote. "Our governor is a manipulative, controlling, abusive, power obsessed, predator. Please resign."

"The harassment detailed here, on top of allegations made earlier this week, are wholly unacceptable and require a fully independent investigation, not a review buy a handpicked inquisitor," said New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes on Twitter Saturday evening, following the Times report.

"For people in power this behavior is intentional," he continued in a subsequent tweet. "They act this way to exert their power over those they think are powerless. They demean and dehumanize others to show they can. They say or do anything they want believing that their victims are not in a position to stop them."

Gounardes previously joined Biaggi and about a dozen other state senators in pushing to repeal Cuomo' emergency powers, which were broadened when the pandemic began in the spring. Alongside several colleagues, he has criticized Cuomo publicly over the governor's reported efforts to downplay the scope of COVID-19 deaths among residents in New York's long-term care facilities, and allegedly use threats to intimidate other government officials.

"I believe the Attorney General should make an appointment to ensure that it is a truly independent investigation," echoed Heastie in his own tweet responding to Bennett's allegations on Saturday.

Ron Kim, a Democrat and state assemblyman who alleged that Cuomo threatened to "destroy" him after he openly criticized New York's nursing home crisis, called the governor a "coward" following the Times report's publication and his office's response.

"Andrew Cuomo is a coward who has abused his position of power," Kim tweeted. "Abuse feeds in the dark. Bravery is one heck of a floodlight."

"This is not an instance, it's not a mistake. Clearly this is a problem, and the Governor must answer for it," wrote Ben Kallos, New York City Council member and progressive caucus co-chair, who is also a current candidate for Manhattan borough president. "This is disturbing, and we need a real independent investigation on the Governor's behavior."

What Andrew Cuomo's Five Accusers Have Said About His Alleged Sexual Misconduct

  What Andrew Cuomo's Five Accusers Have Said About His Alleged Sexual Misconduct The New York Governor has denied accusations of physically improper conduct. Three former aides and two more women have now made such claims.The claims bring the total of women who have spoken out against Cuomo to five, since Lindsey Boylan first accused the 63-year-old of creating a culture of "sexual harassment and bullying" within his team.

Boylan suggested that officials take steps to force Cuomo's departure from office if he fails to comply with resignation requests. The state's former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to the governor described the culture of harassment as "pervasive" within Cuomo's administration in last week's Medium post—and suggested that she was far from the only woman who experienced it.

"Like a true abuser, @NYGovCuomo continues to work behind the scenes to undermine the truth and to harm his many victims. His abuse of power never ends. He does not get to choose his judge and jury. We do. And what is abundantly clear to me is the governor should resign," Boylan tweeted Sunday morning. "And if he does not resign, he should be removed from office. Not one more victim. Not one more life destroyed."

The news of the latest allegation surrounding Cuomo has gone beyond New York. During her appearance on ABC News' This Week Sunday, Democratic Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono also called for an independent investigation into the matter.

Newsweek reached out to Cuomo's office for comment.

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Andrew Cuomo Says Resigning Over Harassment Allegations Would Be 'Anti-Democratic' .
"There is no way I resign," the embattled New York governor told reporters on Sunday amid mounting pressure.Five women have come forward publicly to accuse the Democratic governor of sexual harassment or inappropriate workplace behavior. The first was Lindsey Boylan, a former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Advisor in the Cuomo administration, who accused the governor in December of sexually harassing her when she worked for him.

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