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18:13  01 march  2021
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Climate: the United States back in the Paris agreement

 Climate: the United States back in the Paris agreement © Provided by Le Point Climate, environment, Paris agreement L es United States officially returned on Friday February 19 in the Paris , at a time when the administration of President Joe Biden is committed to making the fight against climate change a high priority.

The Social Democrats are setting the pace - with the proclamation of candidates and with the election program. They want to go into the future quickly. Is everyone coming with you? A comment.

Nur nicht auseinanderdividieren lassen: Kandidat Olaf Scholz mit den Parteichefs Norbert Walter-Borjans (links) und Saskia Esken. © Photo: imago images / snapshot Don't let yourself be divided: candidate Olaf Scholz with party leaders Norbert Walter-Borjans (left) and Saskia Esken.

No competitor started the Bundestag election campaign as quickly as the oldest German party. The SPD had already proclaimed its Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz last summer, everything is still open with the Union and the Greens.

And now, seven months before the decision, she already presents her choice program . Nobody can blame her for not telling voters what to expect in time.

Our 'tree-change' and 'sea-change' dreams are under threat as scientists warn about building homes in 'risky areas'

  Our 'tree-change' and 'sea-change' dreams are under threat as scientists warn about building homes in 'risky areas' Scattered housing in "at risk" areas must be replaced with sustainable resilient community models, according to experts, who've warned many of our homes will become worthless if we don't "wake up"."Sea-change" or "tree-change" settlements "scattered" along coastlines or into bushland are often more vulnerable to extreme weather events, involve more energy intensive lifestyles, and can stretch emergency services during crises.

The Social Democrats' program is not about defending the status quo. You want to win the future at high speed. In the fight against climate change, they tie in with the old story of the benefit for everyone through technological progress, they promise the most modern mobility system in Europe and digital sovereignty. They rave about a solidary, colorful and diverse society.

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The only question is: Come on all those who have voted for the SPD so far with this pace?

The focal points and the tone of the program show one thing above all: The 15 percent party is making a kind of bet: It is betting that its voters will feel committed to the left-liberal ecological values ​​to which the program is committed.

Maas: Climate protection has "top priority"

 Maas: Climate protection has According to the German Foreign Minister, climate change represents the greatest threat to peace in the world. In an online debate by the UN Security Council, there is consensus. © Janine Schmitz / photothek / imago images Provided by Deutsche Welle Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has asked the United Nations to make the fight against global warming its "top priority".

Video: what makes this choice so special? | State election 2021 (glomex)

You are concerned with the red-green alternating voters and less with the mostly less well-educated people who are unsettled by the rapid cultural change that the universities with gender language, LBGTI topics and censorship for Ways of speaking in politics. The “respect” that Olaf Scholz promises is not only expressed in the minimum wage of twelve euros, but also in the renunciation of , a devaluation of traditional lifestyles .

One thing is certain: anyone who does not present a plan before the federal election in 2021 on how Germany can achieve its climate goals, strengthen economic strength and competitiveness should leave it alone. But it is also true that the Greens were the first climate party.

If the SPD now puts the climate issue so central in the election program, it is taking a risk. The Social Democrats have shown that they understand more about the social security of structural change than the competition.

What Polls Say About Trump's Role in the GOP Ahead of CPAC 2021 Speech

  What Polls Say About Trump's Role in the GOP Ahead of CPAC 2021 Speech Trump closing out CPAC is already a signal of the significant role the GOP sees him continuing to play and voters seems to agree with the former president's expected message that he's still the man in charge.While it wasn't enough to win reelection in November, Trump received more votes than any Republican candidate in history, and if some Republicans are looking to move past the Trump-era, his supporters aren't. Nearly half of Republicans would follow the former president to a third party if he were to create one and he's still the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

It is doubtful whether that is enough to steal the greens' body and stomach issues. And signals like Tempo 130 can also cost voices. Because of the hard resistance of the SPD to a purchase bonus for cars, important works councils returned their party membership cards last year.

The Social Democrats are proud that this time there is no gap between the candidate and the program. This may be. But Olaf Scholz has to pay a price for harmony. His success as Mayor of Hamburg was due to his proximity to the economy and his hard line in internal security.

Unlike back then in Hamburg, he now wants to regulate the housing market nationwide with a rent brake with his election program. If Olaf Scholz wants to increase the SPD's lousy values ​​in terms of economic competence, he will at some point have to distance himself from this program - at least on some issues. And economic competence will be more important in autumn than yes, when the fight against Corona will hopefully enable the country to take off.

With the federal election, a social democratic competition of strategies will also be decided, because then there will also be elections in Berlin.

In the capital, Franziska Giffey tries to distinguish the SPD from the Greens, rejects the car-free city center, makes tough announcements about internal security, speaks more about current concerns of classic SPD voters than about a future ideal society. According to the polls, this has not harmed your party so far. On September 26th, the federal and state SPDs will be able to compare their results.

Plane repainted in green at Roissy: Nine Greenpeace activists summoned to court .
These activists entered the Roissy tarmac on Friday to repaint an Air France plane in green to denounce the “greenwashing” of the government and incite the deputies to go further on the Climate Bill © Alain JOCARD / AFP Members of Greenpeace partially repainted an Air France plane parked at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Roissy on Friday MILITANTISME - These activists entered the Roissy tarmac on Friday to repaint an Air France plane in green to denounce the "greenwashing" of the government

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