World Control of the arms embargo: Germany sends navy ship into the Mediterranean again

08:05  03 march  2021
08:05  03 march  2021 Source:   sueddeutsche.de

Israel scrambles to clean beaches after massive tar pollution

  Israel scrambles to clean beaches after massive tar pollution Israeli authorities on Sunday warned people to keep away from the country's Mediterranean shore to avoid massive tar pollution, as thousands of labourers and volunteers worked to clean contaminated beaches. Powerful winds and unusually high waves pummelled Israel's entire Mediterranean coastline over Tuesday and Wednesday, with tonnes of tar staining 160 kilometres (96 miles) of beaches from Rosh Hanikra, just south of Lebanon, to Ashkelon just north of Gaza.

In November there was a political scandal with Turkey during an operation. Now the "Berlin" with around 220 soldiers is due to leave at the end of the week and control the arms embargo against Libya.

Der Einsatzgruppenversorger © Sina Schuldt / dpa The task force supplier Germany is sending a navy ship to the Mediterranean again

Germany is sending another ship to the Mediterranean for the EU mission to monitor the arms embargo against Libya at the end of the week. About 220 soldiers will be on board the "Berlin", as a spokesman for the navy for the German press agency confirmed. They are supposed to control cargo ships heading for Libya in the Mediterranean.

Israel closes all Mediterranean beaches due to oil spill.

 Israel closes all Mediterranean beaches due to oil spill. Israel is still struggling with the consequences of oil pollution on the Mediterranean coast. The authorities warn of health risks. © Getty Images Israel pollution beaches Mediterranean After an oil spill, Israel closed its Mediterranean beaches to visitors on Sunday (February 21), as reported by the German press agency dpa. Accordingly, citizens are called upon not to play sports on the beach. Swimming in the Mediterranean should also be avoided.

The last time the Bundeswehr took part in the EU mission "Irini" was from August to December of last year. The crew of the frigate "Hamburg" stopped a tanker that was supposed to bring kerosene to Libya illegally. The search of a suspicious Turkish container ship in November also caused a stir. It had to be canceled because of a veto by the Turkish government and triggered a political scandal.

According to current plans, the task force supplier "Berlin" should leave Wilhelmshaven on Friday at 4 pm. The multi-function ship, which is more than 170 meters long, is expected in the area of ​​operation in the middle of the month. Germany is currently participating in the EU mission with a P-3C Orion long-range reconnaissance aircraft. The goals of "Irini" are to stabilize Libya, a civil war country in North Africa, and to support the UN-led political peace process. In addition to arms smuggling, oil smuggling should also be prevented.

US Navy tests orbiting solar panel that may one day beam power

  US Navy tests orbiting solar panel that may one day beam power The 12x12 inch panel is an early experiment for a technology that could one day harness solar radiation from the sun and beam it to anywhere on the Earth. It is designed to make the best use of light in space, which doesn't have to pass through the atmosphere where it loses energy before reaching the ground.The Pentagon one day envisages an array of panels in space that could send power to even the most remote parts of the planet and create a new global power grid.No details on timelines or costings have been revealed as part of the study.

There has been violence and chaos in Libya since the overthrow of long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011. Most recently, at the beginning of February, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba was appointed head of a new transitional government. This is to replace the two governments that have been competing for power in the country so far.

For the EU, a solution to the Libya conflict is also important because the conditions in the country favor the business of smugglers who bring migrants illegally across the Mediterranean to Europe. As early as 2020, the EU imposed the first sanctions for violating the United Nations arms embargo against Libya. They met companies from Turkey, Jordan and Kazakhstan that are said to have been involved in the transport of war material.

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