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23:09  03 march  2021
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The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution

  The Five Trump Amendments to the Constitution The 45th president profoundly altered our system of government.The surprising aspect of this conclusion is not that the Constitution can be informally amended. That has been the usual way of making revisions. In 1803, the Supreme Court granted itself the power to review laws and overturn them. In 1824, the states tied the electoral vote to the popular vote. Neither of those changes was inscribed on parchment or envisioned by the Founders, but today we can’t imagine our constitutional system without them.

Pentagon , D.C. officials point fingers at each other over Capitol riot response. Confusion and finger-pointing continue between local and federal law enforcement agencies after Wednesday's siege of the Capitol by a pro- Trump mob. Members of the DC National Guard are deployed outside of the According to the Pentagon ’s timeline, officials became aware of demonstrators moving to the Capitol just after 1 p.m. The timeline says that the Capitol Police ordered the building evacuated at 1:26, and that Mayor Bowser and Capitol Police Chief Sund requested help from the DoD by phone at 1:34 and

The Pentagon is ready to defend itself if necessary at a Senate hearing Wednesday against accusations it delayed or hindered the deployment of the National Guard on January 6, a senior defense official said, as two competing narratives emerge about the response to US Capitol riot. But military leaders have maintained there was no delay on their end and that it took time to clarify and organize a response to what they say was a vague yet urgent request for help from city officials and Capitol Police.

Two top Pentagon officials who were chosen by former president Donald Trump were blamed in a Senate hearing Wednesday for the slow security reaction to the January 6 Capitol assault.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Army Maj. Gen. William Walker, Commanding General of the Washington National Guard, said the Pentagon took three hours and 19 minutes to approve the deployment of the guard when the Capitol was attacked on January 6 © Greg Nash Army Maj. Gen. William Walker, Commanding General of the Washington National Guard, said the Pentagon took three hours and 19 minutes to approve the deployment of the guard when the Capitol was attacked on January 6

Witnesses told the hearing that a nearly three-and-a-half hour delay in deploying the national guard against the attack by Trump supporters was because deployment authority was held only by then-acting secretary of defense Christopher Miller and then-secretary of the army Ryan McCarthy, both political allies of the White House.

First Capitol Riot Hearing Only Raised More Questions About Jan. 6

  First Capitol Riot Hearing Only Raised More Questions About Jan. 6 Nearly seven weeks after the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the people tasked with protecting the building on Jan. 6 testified for the first time about the failures that allowed a pro-Trump mob to overrun the seat of American government in an unprecedented disruption of democracy. But nearly every answer they gave about what happened that day just raised more questions. Over the course of four hours, the former chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, and the former security heads of the House and Senate, largely pointed the finger at each other—or blamed others not present at the hearing—and, above all, minimized their own failures.

But Pentagon officials say they were merely responding to the city's wishes to "keep things de-escalated." Confusion and finger-pointing continue between local and federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of Wednesday's siege of the Capitol building by a pro- Trump mob, which has now The Pentagon said Capitol Police and Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department had requested only a supporting role for the National Guard, mainly to handle traffic checkpoints and Metro stations to free up police officers for other tasks. The D.C. National Guard troops “were equipped appropriately

6 attack on the U.S. Capitol , seven in 10 say Donald Trump bears at least some responsibility for it and a majority in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll – 56% – favors efforts in Congress to bar him from holding elected office again. Fifty-four percent in the national survey also say Trump should be charged criminally with inciting a riot for having encouraged his supporters Those who report having voted for Trump two and a half months ago, by contrast, by and large are not expressing buyer’s remorse: Ninety-one percent in this group say if the election were rerun today, they’d vote for him again.

Washington's metropolitan national guard commander Major General William Walker said McCarthy had even reserved personal control over activating a "quick reaction force" that was on standby for violence.

He said that the delays meant they were unavailable at the height of the violence, which led to five deaths and scores of injuries.

On January 6 hundreds of extremist Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol, halting Congress's certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the November presidential election.

The assault was being shown live on television and it had been clear the Capitol Police were overrun by the attackers, many wearing para-military gear and citing encouragement by Trump.

Approval "would eventually come from the acting secretary of defense and be relayed to me by army senior leaders at 5:08 pm," Walker told the joint hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Rules committees.

Fact Check: Was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Killed By Rioters?

  Fact Check: Was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Killed By Rioters? After Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died the day following the January 6 Capitol riot, differing information has emerged in reports and online surrounding the cause of his death.Sicknick, 42, joined the Capitol police in 2008. He was an Air Force veteran who served in the New Jersey Air National Guard before becoming a police officer.

* Sasse blames the violence on "the blossoming of a rotten seed that took root in the Republican Party some time ago and has been nourished by treachery, poor political judgment, and cowardice."Driving the news: Sasse wrote in his op-ed that "until last week, many party leaders and consultants thought they could preach the Constitution while winking at The top U.N. official for Libya said Saturday an advisory committee for representatives of Libya's different regions has proposed a way forward for choosing a transitional government that would lead the war-torn country to elections late this year.

One Capitol riot defendant called out GOP lawmakers for blaming Antifa. Thomas Robertson, a police officer from Rocky Mount, Virginia, touted his ties to law enforcement and conservative groups. He has since been fired from the police department, according to a press release. "I was in the Capitol building 2 days ago," Robertson He was charged alongside Jacob Fracker, a colleague from the Rocky Mount police who was also fired. The Pentagon says Robertson previously was in the US Army Reserve and deployed to Iraq during the war, and that Fracker is currently a corporal in the Virginia National Guard.

"It should not take three hours," he said.

Walker said neither Miller nor McCarthy were available for a call at 2:30 pm on the situation.

But he said that the top McCarthy aides who joined the call said they were opposed to deploying the national guard at the Capitol because they "did not think that it looked good."

They also claimed that sending out the uniformed guard would inflame the rioters, Walker said.

"I kept hearing it was the optics of it," he told the committee.

Robert Salesses, a senior Defense Department official, confirmed that the decision to activate the national guard had been reserved by Miller, a former White House counterterrorism official who Trump installed as head of the Pentagon on November 9, a week after losing the election to Biden.

"Secretary Miller wanted to make the decisions of how the national guard was going to be employed on that day," he told the hearing.

FBI Director Shoots Back, Insisting Bureau Shared Intel Ahead of Capitol Insurrection

  FBI Director Shoots Back, Insisting Bureau Shared Intel Ahead of Capitol Insurrection FBI Director Christopher Wray, pushing back against the Capitol and D.C. police, insisted on Tuesday that his agents shared intelligence with them “in three ways” ahead of the Jan. 6 insurrection. Making his first substantial public comments on the FBI’s performance since an attack he called “domestic terrorism,” Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the FBI had provided a now-infamous “situational information report” from its Norfolk bureau to D.C.

The U.S. Capitol locked down Wednesday with lawmakers inside as violent clashes broke out between supporters of President Donald Trump and Treat others with basic decency. No personal attacks , shill accusations, hate-speech, flaming, baiting, trolling, witch-hunting, or unsubstantiated accusations.

Two officials from the PMF said Suleimani’s body was torn to pieces in the attack , while they did not find the body of al-Muhandis. A senior politician said Soleimani’s body was identified by the ring he wore. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give official statements. American presidents claim broad authority to act without the approval of the Congress when U.S. personnel or interests are facing an imminent threat. The Pentagon did not provide evidence to back up its assertion that Soleimani was planning new attacks against Americans.

In the same hearing two senior security intelligence officials admitted they did not supply adequate warning to officials about a specific threat of extremists to the Capitol that day.

They said they had issued general bulletins about far-right extremists.

But they downplayed a warning from the FBI's Norfolk, Virginia branch of a possible planned attack on the Capitol on January 6, the day most of the Congress and vice president Michael Pence would be there for Biden's certification.

That warning had not been shared with top officials involved with Capitol security that day.

"It is astounding to me that, even if it's raw intelligence, given what the stakes were on January 6th, that that kind of sharing wasn't routine, and that it didn't happen," said Senator Maggie Hassan.


McConnell says 'overdone' Capitol security reminds him of war-torn Afghanistan .
Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said the fortified security at the Capitol two months after the Jan. 6 riot is "overdone," and he compared the militarization in Washington, D.C., to Afghanistan. "I'm extremely uncomfortable with the fact that my constituents can't come to the Capitol," McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday during a news conference. "With all this razor wire around the complex, it reminds me of my last visit to Kabul. This is the Capitol of the United States of America." McConnell last visited war-weary Afghanistan in October 2015.

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