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23:25  05 march  2021
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Germany: AfD placed under surveillance

 Germany: AfD placed under surveillance © Odd Andersen Head of the parliamentary group and honorary president of the AfD, Alexander Gauland is one of the party's cadres in the crosshairs of the authorities. This time, the German far right will no longer be able to evade general intelligence surveillance, even at the national level.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV, often Bundesverfassungsschutz)

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung, "BVT") is an Austrian police organization that acts as a domestic intelligence agency.

The party is not yet a suspected case. The Cologne court ruling draws attention to a much hidden grievance. A comment.

Verdachtsfall ja oder nein? © Photo: imago images / Steinach Suspected case yes or no?

rank? Or not to classify? It is apparently a little tree-switch-game with which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) wants to get hold of the AfD. At first it was said that the way was free to treat the party as a whole as a so-called suspicious case, then again not, then it was, now it should be closed again.

The Cologne Administrative Court has made an interim decision, a "hanging order", which forbids to target it accordingly for the time being (Az .: 13 L 105/21). The Federal Office can file a complaint - but should it?

Chrupalla: AfD wants to challenge the right-wing extremist classification in Karlsruhe if necessary

 Chrupalla: AfD wants to challenge the right-wing extremist classification in Karlsruhe if necessary According to its co-chairman Tino Chrupalla, the AfD wants to go to the Federal Constitutional Court if necessary to challenge its classification by the constitution protection as extremist. The party will "defend itself in court to end this defamation," said Chrupalla on Thursday on Deutschlandfunk. The AfD will "probably have to sue to the Federal Constitutional Court".

Why it is controversial . Tuesday's vote was the culmination of two years of bitter debate. Tech giants, which make huge profits from advertising on content they host, and supporters of a free internet opposed the reform. The run-up to the vote saw much lobbying and protest by both supporters and opponents of the law. Tens of thousands of people protested in Germany on Saturday under the slogan "Save the internet." There were similar protests in Austria, Poland and Portugal. Major Polish newspapers on Monday printed blank front pages in an appeal that MEPs adopt the reform.

Why not just be honest and upfront and tell your debate opponents that you want firearms to fend off agents of the government? Tell them that given the way the government has been gradually eroding our rights and liberties and becoming increasingly tyrannical (cite examples here), you genuinely feel the need to arm yourself against the feds? You can use all the conjecture you like. You can try to get into the minds of those long since dead, but it is not fact. The Second Amendment contained in the Constitution was debated and approved in its present form because that is what they meant.

You don't have to have the slightest bit left for the AfD, its members, elected officials, their voters or political goals to find the BfV's dealings with the unfortunately strongest German opposition party disconcerting. The public classification harms her and it should. Because there are currently ongoing legal proceedings, the Federal Office had promised not to comment publicly.

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Instead, it happened like this: On Wednesday morning, when the BfV informed the state offices wanted to give an internal report on his procedure, well-informed media reported almost simultaneously on the “suspected case” step that had been carried out days ago, while the BfV officially remained silent about this out of alleged respect in front of the court. That looked, how should you put it, planned? Voted? Orchestrated?

Thuringian Constitutional Court declares Corona regulations partially void

 Thuringian Constitutional Court declares Corona regulations partially void The Thuringian Constitutional Court considers some Corona regulations of the Free State to be partly unconstitutional. On Monday in Weimar, the court declared some ordinances issued by the state government in the spring and summer of last year null and void. The AfD parliamentary group was thus successful in some points with a lawsuit against Corona ordinances from May, June and July 2020.

powers specifically granted to the national government by the Constitution ; the first seventeen clauses of Article I, Section 8, specify most of the enumerated powers of the national government. federal mandate. an agreement between two or more states; agreements on minor matters are made without congressional consent, but any compact that tends to increase the power of the contracting states relative to other states or relative to the national government generally requires the consent of Congress.

The South African Protection of State Information Bill, formerly named the Protection of Information Bill and commonly referred to as the Secrecy Bill, is a highly controversial piece of proposed legislation which aims to regulate the classification

“Piercing” is part of public relations work for authorities

This is exactly what the Cologne Administrative Court is accusing the office of. It does not buy his officially guaranteed silence from him. It accuses him of only selling the rule of law fairness to the outside world and "stabbing through" the information that a political public is waiting for. It distrusts him. That is annoying, because in the end it shouldn't be the AfD, which everyone distrusts?

Regardless of this predicament, the judge's decision should give rise to fundamental questions about what was going on there. “Piercing” often describes a practice that German authorities count in the arsenal of their public relations work. As recently became known, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), for example, “pierced” the plans for the Hezbollah raids last year to the media, in order to have the deployment appropriately staged for his political advantage.

Green-Red is within reach in Baden-Württemberg

 Green-Red is within reach in Baden-Württemberg According to a ZDF survey, A good week before the state elections in Baden-Württemberg, according to a current ZDF survey, a green-red coalition is also within reach. As the poll published by the Wahlen research group on Friday shows, the Greens from Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann can count on 35 percent and are well ahead. The CDU ruling with the Greens, led by challenger and minister of education, Susanne Eisenmann, followed in second place with 24 percent.

health services means any health services for which the majority of the funds are contributed by governments, including the services of family physicians, medical specialists, nurses, chiropractors and physiotherapists, laboratory services and the supply of pharmaceutical or hospital care. (services de santé). (2) For the purposes of the Act and these Regulations, an individual who has been in a conjugal relationship with a person for at least one year but is unable to cohabit with the person, due to persecution or any form of penal control, shall be considered a common-law partner of the person.

The Preamble helped explain why the Constitution was written. However, it is not the law. The preamble of the United States Constitution states the following “Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. What does social democracy mean? It means a way of life that recognizes liberty, equality and fraternity, which are not to be treated as separate items in a trinity. They form a union of trinity in the sense that to divorce one from the other is to defeat the very purpose of democracy.

He thinks this is legitimate public relations. Now, of all people, it is he who is in charge of the BfV procedure. What degree of skepticism about a “piercing” should be expected from him here?

The government attaches great importance to a lack of transparency.

This is a grievance that the public knows very little about, because many media tend to close them off from it. What seems like investigative journalistic research is not infrequently a confidential cooperation between public officials and their media observers, accompanied by diverse bartering. It may be that it was also the basis here; one does not know, as always, the BfV leaves inquiries about this largely unanswered. The government attaches great importance to ensuring that such practices remain as opaque as possible. Now it becomes very clear why.

Political quotas and ethnic engineering in the Western Balkans .
Measures implemented to protect vulnerable ethnic groups are increasingly abused in Bosnia and Kosovo.In Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, quotas and other protections have been implemented to ensure that certain communities that may face discrimination in a post-conflict environment are guaranteed political representation in legislative and executive bodies.

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