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See, Hammerfest doesn’t look like most Northern Norwegian towns. The architecture is different as it’s more modern; from the church that brings to mind a stockfish rack to the Arctic Culture Centre in the waterfront that completely transforms with the use of LED lights at night. As the town aligned itself with the French, the British overrun the port and looted the city in 1809, leaving the people of Hammerfest to starve. And that was just the first of many subsequent tragedies. In 1856, a hurricane struck the area and the whole town had to be rebuilt. In 1890, two-thirds of the town was destroyed

Located near the Norwegian city of Hammerfest , the GDI military base bearing the same name was one of their most important command centres. It boasted one of their most advanced defense systems, the Firestorm barrier.

The Norwegian city of Hammerfest was repeatedly ravaged and destroyed by disasters and wars - but each time its inhabitants simply rebuilt it. TRAVELBOOK tells the story of the place that never gave up.

Hammerfest © Getty Images Hammerfest

High in the north of Norway is a place that is probably unique in Europe. Under normal circumstances it might not even exist today - if it weren't for its inhabitants and their unconditional will to survive. And that despite the fact that the place has already been completely destroyed three times. We're talking about the small town of Hammerfest.

Today, according to " BBC ", around 10,000 people live here, north of the Arctic Circle. Hammerfest is a quiet little port town. But that was not always so. Hammerfest was booming at the beginning of the 18th century, because it had a unique advantage: the Atlantic Gulf Stream warms the water here so much that the harbor remains ice-free in winter. Hammerfest becomes an international center for whale hunting.

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Hammerfest Church ( Norwegian : Hammerfest kirke) is the main parish church in Hammerfest Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway . It located in the town of Hammerfest . The significance of the polar bear is that this animal is the town's mascot and heraldic crest. Museum of Reconstruction.

Below is a list of towns and cities in Norway . The Norwegian word for town or city is by. Cities were formerly categorized as kjøpstad (market town) or ladested (small seaport), each with special rights. The special trading rights for cities were abolished in 1857

A place with international flair

Walruses and seals are also killed in the waters around Hammerfest at this time and processed in the city's factories. The fishing grounds are so abundant that the place soon attracts international attention. Countries such as Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, but also the great powers Russia and the USA set up their own embassies here.

The fact that Hammerfest still has an above-average number of boutiques and hairdressing salons is probably due to this time. At that time people dress according to the latest fashions, women are compared to those in Paris for their beauty. Not surprisingly, this new wealth soon arouses envious people - and leads to the first destruction of Hammerfest.

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The Caverns of Hammerfest , by French developer Motion Twin, is an expertly crafted love letter to classic arcade platformers like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros. If you've ever wondered how the intensity and the heartbreak of those old arcade cabinets could be translated into online gaming, look no further.

Current local time in Norway – Hammerfest . Get Hammerfest 's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Hammerfest 's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset. Home Time Zones World Clock Norway Hammerfest .

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Wars and catastrophes

Because during the Napoleonic wars, the English raided the city after they had starved it in a week-long siege. Hammerfest is quickly recovering from this, and trade is booming as before. But half a century after the English, nature sweeps the city this time.

A catastrophic storm rages in the port district, destroying the numerous warehouses. Then in 1890 another tragedy occurs when a fire breaks out in a bakery. In the end, two thirds of all houses in the port are destroyed, victims of the flames. Hammerfest is being rebuilt this time as well, but a good fifty years later the next catastrophe overtakes the place.

A city is wiped out

1940 Nazi Germany invades Norway, also occupies Hammerfest. When it became foreseeable four years later that the Russians would soon conquer the place, Hitler ordered its complete annihilation. A 1000-strong Nazi battalion destroyed all roads and the communication infrastructure. Finally, you set fire to Hammerfest.

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3) Before city planners brought clean water and electricity to that part of the city , it was a shanty town. – До того как городские инженеры не подвели чистую воду и электричество к этой части города, она была трущобным районом. 4) Jake planned to open a small restaurant.

The fires raged for an unbelievable four months, in the end 10,000 houses were burned, the entire city homeless or long since fled. The Nazis even burn the cellars of the houses - Hammerfest no longer exists. The only building that still stands at this point is a chapel. Apparently Hitler does not want to mess with God too.

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Hammerfest forever

What seems even more incredible is what happened days after the end of the war in 1945. The first residents of Hammerfest travel back to their old homeland and begin to rebuild it. Only weeks later, the first new houses are already there, and Hammerfest is coming back to life.

An eyewitness told BBC about the story: “When people returned after World War II, they built their own community after being apart for so long. The lesson from this: We alone decide our fate. ”Today Hammerfest is once again a prosperous city, thanks to the trade in liquefied gas. Experts estimate that this new boom will last for decades.

And even in the unlikely event that Hammerfest was somehow destroyed again, its residents would probably just do what they always have: start all over again.

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