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of the documentary filmer Cullen Hoback believes to have revealed the true identity of the subsequent of the extremist Qanon movement. Ron Watkins, the longtime administrator of the imageboard 8kun, had revealed itself during an interview.

has long been speculated that it is Watkins, which outputs itself as "Q" and which wrote more than 4,000 messages in the name of the Qanon substrip. Hoback, which is currently producing the HBO series "Q: Into the Storm", therefore spoke with Watkins.

In a recorded interview, this had then dropped his cover for a moment than he said about his own role within the Qanon conspiracy: "It is basically a three-year intelligence training, in which I taught ordinary citizens, how to use intelligence makes. That was ultimately what I did anonymous before, but never as Q. "

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Ron Watkins tried to make a retractor shortly afterwards, grinned and cleared himself until he said," Never as Q, I promise. I'm not Q. "But it was probably too late. "Ron had made a mistake," said Hoback. "He knew it and I knew it - and the three years after a tireless cat and mouse game."

The Qanon movement created on the online platform 4Chan propagates various abstruse conspiracy theories, including those Donald Trump secret Satanistic cabal cannibalistic pedophile, trying to fight.

fueled these again and again from Q, which was started in 2017 as anonymous supposed insider of the Trump Administration, on the pictureboard 4chan to post. In 2018 he moved to 8kun, which is operated by Ron and his father Jim Watkins. Your forum was already known to be used by violent extremists and extremists. On several occasions, the two have claimed to have access to Q.

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Qanon won far-reaching media attention as it becomes increasingly followed by trailers. Many of the identified participants and participants of the storm in the Capitol on January 6 in Washington DC. Later that they were inspired and influenced by their unshakable belief in Q.

q to identify via its posts is considered almost impossible because 8kun works mainly based on anonymity. 8Kun users have no accounts, unlike usual social networks or forums. Instead, the users are assigned a trip code, a code sequence that identifies individual users and users.

in a conversation with the CNN moderator Anderson Cooper at "AC360" said Hoback: Watkins wool the "recognition" for the Qanon movement, but also deny that he was Q, for fear of legal consequences. "I've always been waiting for the moment when Ron had a mistake."

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