World Nuclear: "A new chapter" opened in Vienna, declares Iran

08:25  08 april  2021
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Israel’s suspected attack on an Iranian nuclear site complicates US-Iran talks

  Israel’s suspected attack on an Iranian nuclear site complicates US-Iran talks Iran has been ramping up its uranium enrichment. The suspected Israeli cyberattack on the Natanz nuclear site might be retaliation for that.The New York Times, citing intelligence sources, reports that what seems to have been a “deliberately planned explosion” at the Natanz nuclear site on Sunday “completely destroyed” the power system for centrifuges that enrich uranium — a material that, if enriched to high levels, can be used to make a nuclear bomb. That caused a blackout at the facility, and it may take over nine months to restart production.

  Nucléaire: © provided by the Iranian President Hassan Rohani President Hassan Rohani said that "a new chapter" had opened with the Vienna discussions between Tehran and the international community to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement. This agreement, concluded in the Austrian capital in 2015, has been moribund since the United States

came out in 2018 under the chairmanship of Donald Trump .

In response to this withdrawal, which was followed by an avalanche of US economic and financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic, the Iran freed each other from most of the key commitments it had taken in 2015. . President

Shadow of sabotage hangs over Iran nuclear deal talks

  Shadow of sabotage hangs over Iran nuclear deal talks An attack on Iran's key nuclear site has just complicated efforts to save the frayed accord.The talks come just three days after a sabotage attack at a key Iranian nuclear plant near Natanz, where an explosion cut off electricity to the whole site. The attacked damaged an unknown number of centrifuges - sophisticated machines that make uranium usable for nuclear purposes - and has stopped work at the facility for now.

Joe Biden

declared himself ready to return to the decision of his predecessor, but differences of view persist between Washington and Tehran on the conditions in which it could be done. The discussions that started on Tuesday in Vienna are intended to find a way to reintegrate the United States into the agreement and bring Tehran to the strict application of the text.

Tehran refusing any direct meeting with Washington, these talks take place on one side between the States still parties to the agreement (Iran and the countries of the 4 + 1: China , France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany, as well as the EU, guaranteeing the agreement), and on the other side between Europeans and Americans.

"A new chapter has just opened yesterday," said Mr. Rohani on Wednesday in a speech in the Council of Ministers.

The US and Iran have their first real chance to revive the nuclear deal

  The US and Iran have their first real chance to revive the nuclear deal Washington and Tehran will meet indirectly in Austria next week as part of a gathering to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive.On Tuesday, officials from Iran, the European Union, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany will meet in Vienna, Austria, to discuss how the US — which withdrew from the multilateral nuclear accord in 2018 under President Donald Trump — can return to the pact known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It’s a deal many would like to keep alive since it severely curbs Iran’s nuclear development in exchange for sanctions relief.

"If (Washington) is serious and honesty - that's all we ask (...) - I think we can negotiate in a short time, if necessary, with the 4 + 1", Added Iranian President. According to him, "the United States can pay (of their obligations) without negotiations".

"A constructive forum"

Iran claims the lifting of all the sanctions that weigh on him and refuses to meet the US diplomats until these penalties remain in effect. EU negotiators therefore provide an intermediary role between Iran and the United States.

Washington considers, however, that the Vienna discussions are "a constructive forum", said Wednesday the US State Department.

"The discussions have so far been professional and they produce what we thought they would produce," said Ned Price journalists, spokesman for the State Department.

"They provide us with a better understanding of Iran's mindset and we think that Téhran reversals will leave this session of discussions with a better understanding of what we are willing to do," said Price. .

side Iran, EU and 4 + 1, two groups of experts - one on the penalties, the other on the nuclear program - started working on Tuesday to define a roadmap.

The process can last "15 days, one month, we do not know", according to a European diplomat questioned by AFP.

Tuesday night, Iran and the United States tried each one of their side that the first day discussions had been "fruitful".

08/04/2021 03:10:21 - Tehran (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Vienna talks: Iran and world powers begin nuclear negotiations .
Iran and the world powers still party to the 2015 nuclear deal meet in attempt to return the US to the landmark accord.Talks are under way in the city’s Imperial and Grand hotels between representatives of Iran, China, Russia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

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