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12:00  09 april  2021
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meetings of the Minister of Cultural Ministers will receive special attention in times of Corona pandemic shortly before prime minister conferences. How are you going to school? Do the cultural ministers introduce a plan for a joint approach - and if so, how concrete is he? What are test strategies for schools? These questions moved before the meeting on Thursday teacher associations, students and parents.

Die Schüler sind in der Corona-Krise enorm belastet. © Picture Alliance / DPA The students are enormously burdened in the Corona crisis.

The cultural ministers have reaffirmed their goal again to offer as much presence lessons as possible. "The education policy is also in this difficult phase of Corona epidemic in the responsibility to ensure children and adolescents access to education and lessons," said President of the Cultural Ministers Conference, Brandenburg's Education Minister Britta Ernst after the meeting. "That's why it's our common goal to offer as much classroom lessons as possible."

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As an important means of achieving the goal, cultural ministers call Corona tests for students and teachers. The test options are an important building block of the Corona strategy and contribute significantly to infectious protection and to curb the pandemic, says the minister's decision. "They are to be expanded so that all students as well as teachers and other employees at school can be offered twice a week the possibility for a self-test."

teacher associations and parental representatives had expressed much further expectations to the cultural ministers before the meeting.

"It takes a test obligation for all students in Germany," said the President of the German Teacher Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, and demanded that two times a week had to be bindingly tested. Like Meidinger, the Secretary-General of the Federal Student Conference, Dario Schramm, demanded, it needs a uniform line of school openings - oriented to incidences.

debate about high school graduates despite pandemic

 debate about high school graduates despite pandemic under teachers and politics, a debate is burned out as to whether the high school graduates should take place despite pandemic this year. The union education and science (Gew) demanded that graduation cancel as if necessary. Philologen Association and Teacher Association and Cultural Ministers Conference turned against it. © Ina Fassbender A debate is burned out if the high school exams should take place.

The Association of Education and Education (VBE), Udo Beckmann, criticized cultural ministers played further trust. "Although the policy's considerable voices were louder, the fact that it needs for school finally binding, national, evidence and indicator-based regulations, the result of the cultural ministerial conference returns the opposite again," he said. It ruled wild guns, the individual countries that they wanted. Now the Chancellor and the Prime Minister are required to make clarity.

In one point, however, the cultural ministers did not allow any doubt: high school and other final exams should definitely take place as planned. The final classes could have prepared well despite pandemic. The exams could take place in compliance with the hygiene and distance rules. "The Ministers of Cultural Ministers will therefore carry out the final examinations in the school year 2020/2021," says in order.

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