World Canada: What is known about the largest cluster in the world with the Brazilian Variant

22:35  12 april  2021
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Rapid, twice-weekly COVID tests to be offered to everyone in England - including home delivery

  Rapid, twice-weekly COVID tests to be offered to everyone in England - including home delivery Free, rapid twice-weekly COVID-19 testing for everyone in England is being promised by the government - starting this Friday. © PA A home ordering service is among several ways people will be tested twice a week It is aimed at people without symptoms, because one in three people with coronavirus don't have them and may be spreading the virus unwittingly.The government says the offer is currently for England only and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will make their own decisions.

with 877 confirmed cases, British Columbia has become the center of the largest number of contagions in the Brazilian variant, outside Brazil.

Un premier cas d'infection au variant brésilien du coronavirus a été détecté à Toronto début février (illustration) © Cole Burston / AFP A first case of the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus was detected in Toronto in early February (illustration)

Canada soon under new sanitary restrictions? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called last Friday to the tightening of the measures in place at the moment when the acceleration of the vaccination campaign fails to curb the third wave of COVID-19.

This new wave, marked by a strong propagation of virus variants, is "disturbing," he said at a press conference. "In several places in the country, more stringent measures are needed to curb the spread of the virus," he said, while the most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, have just toughd their restrictions in place .

Doctor Rejects '4th Wave' Claims, Says US Ahead of 'Much Milder' COVID-19

  Doctor Rejects '4th Wave' Claims, Says US Ahead of 'Much Milder' COVID-19 Dr. Marc Siegel on Monday rejected the "fourth wave" warning made by a former COVID-19 adviser to President Joe Biden the day before, saying that the U.S. is now ahead of the "much milder virus."Siegel, a professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, spoke with the Fox Business Network on Monday and touted the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stats, which show the U.S. is administering more than 3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine daily.

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Canada has recorded more than 25,000 cases of more contagious coronavirus variants since the beginning of the year, the most affected provinces being Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The latter is particularly affected by the Brazilian variant, says P1.

877 Confirmed cases

All would have left a ski resort, the country's most famous, that of Whisler, tells Guardian . It was closed by the provincial authorities at the end of March, when they realized that the Brazilian variant spread rapidly. If British Columbia is not the most affected region by COVID-19, it is undoubtedly the one where the variant spreads the most with 877 confirmed Case of P1, including nearly a quarter related to Whistler. , or about 200. It is in any case become the center of the largest outbreak sequenced of the world's variant outside Brazil.

Advocate urges Canada to do more to help people in Hong Kong

  Advocate urges Canada to do more to help people in Hong Kong Canada unveiled new work, study and residency permit programmes this year, but group says more support needed.That is why the 22-year-old, who recently completed a computer science degree at the University of Toronto and now works at a local healthcare tech firm, hopes to make Canada his permanent home.

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However, among the 84 people initially positive tested in the variant, none returned from South America, or even from abroad, notes the British daily. The majority of the cases of the ski resort concern young workers, such as this 22-year-old hotel employee who entrusts Guardian have been leached by the disease.

Delay on

screening In addition, the authorities fail to keep the accounts up-to-date as the Canadian province has shifted on screening for VVID-19 variants. "It is also a question of misfortune. But the fact that we have been late in the implementation of reinforced quarantine measures probably did not help, explains Jean-Paul Soucy, co-founder of the Working Group on Open Covid-19 Canada. If these measures had been put in place earlier months, perhaps that could have been slowed down - or even avoided. "

What we know about the South African coronavirus variant

  What we know about the South African coronavirus variant The SARS-CoV-2 virus variant that was first detected in South Africa has spread to dozens of countries.The South African variant, also known as B.1.351, was first discovered late last year. It has since been detected in dozens of countries around the world.

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However, the authorities do not plan to improve screening for variants, on the contrary. "We simply assume that these screened positives will be the variants. We assume that anyone who is positive for Covid-19 must be treated as if he had a highly transmissible virus," says Dr. Bonnie Henry, responsible for The health of the province.

The neighboring regions affected

The British daily also notes that the epidemic has been accelerated by the lack of housing in the city, forcing the inhabitants to live in many apartments. "Because the rent is so foolish, there are people who live in cupboards and sometimes up to eight people sharing housing", thus testifies the employee of 22 years.

The Guardian also affirms that the epidemic of P1 has since spread throughout the province and in the neighboring Alberta, suspected of having infected 21 players from Vancouver's professional hockey team, the Canucks, according to The official website of Team .

Canada’s top court could be asked to rule if US safe for refugees .
Advocates say deal that allows Canada to quickly expel most asylum seekers at US border should be rescinded.After 30 hours of interrogation, Canadian officials turned her back, pointing to an agreement between the two neighbouring nations that allows Canada to summarily return most asylum seekers who arrive at its border from the US.

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