World Nuclear Stripe with Iran: Provocation with uncertain output

23:35  13 april  2021
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What to expect as Iran and world powers head for nuclear talks

  What to expect as Iran and world powers head for nuclear talks Negotiations on Tuesday begin a lengthy but vital process to restore Iran’s landmark 2015 nuclear accord.News on Friday that remaining members of the accord – Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom – will hold in-person talks was greeted as a welcome development to avoid a total breakdown.

Despite an attack on its most important nuclear facility, Iran wants to continue indirect negotiations with the US - and at the same time uranium to accumulate 60 percent. That should make the further discussions difficult.

Freundschaftlicher Ellbogen-Check. Irans Außenminister Mohammad Dschawad Sarif empfängt seinen russischen Kollegen Sergej Lawrow zu Gesprächen in Teheran. © Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service / DPA Friendly Elbow Check. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Dschawad Sarif receives his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrow to talks in Tehran. Provocation with uncertain output

is believed in the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Dschawad Sarif, Israel has done his archenone almost a favor. Should the explosion have aimed at the country's most important atomic system of the country to sabotage indirect negotiations with the US about a lifting of sanctions and the return to the 2015 atom agreement, Israel had "wicked". The attack will only strengthen Tehran's position, not weaknesses, said the chief diplomat on Tuesday. And little later government media, his vice Abbas Araghchi was as planned to the talks in Vienna.

The US and Iran breathed a little life back into the nuclear deal

  The US and Iran breathed a little life back into the nuclear deal The US and Iran took a small step toward reviving the nuclear deal. But major hurdles still remain before it’s fully alive.But it was a small move at best. It doesn’t guarantee both sides will return to compliance with the terms of the pact, which then-President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from in 2018.

What Sarif could have refunded, a report of the Iranian news agency isNa isNa: Iran will increase the degree of enrichment to 60 percent after attack on the uranium enrichment plant in Natan. Of this, Araghchi should also inform the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. Should Tehran implement this step, that is likely to be understood in the US as well as serious provocation as a serious provocation and the talks are difficult to complicate. Iran has enriched uranium to just under 20 percent. For the construction of nuclear weapons, 90 percent is required, therefore only 3.67 percent are allowed in the atomic agreement, which are common for fuel rods in power plants.

Sarif was able to assure himself to support his Russian colleague. "We support the negotiations in Vienna and condemn all attempts to disturb these most important conversations," said Sergei Lawrow. Moscow sees similar to Iran the US in the duty to lift sanctions in order to allow a return to the agreement. Russia and China's attitude, both of which support the negotiations in Vienna and are represented in the indirect talks through diplomats, has been weight in Iran. With both countries, the government strives for comprehensive cooperation, with Beijing she has recently closed an agreement. The extent of damages is unclear

US asks Iran to be 'pragmatic' as optimism rises on nuclear talks

  US asks Iran to be 'pragmatic' as optimism rises on nuclear talks The United States said Friday it offered "very serious" ideas on reviving the Iran nuclear accord but was waiting for Tehran to reciprocate as partner nations voiced optimism following talks in Vienna. But the official said the United States was waiting for its efforts to be "reciprocated" by Iran.President Joe Biden's administration has opened indirect diplomacy with Iran in hopes of returning to the 2015 agreement, which his predecessor Donald Trump trashed as he launched a "maximum pressure" campaign in hopes of bringing Tehran to its knees.

on the extent of damage in Natan, there is still no independent confirmed information. By contrast, details of the sabotage act were known. In Iranian television, the deputy Fereidun Abbassi Dawani said both the normal power supply and the emergency power supply was aim of the attack in a 40 to 50 meters located under the earth's part of the plant. Abbasi is self-nuclear scientist and was just just escaped to an assassination, Iran as the sabotage in Natan starts the Israeli secret service Mossad. President Mahmud Ahmadinedschad then made him the boss of the Iranian nuclear energy organization.


New York Times reports that the attack with a long-term ignited explosive has been committed, which was smuggled into the system, not as many times suspected by a cyberattack. In Tehran Hardliner demanded that the government of President Hassan Rohani had to cancel the talks in Vienna. But that could also be a maneuver to distract from that the Iranian security apparatus has not been able to prevent an attack on one of the country's well-protected nuclear positions.

The EU meanwhile imposed sanctions against Commanders of Revolutionary Guards and other responsible for the brutal crackdown of protests in November 2019.

The Biden Administration's Time for Choosing On Iran | Opinion .
Any new deal must address all three elements of Tehran's illicit nuclear program: fissile materials, weaponization and the means of delivery. There may be time for a broader agreement that covers the regime's support for terrorism, as well as other regional concerns. But the nuclear problem must be solved first, or we run the risk of American diplomats giving concrete nuclear concessions for unenforceable Iranian commitments to limit their other nefarious regional activities.The U.S. can permanently cut off Iran's pathways to nuclear weapons or collapse at the negotiating table.

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