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21:50  14 april  2021
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United States of Al: Hollywood’s brown saviour project

  United States of Al: Hollywood’s brown saviour project Chuck Lorre and Reza Aslan’s new CBS sitcom is another iteration of Hollywood’s classic ‘white saviour’ story.Americans are consuming the war in Afghanistan curated through media – drone operators treat asymmetrical warfare as a video game, Lorre and Aslan turn war into entertainment. Forgotten seems Baudrillard’s warning that technologies of image consumption put distance between war and the audience, making it seem like atrocities did not happen and are not happening. The war is being sold to the public as something moral and necessary, through the figures of the white saviour soldier and the deserving Afghan/Muslim.

Un centre de formation de l’armée nationale afghane. L’Otan s’est beaucoup investie dans la refonte des forces de sécurité nationales. © Dod A training center of the Afghan National Army. NATO has invested a lot in the redesign of national security forces.

The troops of the international coalition under American command will have left the country by September 2021.

It is to an arithmetic as macabre as desperate that must be resigned after twenty years of war in Afghanistan .

The human cost is heavy. 160,000 Afghans would have perished: 50,000 civilians, 45,000 insurgents and 65,000 police and military . To these deaths are added those fallen foreigners during their Afghan deployment: 2,443 US soldiers, at least 1,789 civilian employees (Contractors) under contract with US agencies and 1,150 non-American soldiers of the Alliance (90 French).

Joe Biden's 2012 Comments About Leaving Afghanistan 'Period' in 2014 Resurface

  Joe Biden's 2012 Comments About Leaving Afghanistan 'Period' in 2014 Resurface "We are leaving in 2014," Biden promised during a 2012 vice presidential debate.Biden plans to announce that all U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, exactly 20 years after the 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks targeting New York City and Washington, D.C., which became the impetus for what has become America's longest war. The president's timeline would actually extend the withdrawal by several months from the May 1 deadline set under a peace deal signed between the U.S. and the Taliban last year under former President Donald Trump.

Exorbitant financial cost

The financial cost is also exorbitant. It is estimated with regard to the United States at $ 1 trillion. An amount that questions: what did it help us? Senator Rand Paul was asked in November 2020. 1 000 billion for the equipment of soldiers, operations, reconstruction of infrastructure and redesign of Afghan security forces. But for what result?

All these operations continue but at a slowdown pace. There remains only 2,500 US soldiers and 7 100 other soldiers from 36 NATO member countries and partners participating in the Resolute Support mission. But the American workforce, according to the Washington Post, could be higher since a thousand men would be engaged in Operation Freedom's Sentinel. Their missions? Training and consulting, logistical support for the greatest number. But also fight, with a component of special forces and another dedicated to massive aerial support for Afghan forces.

Taliban Promises ‘Nightmare’ for U.S. Troops in Final Afghanistan Stretch

  Taliban Promises ‘Nightmare’ for U.S. Troops in Final Afghanistan Stretch The Taliban never kept secret what their reaction would be if the Biden administration delays the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and now that it’s happened, U.S. forces may have to deal with a new, unbridled wave of violence and bloodshed in the months leading up to the new September pull-out deadline. Hours after news broke on Tuesday that following a “rigorous policy review,” President Joe Biden is planning to have all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11—a break away from the previously agreed May 1 deadline—Taliban military leaders sat down for a policy review of their own.

Flowing of Afghan Forces

These American and Naturalist soldiers will not be the only ones to take up their withdrawal by September 2021. The agreement with the Taliban also plans the departure of the Contractors . Currently, they are 16,832 including 6,147 Americans, 6,399 Westerners and 4,286 Afghans. Their missions? Logistics and maintenance, construction and support of infrastructure, safety, transportation and training ... With their departure, Washington will have to face two problems: first penalties after the ruptures of the contracts allocated to the services of services, Then a collapse of the Afghan security forces that will meet alone, without aerial support, without help for maintenance and without training.

Such a perspective has the leadership of the US national intelligence that prognoses in its report of 9 April the collapse, in a few months, of the army and the police and the fall of the regime.

The U.S. Is Leaving Afghanistan. We Must Not Abandon It | Opinion .
After two decades at war, the United States has decided that it cannot continue an indefinite military presence in Afghanistan. But that doesn't mean that Washington—and the rest of the world—should turn their backs on a country that has been through decades of conflict. Millions of people in Afghanistan are depending on us to help preserve the progress of the past two decades, and it may very well be in our own interest to use the economic and diplomatic tools we have to prevent the country from spiraling into a situation where its violence may not stay within its own borders for long.

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