World Syria will elect its president on May 26, a "masquerade" for opposition

03:15  20 april  2021
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Syria juice vendor gears up for Ramadan as crisis bites

  Syria juice vendor gears up for Ramadan as crisis bites In a busy market in Syria's capital, 53-year-old Ishaaq Kremed serenades customers and agilely pours tamarind juice from the ornate brass jug on his back ahead of Ramadan. The popular street vendor says he usually has more customers during the Islamic holy month starting next week, during which many favour the drink to break their day-long fast at sundown. But he says his trade of more than 40 years has also taken on new meaning since the war-torn country has been plunged into economic crisis."My main job is to make customers smile," says the moustachioed father of 16, dressed in billowing trousers, a patterned waistcoat and red fez.

The new presidential election in Syria is scheduled for May 26 , Parliament announced on Sunday. But the outcome of the ballot will undoubtedly not be a surprise in this country led with an iron fist by Bashar al-Assad, big favorite. Seven years ago, already, he had won with more than 88% of the votes the presidential election , in full civil war and organized only in the provinces controlled by Damascus. Nicolas Tenzer : It is simply one more masquerade : a winner determined in advance, a result already played out. There is no free opposition candidate who can run.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any additional strikes by Western powers against Syria will "inevitably lead to chaos in international relations." The two presidents reportedly agreed that the April 14 air strikes by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France were a violation of international law and "have brought serious harm to the chances of a political settlement in Syria ." The air strikes came in response to a suspected Syrian chemical attack that killed dozens of people last week.

Bachar el-Assad devrait sans difficulté remporter un quatrième mandat en l'absence de compétition sérieuse. © Associated Press - Ibrahim Usta Bashar El-Assad should without difficulty win a fourth term in the absence of serious competition.

The presidential election will be held on May 26 in Syria, where Bashar El-Assad should without difficulty win a fourth term in the absence of serious competition in a country ravaged and led for half a century by the Assad family. .

aged 55, the head of state has not yet announced his candidacy. He had accessed power in 2000, after the death of his father Hafez al-Assad, himself at the head of Syria three decades.

The upcoming election is the second since the beginning in 2011 of a devastating conflict that has made more than 388,000 deaths and thrown on the road of the exodus millions of Syrians, refugees abroad or displaced in camps Poorous on the territory.

Syria used chemical weapons in 2018 attack: OPCW probe

  Syria used chemical weapons in 2018 attack: OPCW probe The Syrian regime's air force used the chemical weapon chlorine in an attack on the town of Saraqib in 2018, the global toxic arms watchdog said on Monday after an investigation. The OPCW said in a statement that the Investigations and Identification Team (IIT) "concludes that units of the Syrian Arab Air Force used chemical weapons in Saraqib on 4 February 2018".The report is the second by an investigations team set up by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which has the new power to apportion blame for attacks.

the opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. But these were not empty allegations. The arrests followed on a meeting by the two conspirators with Belarus military officers held in a downtown Moscow restaurant which was filmed from start to finish by the Russian state security agency, the FSB. Lengthy segments of recordings from their meeting and discussion of their treasonous plans were aired on the Kiselyov program. Moreover, the accused are not some unknown pawns such as the British presented to the world press when they released their accusations against Russia over the Skripal poisoning.

Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”. “In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone, depreciated its commercial integrity, have segregated themselves and have not been assiminated, have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian

The date of the election was set for 26 May "for citizens settled in Syria," announced Sunday the Speaker of Parliament, Hammouda Sabbagh. Syrians living abroad will vote in their embassies on May 20th.

Applications can be filed before the High Constitutional Court since Monday, until April 28th. To enter the race, candidates must obtain the signing of 35 of the 250 deputies in Parliament, almost all acquired at Mr. Assad's Baas Party.

The elections will be held in the regions held by the power that controls two-thirds of the country. Thanks to the military support of its allies, Russia and Iran, Mr. Assad's army, after finding a time in bad posture, has chained victories since 2015 against weakened rebels and jihadists.

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The Imperative to Maintain Focus in Syria | Opinion

  The Imperative to Maintain Focus in Syria | Opinion Syria has now entered its 11th year of internal conflict, marking one of the most protracted and gruesome conflicts in history. Over half a million Syrians have been lost to the conflict, born out of the 2011 "Arab Spring" uprising across the region. Humanitarian suffering continues at unprecedented levels and despotic Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has demonstrated no real commitment to following through on an internationally mandated political resolution to the conflict.

Politicians boycotting the presidential election denounced the president on Wednesday after a vote in which only one candidate — the incumbent — stood for office. The band of opposition parties and figures, including a former rebel leader and an award-winning journalist, refused to recognize the government and said they would not participate in parliamentary elections later this summer. They said voters had been intimidated by soldiers and the police into casting ballots and called Monday’s presidential vote a “ masquerade .”

Togo President Faure Gnassingbe declared an electoral victory on Monday as official preliminary results showed him re- elected in a landslide, though an opposition candidate also claimed victory and called Monday’s result a “ masquerade ”. Preliminary figures released by the electoral commission showed Gnassingbe winning with 72 per cent of the vote, with his main opponent, former prime minister Gabriel Messan Agbeyome Kodjo, at 18 per cent. Long-time opposition leader Jean-Pierre Fabre received just 4 per cent.

a "masquerade"

in 2014, Syria had organized its first presidential election for decades, Bachar el-Assad and its Father having previously been elected during referendums. That year, Mr. Assad won the ballot with more than 88% of the vote. Its only two competitors were strangers widely regarded as asserting.

The electoral law effectively prevents opposition figures in exile: each candidate must indeed "have lived in Syria for a period of 10 years on an ongoing basis when applying". In theory, in the absence of an absolute majority, a second round must be organized.

reacting to the announcement of the date of the presidential election, Nasr Hariri, a figure of the opposition installed in Turkey, denounced on Twitter "a masquerade", illustrating "the disconnection of the regulations of the realities of the Syrian people, which. is revolted against him. " In a statement, the main coalition of the opposition in exile refused any election attended by Bashar El-Assad. In a decade, UN's diplomatic efforts did not find a negotiated solution to the conflict, while the political opposition in exile did only weaken.

Syria Chemical Attack Deniers Admit Links to WikiLeaks and Russia

  Syria Chemical Attack Deniers Admit Links to WikiLeaks and Russia A group of British academics was secretly in contact with Russian diplomats in four separate embassies as they worked to undermine evidence that Bashar al-Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people, according to emails seen by The Daily Beast. The documents were obtained as part of a sting operation on one member of the group that was disclosed last month by the BBC and The Times of London. Paul McKeigue, a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics at the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine, was duped into sharing the inner workings of the so-called Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media by emails from someone calling himself

conflict in syria have left scars all over the country and its people many of our citizens are still having to fight for and rebuild their lives here is the story of one small boy. my friend and i were playing ball when we found something in our backyard we didn't know it was a mortar shell started to play with it. 5: 26 am.

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Infrastructures in ruined

in March, the United States, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom UNI have castigated in a common statement the holding of such election in Syria, prognosticing that it would be "neither free nor just" and emphasizing that it should "not lead to any standardization of the International (Community) with the system of government ". "The political process whatever needs to be the participation of all Syrians (...) so that all voices are heard," they wrote.

The conflict in Syria has been triggered by the repression of proprietary events and has become more complex over the years with the involvement of foreign powers and a multiplication of armed factions and jihadist groups. After ten years of incredible violence, the fighting became sporadic and fell sharply in intensity.

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the province of Idleb, ultimate great jihadist and rebel bastion in the northwestern country, is still escapes to power Assad. And the North-East has an autonomous administration dominated by the Kurds, allies of Westerners.

Today, the infrastructures are in ruins and the economy has collapsed, in the end of the Western penalties and the effects of the financial crisis in the neighboring Lebanon, according to the authorities, while the national currency knows an unprecedented depreciation.

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Iran fuel tanker attacked off Syria .
An Iranian tanker was attacked off Syria's coast Saturday sparking a fire, in the first assault of its kind since the war started a decade ago, a war monitor said. "The Iranian tanker came from Iran and was not far from Banias port," he added.It was not clear who carried out the attack which caused no casualties, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

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