World Pastor E.W. Jackson Says Black Lives Matter Is 'Worse Than COVID'

02:40  27 april  2021
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"In 1960 most black children were raised in two parent monogamous families," Jackson said , according to the Virginia Daily Press. "By now, by this time, we only have 20 percent of black children being raised in two-parent monogamous families with a married man and woman raising those children. While many of Jackson 's controversial statements are unique to him — that yoga can leave you vulnerable to satanic possession, that Planned Parenthood is like the KKK, that evolution isn't real because monkeys can't talk — this idea is not. Republicans have long been attacked for using welfare

And though some Black Lives Matter leaders deny it, over the years there has sometimes been a disconnect between the organisation itself and young black men, a constituency they are fighting for, the band says . "I think the initial inception of Black Lives Matter is what we believed in and what we were marching behind," says trumpeter Eric Jackson . Plan for pills to treat Covid at home by autumn8.

COVID-19 has claimed more than 560,000 American lives but conservative pastor E.W. Jackson believes Black Lives Matter will have more detrimental lasting effects on America than the pandemic.

a sign in front of a building: Pastor E.W. Jackson criticized Black Lives Matter for being © Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images Pastor E.W. Jackson criticized Black Lives Matter for being "worse than COVID" on Monday. A person celebrates the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House on April 20 in Washington, D.C.

Jackson said on The Awakening, a radio show, the "cultural" virus in the United States may be worse than the medical one the pandemic posed. He pushed back against the criticism of law enforcement, arguing that it could motivate officers to abandon their career choice, and at a Black Lives Matter co-founders' belief in Marxism, a philosophy often associated with communism and socialism.

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.

The social activist helped create the Black Lives Matter movement after spurring debate with the #blacklivesmatter hashtag in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. BLM’s other co-founders have parted ways with the organization, leaving Khan-Cullors as its sole leader, though that position has been heavily criticized. According to a report from Politico last year, local organizers were questioning the disbursement of funds within the group, saying they had seen little to no financial support and needed to rely on crowdfunding to stay afloat.

"COVID is a medical problem and a disease problem that is going to run its course," Jackson said. "I think Black Lives Matter could so infect the culture of our country, so divide us racially that it could take a generation to undo the damage they are doing."

Jackson, who is Black, criticized BLM for having different reactions to shootings if it involved a police officer, accused the organization of not really caring about the people they advocate for and being "out of sync with the word of God."

The pastor, who was the Republican candidate for Virginia's lieutenant governor, also took issue with Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of BLM, and said she was working to undermine America.

In December, Cullors said in a YouTube video that she learned about Marxism early on in her organizing career. A believer in Marxism, she said she was taught about systems that were criticizing capitalism and encouraged people to be open to the idea.

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He said there was a greater disproportionality of black people in prisons in the UK than in the US, and that while abuse directed at officers was unacceptable, the police service “still has a way to go”. Government ministers have urged people not to go out to protest, but Lisa Nandy, the shadow “That’s crept into our politics in Britain in the last few years and we’re seeing under the cover of Covid . Other countries trying to do something similar, rowing back on people’s freedoms, human rights, the rule of law, democracy.” Nandy said she supported peaceful protesters and urged them to observe physical

" Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean your life isn’t important – it means that Black lives , which are seen as without value within White supremacy, are important to your liberation. Given the disproportionate impact state violence has on Black lives , we understand that when Black people in this country get free, the benefits will be wide-reaching and transformative for society as a whole. When we are able to end the hyper-criminalization and sexualization of Black people and end the poverty, control and surveillance of Black people, every single person in this world has a better shot at getting and staying

Cullors noted that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was referred to as a communist while he was alive, but now, decades later, people only discuss the work he did to advance equality. The core of the movement, she said, was the "liberation" of every human being and the way to get there, according to Cullors, is not the current structure that's in place.

"I'm working on making sure people don't suffer. I'm working to make sure people don't go hungry," Cullors said in the YouTube video. "I do believe that we can get to a place where there's a socio-economic system that doesn't oppress certain groups of people and only uplifts a few."

Pointing to Cullors' comment in June that she was a "trained Marxist," Jackson questioned who funded the training and criticized her proposal to abolish the criminal justice system.

Cullors praised the jury for finding former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, but disagreed it signaled the system worked. Instead, she said in a video posted on Instagram it showed it was "broken" and that there was a need to "fight for more" to move America to a place where there are "no jails or prison or surveillance."

School Offers 'White Student Support Circle' After Derek Chauvin Verdict

  School Offers 'White Student Support Circle' After Derek Chauvin Verdict Randall Brooker, Superintendent, Piedmont Unified School District, said that the email that appeared to show the school offering the support session was a "poor choice of words."Randall Brooker, Superintendent, Piedmont Unified School District, was responding a video that went viral purporting to show an email from Cheryl Wozniak, the school's assistant superintendent, informing pupils about "student support circle" for white pupils, following the trial verdict on 20 April.

The recent Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. That was a single day in more than a month of protests that still continue to today. Four recent polls — including one released this week by Civis Analytics, a data science firm that The protests may also be benefitting from a country that is more conditioned to protesting. The adversarial stance that the Trump administration has taken on issues like guns, climate change and immigration has led to more protests than under any other presidency since the Cold War.

NY Black lives matter demand white restaurant owners “Get the f**k out” of the city #10. The Jews who say they are Judeans are not but the Synagogue of Satan and do lie as per Censorship has dramatically increased! Many of Pastor James P Wickstrom’s videos are being taken COVID -19 is a Smokescreen for 5G Radiation Sickness. Agents Of The Apocalypse.

Jackson called it a belief straight from the Marxist playbook and said on Monday the United States should start considering anyone who is a Marxist or communist a "threat to our national security." He said holding those beliefs calls into question whether they have greater loyalty to China than to the United States.

Newsweek reached out to Black Lives Matter for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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