World much criticism of choice in Thuringia: Hans-Georg Maaßen for the CDU direct candidate named

11:55  01 may  2021
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"Belongs to me firmly in the team cadre": Union Chancellor's Candidate Lashet Holt Merz in his campaign team

 A few months ago, the two Union politicians were still counterparties. Now Armin Laschet hopes for his election victory by Friedrich Merz. © Photo: DPA / Michael Kappeler The competition of Armin Laschet and Friedrich Merz is forgotten, from now on, the two want to work together. Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet wants to bring the economic expert Friedrich Merz into his campaign team .

ex-constitutional president Hans-Georg Maaßen has been demarcated after his in the Thuringian direct candidate for the Bundestag by the AfD. He worried with his reputation and supporters to take off the AfD votes in the federal election on September 26 and help to defend the Chancellery for the CDU, the 58-year-old said after his election as the direct candidate in the South Huringer Bundestag election 196. A cooperation With the AFD, which radicalized is excluded, so maeas. Criticism of his nomination came from Greens, SPD and Left.

Eine Zusammenarbeit mit der AfD, die sich radikalisiert habe, sei ausgeschlossen, so Maaßen. Kritik an seiner Nominierung kam von Grünen, SPD und Linke. © DPA A collaboration with the AFD radicalized is excluded, so maeas. Criticism of his nomination came from Greens, SPD and Left.

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak said he expects any candidate to become a clear commitment to values ​​and politics of the CDU and a sharp demarcation to the AFD. "I now assume that Mr. Maaßen will contribute everything to a common electoral success of the CDU," said Ziemiak the editorial network Germany (RND). "Hans-Georg Maaßen is a border figure in the democratic spectrum, with which most Christian democrats have little mean mean," said CDU Federal Board member Karin Prien present the newspapers of the Funke Media Group.

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controversial attitude to refugee policy

Maaßen is politically controversial due to its attitude to the refugee policies of the Federal Government. He was chosen in Suhl on Friday evening with 86 percent of the votes in a counter-candidate from the delegates of four CDU district associations. His constituency in South Huringen is considered a tricky for the CDU after the ancestral candidate Mark Hauptmann had leaked from the CDU in the course of the mask affair.

The Green Faction Chief in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, wrote on Twitter: "With # Maaßen, the CDU opens her doors to the right." CDU boss and Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet urgently need to answer the question, whether and How he will show clear edge. Green federal managing director Michael Kellner evaluated the personnel Maaßen on Twitter as a signal that the CDU remove from the middle.

FDP: Georg Kofler donates 750,000 euros to the Liberal

 FDP: Georg Kofler donates 750,000 euros to the Liberal normally ex-group manager Georg Kofler puts its money in start-ups, now the FDP can look forward to an enormous sum. The reason for the donation calls the investor: Fear of the Greens. © Christian Charisius / Picture Alliance / DPA The former boss of the TV channel ProSieben has donated the FDP a large sum of money: according to a report of the » Handelsblatt «, Georg Kofler posted 750,000 euros to the party. FDP Treasurer Harald Christ confirmed the major donation towards the mirror.

Video: New shock survey for lashing: green strongest force in front of Union (dpa)

of the parliamentary managing director of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, called Maaßen as "ideologues and hetzer". With the nomination, the CDU exceeded a border to right outside, Schneider, who is Thuringian, on Twitter. The country SPD also tweeted, with Maaßen fish the CDU at the right edge. "We send the East German sports legend Frank Ullrich to # Maaßen into the race and do not leave him the constituency," the SPD explained with reference to the former world-class biathlets.

"The fire wall to the right is gone."

The Left Federal Chairman Susanne Hennig-Wellsow said the spark newspapers: "The fire wall to the right is gone." The democratic parties on the union should now do everything to prevent that A maeas sitting in the next Bundestag, "said Hennig-Wellsow.

Maaßen announced that he will support the Chancellor's candidates of the Union, Armin Lashet in the election campaign. "We put ourselves behind our chancellor candidates." To his relationship to Lashet said the 58-year-old, "I do not think we are so far apart." Discussion draw a folk party like the CDU. He wool the constituency in which he takes an apartment, "not represented by the rear bench".

"Our claim is that the constituency falls not to the AFD or the left," says the CDU district chairman of Schmalkalden-Meiningen, Ralf Liebaug, at the Representative Assembly He had Maaßen, who dates from North Rhine-Westphalia and lives in Berlin , brought into play. Maaßen is a good option to "keep the constituency", also expressed the district chairman of Hildburghausen, Christopher Other. It does not go the CDU in southern Huringen to send a political signal towards AFD. "The incompatibility decision applies," emphasized the 31-year-old.

As a constitutional president, Maaßen was massively criticized because he doubted that it came to "Hetzjagden" to foreigners after the killing of a German in Chemnitz. In November 2018, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had put him in the interim retirement. (dpa)

Horst Seehofer has no objections to Hans-Georg Maaßens Bundestag candidacy .
when he dismissed him, Horst Seehofer showed "disappointed" by Hans-Georg Maaßen. Now the Minister of the Interior says he had been "very satisfied" with the ex-constitution protectors - and do not doubt his mind. © Michael Kappeler / DPA Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) does not find the candidacy of ex-constitutional protident Hans-Georg Maaßen for the Bundestag problematic. "It's his right to try around a mandate," said Seehofer of the German Press Agency.

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