World "Baerbock is a projection area": ​​Do the Greens create a change synonymous like Macron?

15:15  06 may  2021
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brigitte bardot "terribly alone", she throws a cry of the heart

 brigitte bardot © abaca brigitte bardot "terribly alone", she throws a cry of the heart brigitte bardot throws a cry of the heart in her interview for the world, published this Monday April 26th. Great protector of animals, she denounces her loneliness in the face of government indifference to animal suffering. Brigitte Bardot, more than ever come back against the government.

Macron was able to success 2017 in France, because the country was ready for a change. The Greens with Annalena Baerbock want to stand for change.

Annalena Baerbock, Co-Vorsitzende und Kanzlerkandidatin der Grünen © Photo: imago / snapshot / f. BOILOT Annalena Baerbock, Co-Chairman and Chancellor's Candidate of the Greens

The Greens do not necessarily like to compare themselves with "La République en Marche" - that party from the liberal spectrum, which represents a decisive support of Emmanuel Macron . At market liberal mutates for the green much from the political offer of the French President.

But in one point, the green Macron in any case follows: You also want to generate a similar exchange atmospheric in Germany as in France in 2017. At that time, the then 39-year-old Macron won the presidential election, especially because the French wanted to prevent the right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen and fed his nose full of the traditional parties.

German Greens' election hopeful targeted by fake news

  German Greens' election hopeful targeted by fake news With Germany's Green party leading the polls ahead of September's general elections, the ecologists' would-be successor to Angela Merkel has become increasingly targeted by internet trolls and fake news in recent weeks. From wild claims about CO2-emitting cats and dogs to George Soros photo collages, 40-year-old Annalena Baerbock has been the subject of a dizzying array of fake news, conspiracy theories and online attacks since she was announced as the Greens' chancellor candidate in mid-April.

also the 40-year-old Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock likes to be as a power of change. "I'm going for renewal. Others are different for the status quo, "she said in her freestyle to the designated green chancellor candidate.

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There is another parallel between the Greens and Macron: a clear pro-European orientation. However, while Macron had almost a kind of units in France in France in France, most competitors of the Greens also emphasize the importance of the EU: While Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet regularly speaks in his speeches the bow to Brussels, Stroking SPD frontman Olaf Scholz his cooperation at the European Corona reconstruction fund with its gigantic volume of 750 billion euros.

The re-election of Macron would lead to the "general chaos", according to Marine Le Pen

 The re-election of Macron would lead to the © Thomas Samson / AFP the possible re-election of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic would lead to a "chaos (which) would be absolutely general,", After a first term "violence", judged Saturday the candidate for the Elysee Marine Le Pen, who wants to be the president of "civil peace".

Nevertheless, the European Personal Speaker of the Green Bundestag Faction, Franziska Brantner, provides her party in the formation of the EU in a pioneering role. "I would neither joined Scholz nor lax a pro-European approach," she says. "But you can not only talk to talking on Sundays for a stronger Europe, but you have to implement the suggestions on Mondays."

criticism of lashes attitude to China

After the words of Brantner , the green oppose the competitors of the Union and the SPD for consistently implementing the European Green Deal, for example in agriculture. In addition, the Greens "in the sense of a European energy policy" refuse the pipeline project Nord Stream 2. As a further example of a European clever curtain, Brantner launches that the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister had admitted that in Duisburg China's "New Silk Road" ends and the Huawei Group will upgrade the city to the smart city. "At the same time, Laschet criticizes China's dominance in Europe. That's Bigott, "criticizes the Greens politician.

Brigitte Macron: Who really pays his very glamorous looks?

 Brigitte Macron: Who really pays his very glamorous looks? © Blondet / Pool / Bestimage Eliot Brigitte Macron: Who really pays his very glamorous looks? During each of the Macron Brigitte movements, its looks are analyzed and commented. The Figaro reveals, in this month of May, that the first lady does not have a stylist attached. If there is one thing that holds attention about Brigitte Macron, it's his supplied wardrobe. In all circumstances, the first lady proves his elegant style and its particular care, worn to the toilet.

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Brantner does not believe that the Improvement expressed by the Union, the green sought in the EU a "debt union", in the general election campaign for the Achillesferse for the eco-party could become. "We must realize the Economic and Monetary Union really and must not leave the European Central Bank all the work," she said.

However, the Greens would not have demanded an association of debts during the financial crisis, which is still the position of the party today. "The Union is concerned with this accusation of suffocating necessary debates on strengthening the euro in the germ," brantner monitors.

Political Scientist Jun sees "diffuse exchange"

of the Trier Political Scientist Uwe Jun sees a "diffuse remuneration" in Germany. However, this is not so much at the European theme, which - sees one from the position of the AFD - in Germany much less controversial than in France. Nevertheless, Jun emphasizes that the desire is widespread, "see something different and new" after 16 years of a CDU-guided federal government. This is also the Chancellor candidate Baerbock, and insofar there is a "similarity with Macron".

Baerbock is "a projection area", whereby from the point of view of the voters of the green clear climate protection voters, the crucial role games, the political scientist analyzes. The concern for climate protection Rage " wide in potential CDU voter layers in ", Sun.

France calls on US to drop vaccine export bans .
The French president spoke out after the US backed a proposal to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines.His words came as a divide emerged between parts of Europe and the US over how best to increase global vaccine production.

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