World COVID-19: In the wake of the American initiative, it moves on the patent front vaccines

16:25  06 may  2021
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How deadly is India's Covid variant and is it REALLY behind crisis?

  How deadly is India's Covid variant and is it REALLY behind crisis? Doctors on the frontline have blamed the B.1.617 strain for the raging second wave that is killing nearly 3,000 Indians a day. But UK scientists have accused India of being too complacent.Doctors on the frontline claim the B.1.617 strain is responsible for the raging second wave which has sparked hundreds of thousands of new infections each day and left the country with a crippling shortage of oxygen and hospital beds.

(illustration) Flacon du sérum d'AstraZeneca, à Vigo, en Espagne, le 13 mars 2021. © AFP - Miguel Riopa (Illustration) Bottle of the serum of Astrazeneca, in Vigo, Spain, March 13 2021.

Is it a turning point in the fight against the pandemic? Wednesday evening, the United States announce that they are favorable to the lifting of patents on Vaccines against CVIV-19. Brussels, Berlin and Paris have followed suit in Washington on Thursday and the African Union welcomes these developments. In concrete terms, it means that developing countries could produce Moderna or Pfizer without requesting the authorization of the manufacturers. But the pharmaceutical industry remains to be convinced.

Poorer countries might not get Covid-19 vaccinated until 2023

  Poorer countries might not get Covid-19 vaccinated until 2023 This inequality is baked into the vaccine manufacturing process.If these glaring inequities in vaccine access continue, it will take at least two years for the world’s poorest countries, who couldn’t compete for early doses of vaccines, to immunize 60 percent of their populations.

India and South Africa, demanded it for a long time. The United States last night supported their request . The American position for a lifting of patents on Anti-Covid vaccines is "a remarkable expression of leadership," said Thursday morning the director of the Continent Continement Control Control and Disease Prevention Center (Africa CDC), which depends on the African Union (AU).

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vaccines and the reactions follow one another. This Thursday morning again is the European Commission also called "ready to discuss" a lifting of vaccine patents against CVIV-19 to accelerate production and distribution. "The EU is ready to discuss any proposal that would attack the crisis effectively and pragmatically. We are ready to discuss how the US proposal can achieve this objective, "said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The world could be doing much more to help India

  The world could be doing much more to help India Countries can’t go it alone in tackling Covid-19.Now, there are so many people with severe Covid-19 that health care workers like him in several cities have to make difficult decisions about which patients to move to the ICU, who gets put on a ventilator, whom to give oxygen — if those options are even available.

Germany has followed suit. Berlin is "open" to a "discussion" about patent lifting on Anti-Covid vaccines, envisaged by Washington, said Thursday the leader of German diplomacy Heiko Mas, adding, "it's a question that We must ask ourselves because it is about putting this pandemic "from Covid-19.

Not to be left out of France, by the voice of Emmanuel Macron, is positioned too. The head of state, which inaugurated a large vaccination door of Versailles on Thursday morning, "quite favorable to what is, indeed, this opening of the intellectual property, you heard me the say a year ago. What I said simply is that today our bottlenecks, making it difficult to access the vaccine, it will at some point the price and access to intellectual property, c Today is the transfer of technology and the ability to produce ... Yes, we must obviously make this vaccine a global public good. But for sure, the priority, today, is on two things: the spirit of solidarity and efficiency of all rich countries, like Europe does it and like, I hope, it will be followed by the British, Americans and others. It's donation doses. In the short term, that's what will allow us to vaccinate. »

Why getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is more popular in the UK than in the US

  Why getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is more popular in the UK than in the US The UK has world-leading vaccine enthusiasm. What can the rest of the world learn?About 26 percent of Americans say they won’t take a vaccine, according to an April 21-26 CNN poll. Getting the pandemic under control in the US could be challenging without their buy-in.

The highly reserved pharmaceutical industry

The measure has not yet been approved by the WTO , which the Director-General advocates for the development of" voluntary licensing "agreements for the manufacture of vaccines, as did Astrazeneca with the Serum Institute of India in India.

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but the US announcement took off the pharmaceutical industry, fiercely opposed to the suspension of the patents, reports our correspondent to Geneva, Jérémie Loche. The American proposal is a simple answer but a bad answer to the crisis. This is how the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry reacted, IFPMA after Washington's announcement.

Its boss, Thomas Cueni, says that lifting patents will not increase the number of doses available. It would even be the opposite. "Lift the patent does not give you other doses, but gives a negative signal and will increase the problems. '

in front. The GAVI organization, the Vaccine Alliance, believes that the multiplication of production sites could be able to circumvent the blockages in exports. As is the case in India. Aurélia Nguyen is the head of the Gavi vaccine sharing program: "There is really an awareness, which is happening, on the need of the most affected countries. And to respond to this global health crisis, you really need to play on all possible measures that will remove vaccine supply constraints. "

The WTO must meet again, next month, on this file.

Vaccinate Adults in India Before American Children .
The imminent danger to people in global hot spots demands attention now, and the risk to kids in the U.S. is relatively modest.Allowing the export of doses would be not only effective vaccine diplomacy but also in Americans’ own interest. Gaining better control of the disease across the globe would prevent or slow the emergence of worrisome viral variants.

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