World Study sees limits for use of hydrogen

18:50  06 may  2021
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US White House backs aggressive power grid emissions cuts: Report

  US White House backs aggressive power grid emissions cuts: Report Requiring power utilities to reduce use of coal and natural gas is a key part of US President Biden’s climate plan.A 2030 target would be a milestone on the way to achieving US President Joe Biden’s stated ambition of net-zero carbon emissions in the grid by 2035. It could also potentially be passed without Republican support through a process called budget reconciliation.

hydrogen should make a decisive contribution to climate-neutral Germany. But not everywhere, the use of expensive hydrogen-based fuels makes sense, warns a new study.

Studie sieht Grenzen für Einsatz von Wasserstoff © Stephen Barnes / Shutterstock Study sees boundaries for use of hydrogen

with eco-electricity produced hydrogen is considered a key element for the climate-neutral conversion of business, living and traffic. Researchers of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Found Research (PIK) now point out that it is not the appropriate means in all areas to replace fossil fuels. "Hydrogen-based fuels are an impressively versatile energy source - but impressive are also their costs and the associated risks," said Falko Ueckert, Leitaustor of the study published on Thursday.

The hype goes boom but hydrogen projects are still under construction

  The hype goes boom but hydrogen projects are still under construction Renewable hydrogen energy is nowhere near being able to replace fossil fuels. But familiar faces are snapping up government funding.Of the 65 projects under way in Australia, most are years away from starting construction, let alone pumping out electricity. Only five are up and running, and eight should be completed in the next two years.

Comment: Why the hydrogen car has no future

for most sectors is the direct use of electricity, for example in electric cars or heat pumps, economically more meaningful. Hydrogen-based fuels should therefore be used primarily in the areas that could hardly be directly electrified. These included "long-haul flights, parts of chemical production, steel production and possibly some industrial high-temperature processes," said Ueckert according to the message.

Hydrogen requires large amounts of green electricity

with hydrogen generated fuel and fuel (e-fuels) are easier to store and transport as current or pure hydrogen. The problem lies according to study, however, in the large amounts of green electricity needed for the production of hydrogen. At the German current mix of 2018, the use of hydrogen-based fuels in cars, trucks or aircraft would cause about three to four times more emissions of greenhouse gases than the use of fossil fuels.

For the use of hydrogen sees the study presented in the Journal "Nature Climate Change" a longer-term perspective. With increasing CO2 prices, hydrogen-based fuels could probably be competitive up to 2040. In view of the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to stabilize the climate, however, 2040 would be too late for all those sectors in which direct electrification is possible. dpa

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