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12:10  12 may  2021
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Migrant Border Deaths Surge with 'Increased Enforcement and Militarization,' Expert Says

  Migrant Border Deaths Surge with 'Increased Enforcement and Militarization,' Expert Says The remains of at least 3,356 undocumented border crossers have been recovered in Arizona since 1990, an average of more than 100 deaths a year, a University of Arizona study has revealed.At a minimum, almost everyone who comes to the camp suffers from exposure and dehydration, Sammy Rovner, a volunteer with the agency's media team, said. In the winter months, some suffer from hypothermia, having made the trip through the nearby mountains. Many migrants show up with knee injuries, scrapes, and blisters across the bottoms of their feet.

Vue.js ist eine beliebte Alternative zu größeren View-Libraries wie beispielsweise React. © vuejs.org/t3n vuejs.js is a popular alternative to larger view libraries such as React.

as a single upgrade for easier upgrade: The Vue-Core team has published the beta of the new version of the popular web framework. It should be the migration of your projects from version 2.x. Simplify on Vue 3.x.

vue.js, of Underdog among the JavaScript frameworks and the secret favorite of many frontend developers, will soon be available in version 3.1. This so-called migration build should be compatible with VUE 2 - and offers ways to configure this compatibility as needed. This should make developers easier to migrate a VUE 2 app to Vue 3 .

Brain drain undergoing 'big reversal' in SA as net interstate migration hits 30-year high

  Brain drain undergoing 'big reversal' in SA as net interstate migration hits 30-year high While some, including an interstate Premier, have questioned South Australia's desirability as a destination in recent years, the SA government says the state's coronavirus response has helped reverse a decades-long problem."I don't want to be offensive to South Australians, but why would you want to go there?" Daniel Andrews jibed.

Per Default will run the migration build in VUE-2 mode, simply for the reason that most - but not all - public APIs behave vue-2-compliant behavior. The downward-compatible mode allows developers to process breaking changes and deprecations one after the other without having to upgrade their projects in a start to Vue 3. For outdated structures or changes, there is a runtime warning in V 3.1.


The whole comes with a number of restrictions. The migration build is intended to cover publicly documented behavior of VUE 2 and its APIs.

• Apps that are based on Vue 2S internal APIs or on undocumented behavior of the releases may not be useful with the migration build. In this case, a corresponding refactoring of the relevant code is recommended.

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  Tom Brady purchases a $6million, 77-foot Wajer yacht Brady was the virtual guest of honor when the Dutch shipbuilder unveiled their new 77-foot yacht, a nice upgrade from Brady's $2M boat he drove in the Super Bowl parade after winning the 2021 title in Florida. © Provided by Daily Mail Anchors aweigh! Tom Brady added to his impressive collection of awards with the purchase of a stunning $6million Wajer yacht 'I enjoyed the waters of New England, but when we moved to Tampa, with its beautiful bay, I said to myself, 'I need a boat,' Brady said via video call. 'I love what (Wajer managing director) Dries Wajer is doing.

• Anyone who gets his application on the migration build to run them before the migration is completely completed in production. This brings with itself a performance overhead that should not affect the UX of the users. For projects that use component libraries such as Vuety, Element UI or Quasar, it is recommended to wait for the publication of a VUE-3-compatible releases.

• Like VUE 3, the migration build does not provide IE11 support. Who needs the need, must leave his app on Vue 2.

• Projects using Server Side Rendering can use VUE 3.1 theoretically. VUE 3, however, does not have a bundle renderer, for Server Side Rendering it is recommended to use the Build Tool Vite from the VUE ecosystem. Anyone who uses the vue.js-framework nuxt.js should better wait for the release of nux 3 before attempting a migration.

TL: Dr: To upgrade large, very complex apps, will also remain a challenge with the migration build. For Q3 in 2021, however, the VUE-Core team plans several features from Vue 3, including the composition API, to Vue 2.7 to backports.

at the Universal Expo of Dubai, Africa accounts to restore its image

 at the Universal Expo of Dubai, Africa accounts to restore its image © Karim Sahib Photo showing a view from Expo 2020, the universal exhibition of Dubai, which was planned in 2020 but to be held from From October 2021, because of the pandemic, in the rich Emirate of the Gulf Technologies, Investments, Tourism: The African countries largely represented at Dubai's World Expo are preparing to project the image of an ambitious continent and modern, far from stereotypes about misery and wars.

suitable for this: What is Vue.js

more innovations

In addition, some innovations and performance improvements are included in the release. Underneath a new lifecycle hook for composition API called Onserprefetch and support for compiler options on component level. Also new in 3.1: Via app.config.compilerOptions, developers should be able to configure the Runtime compiler. Last but not least, the Keepalive Support - a Wrapper element for dynamic components has been improved.

V 3.1 is to be developed independently of V 3.2

is published The Migration Build still in the betaphase is released with version 3.1, further revisions should take place in the form of smaller, compacting minor version updates. News that were actually considered for version 3.1 were postponed to version 3.2. The development of the migration builds may want to end the developers at the end of 2021. For developers this means: The migration to the standard build should have completed until then.

experienced developers who have not yet worked with VUE 3 can also use the version according to Readme to the Github project to familiarize themselves with the differences between the two major versions. Further information can be found in the associated Changelog ; In the Github Repository of the project there is a How-to upgrade workflow.

Victoria's post-pandemic recovery 'on track' but budget deficit forecast to be $11.6 billion .
A better-than-expected deficit of $11.6 billion is forecast for next year in the Victorian budget as the state economy bounces back after last year's lockdown.The final deficit for the COVID-hit 2020–21 budget is nearly $6 billion less than forecast at $17.4 billion.

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