World Florida Club Gets Threats After Angela Stanton-King Posts Video of Kids With Drag Queens

07:35  15 may  2021
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In April, Stanton - King posted a video on social media while watching a family-friendly drag show at The Palace in Miami’s South Beach. Her video shows two young children approaching the drag queen performing to Madonna, before getting on stage and innocently dancing with her. After Stanton - King posted the video to her 300,000 Instagram followers, The Palace began receiving violent threats online. Thomas Donall, owner of the iconic LGBT+ venue, told Local10 that one in particular stood out: “I hope y’all end up like Pulse.” The comment was in reference to the 2016 mass

Social media influencer Angela Stanton - King drew attention to the drag show that took place at the Palace gay club in Miami involving little girls. “Why in the hell do these people got these f***ing little bitty-ass kids at this f***ing drag show, y’all?” she asked in a video posted on Instagram. The drag queen accompanied the little girls onto the stage as onlookers threw money. She made grooming comments that made the little girls feel comfortable with being exploited. “Hold on, that’s a twenty, give me that,” the drag queen said to one of the kids as he grabbed the cash and put it in his shirt.

A gay nightclub in South Beach, Florida is receiving threats after a former GOP congressional candidate shared a video to social media expressing moral outrage over a drag queen interacting with two young girls.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie sitting at a table: The Palace Bar and Restaurant in South Beach, Florida says it has received threats since Angela Stanton King shared an outraged video of children at a drag performance to social media. Stanton King is pictured next to actor Terrance Williams and former President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, D.C. on February 27, 2020. © NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty The Palace Bar and Restaurant in South Beach, Florida says it has received threats since Angela Stanton King shared an outraged video of children at a drag performance to social media. Stanton King is pictured next to actor Terrance Williams and former President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, D.C. on February 27, 2020.

The Palace Bar and Restaurant was reportedly targeted with homophobic and transphobic threats after Angela Stanton-King, who ran a failed Republican campaign for Congress in Georgia last year, visited the club and uploaded an Instagram video showing the girls posing with a drag queen during a performance.

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The video posted by conservative political personality Angela Stanton King shows two pre-teen children being paraded around by a drag queen and being told to collect money from the audience, The Blaze reported. “Why in the hell do these people got these f*cking little bitty-ass kids at this f*cking drag show, y’all?” Stanton - King initially claimed that the location was in Los Angeles but later clarified both in the post ’s caption and in another video that it took place at Palace, an LGBTQ nightclub in Miami.

Stanton - King posted a follow up video , talking to the manager of the palace about the issue. The manager tells her that the children’s parents allowed them to go on-stage and his establishment is “open to everyone.” Stanton - King is also a far-right QAnon conspiracist who was banned from Twitter just last week after continuing to denigrate her own trans daughter publicly. She is a former congressional candidate and criminal who received a pardon from Donald Trump before he left office.

The video was widely shared on social media in some conservative circles, prompting Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) to argue that those involved "should be arrested and charged," despite the video not appearing to show anything illegal.

Palace owner Thomas Donall told ABC affiliate WPLG that one message the club received in the wake of the conservative outrage read "I hope y'all end up like Pulse," referring to the 2016 massacre of 49 mostly LGBTQ people at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

"It's really difficult for us and heart-wrenching," Donall said of the threats the club has received. "I mean it just makes me ... really sick to my stomach."

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Link posts without a Statement will be removed after 20 minutes. A Submission Statement is a 2+ sentence comment in reply to your post , in your own words, that describes why the post is relevant to the sub. I guess it would really depend on the type of drag show it was. I haven't been to many, but the ones I've seen were just guys dressed up in makeup and dresses singing show tunes and Carol King songs. Pretty campy, but otherwise family friendly.

Angela Stanton - King posted the video to her Instagram account last week, according to The Blaze . In the video , the two preteen children walk beside a man dressed as a woman who tells the pair to pose for the audience and collect tips. In a second video describing the experience, King said the incident occurred at Palace, a popular South Beach-area LGBT nightclub in The video shows two young children with blonde hair wearing dresses walking up on stage with a drag queen who has the girls assume a pose and then gather dollar bills as audience members near the stage throw money at them.

The girls in the video were accompanied to the club by their parents, who gave them permission to interact with the drag queen. Donall described the interaction as "innocent fun for the girls," adding "I mean they were posing with a Madonna show."

In a separate Instagram video, an upset Stanton-King can be seen telling a club employee that the interaction made her feel "offended and disrespected by being a survivor of sexual abuse."

Newsweek reached out to the Palace Bar and Restaurant for comment.

Stanton-King maintained that she went to the club because she felt it "looked like a place that would be fun and entertaining." However, her history of anti-LGBTQ opinions and rhetoric made the club, which is well-known for its drag performances, an odd choice for a night out.

Last month, Stanton-King repeatedly misgendered her own daughter and expressed transphobic views while taping an episode of Dr. Phil. After the show aired, she described it on Instagram as "a violation of my civil rights."

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For decades, glamourous drag queens have been interacting with tourists. The rainbow flag flies high in The video shows her confronting a Palace employee: “I feel offended and disrespected by being a survivor Stanton - King said that she wants city officials to keep the drag queens away from children.

Another drag kid named Desmond danced on stage in female attire as men threw money his way. A sexual predator was caught reading to children during drag queen story time. This belief is seemingly backed up by reactions online. The videos and images depicting events like those described above are met in large number by disgust. As previously reported on, even the videos of the drag children we’re led to believe are influential entities are greeted by downvotes and comments worried about their futures.

Stanton-King was banned from Twitter after threatening to physically assault a trans woman who also appeared on the show. In a tweet last October, she baselessly claimed, "if you support LBGTQ+ Youth, you support Pedophilia."

Stanton-King is an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump and has expressed support for the false pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory. She is the goddaughter of Alveda King, a niece of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who is also known for her conservative politics.

In 2018, Stanton-King appeared on the BET reality show From the Bottom Up, which focused on women rebuilding their lives after making "bad choices." Stanton-King spent two years in prison after being convicted in 2004 on a federal felony charge for participating in a car theft ring. She was pardoned by Trump last year.

Stanton-King ran for Congress in 20202 as a Republican challenging the late Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who helped organize the 1963 March on Washington and spoke just before her godmother's uncle delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Lewis died before the election took place but Stanton-King eventually lost to Democratic Rep. Nikema Williams by a margin of more than 70 percent.

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