World DRC: 30 death sentences for "rebellion" and violence at the closing of Ramadan

16:40  15 may  2021
16:40  15 may  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

DRC: The former presidents of Parliament call for the end of the violence in the East

 DRC: The former presidents of Parliament call for the end of the violence in the East © RFI / Sonia Rolley Military FARDC on patrol on the highlands of South Kivu, in October 2020 (image of illustration). The persistence of violence in the East is more concerned about the political class. Wednesday, May 5, the former presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate gathered to evoke the matter. Appeal was launched for the end of the violence.

Un pick-up en feu après les violences entre musulmans et force de l'ordre lors de la prière de fin de ramadan à Kinshasa. © Pascal Mulegwa / RFI A pick-up after the violence between Muslims and the force of the Order during the end of the end of the Ramadan in Kinshasa.

Justice did not drag in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after Thursday 12 May in Kinshasa on the occasion of the end of Ramadan on Rivalry Fund at the head of the Congolese Muslim community. Clashes between members of this community then with elements of the police who came to intervene. Thirty people were then arrested and were referred to judges. As promised Thursday night by the government, the Grande Instance Court of Kinshasa-Gombe triggered a flagrance procedure this Friday, a whole day of education and an entire night of debate and pleading. In the end, 30 of the 41 defendants have scrutinized death sentences. Only one was 5 years old and 5 others were paid.

Muslim women are reviving forgotten tradition of Quran recitation

  Muslim women are reviving forgotten tradition of Quran recitation #FemaleReciters movement aims to revive the sacred practice of female public Quran recitation.For Madinah Javed, 25, a law graduate and activist from Glasgow, Scotland, her journey to become a qari’ah began from a young age when her mother would attend tajweed classes while they were living in Qatar. As a toddler, she would sit in her classes and inadvertently absorb what she was hearing.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The Prosecutor remained firm throughout the hearing broadcast on state television. Upon the opening, this Friday in the middle of the day, he argued that the defendants had behaved, "in terrorists", "they were attacked by the police," he added. They "injured the Republic" and the "Nation was moved from despicable acts" one holy day for Muslims.

Some defendants have been identified through images disseminated on social networks and viewed in full audience. The majority of them denied any involvement in violence. But to believe the police officers called to the bar, the defendants went guilty of rebellion, for the simple fact of resisted the summons.

"mass trial"

The judgment fell as a cleaver before sunrise at the courthouse: attempted murder, criminal associations, nasty destruction or strokes and injuries.

The court was declared incompetent to judge five minors. In the courtroom, the police brandished brick pieces, sticks and stones that would have served as projectiles.

objects that the defendants have not recognized. Their lawyers have promised to appeal, some denouncing a judgment, "complacent and unmotivated" after a "mass trial".

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in the DRC, the lava casting of the Nyiragongo stopped at the gates of Goma .
RDC-Volcano: in the ground floor, the lava casting of Nyiragongo stopped at the gates of Goma © Reuters / Olivia Actland in the DRC , The lava lava of the Nyiragongo stopped at the gates of Goma by Djafar Al Katanty Goma, DRC (Reuters) - a lava casting from the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo at the gates of Goma, in the east of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), stopped on Sunday morning a few hundred meters from the boundaries of the city.

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