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22:40  15 may  2021
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‘Not $1’: US lawmaker urges end to complicity in Israeli abuses

  ‘Not $1’: US lawmaker urges end to complicity in Israeli abuses Congresswoman Betty McCollum tells AJE about effort to ensure Israel doesn’t use US aid to violate Palestinian rights.The Democrat from Minnesota wants to know more about just where the money is going, while ensuring that Israel is not using US military assistance to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians.

In European major cities, thousands of people have expressed their support for the Palestinians in conflict with Israel. There was riots in Paris.

In London wurde die © Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Images in London was the

in the French capital Paris went the police with tear gas and waterers against Pro-Palestinian activists who had gone to the road despite a demonstration ban. Some threw stones or tried to block roads with construction blocks. A planned march to the Place de la Bastille was prevented. According to the police, 44 people were arrested, a policeman was injured. The President of the Palestinian Association for the Paris region, Walid Atallah, threw the authorities to stress through the short-term demo ban.

The Rivalry That Defines the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  The Rivalry That Defines the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The competition for influence between Iran and Saudi Arabia has for decades affected the prospects for peace.This fascinating and relatively little known episode in the Middle East’s history altered the region’s political landscape, and still informs the context in which today’s events in the Palestinian territories and Israel are unfolding. Although the personal relationship between Arafat and Khomeini soured within a year, their encounter marks the moment when revolutionary Iran’s involvement with the Palestinians began, and when the Palestinian issue inserted itself into a then-still-nascent regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Demonstranten in Paris lieferten sich mancherorts ein Katz-und-Maus-Spiel mit der Polizei © Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images Demonstrators in Paris provided a cat-and-mouse game with police

The security authorities fear severe riots as in 2014, as a goal as synagogues and other Jewish facilities became aim. In other French cities, including Toulouse and Montpellier in southern France, while per Palestinian demonstrations were allowed to take place. Hundreds went to the streets there. Also in Lyon, Bordeaux, and Marseille were intentions.

Die Kundgebung in Marseille verlief ohne Zwischenfälle © Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images The rally in Marseille was without incidents

in London called for several thousand demonstrators, the British government should use for an end of the Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip. From the vicinity of the Hyde Park in the center of the British capital, they moved towards Israeli Embassy. Palestinian flags were pivoted and highlighted signs on which the "liberation" of the Palestinian territories was demanded by the Israeli crew.

How social media is fuelling US Israel-Gaza debate

  How social media is fuelling US Israel-Gaza debate Online activism is shifting attitudes about the conflict. What do these young Americans think?Those of Palestinian descent say the ongoing social media activism is a watershed moment similar to last summer's global demonstrations against racial injustice.

Viele der Demonstranten in London hatten sich in palästinensische Flaggen gehüllt © Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Images Many of the demonstrators in London had wrapped in Palestinian flags

Video: Pro-Palestinian demos in Brussels, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Dhaka (Euronews)

Jeremy Corbyn as a speaker in London

as a speaker joined the former boss of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn. He called on the government in Jerusalem to end the occupation of the West Bank. The 71-year-old sitting for the London constituency North Islington in Parliament is currently excluded from the Group's parliamentary group, while an investigation into anti-Semitism in the party under its leadership (2015 to 2020) is running.

Ex-Labour-Chef Jeremy Corbyn: wegen Untersuchungen zu Antisemitismus derzeit aus der Partei ausgeschlossen © Dominic Lipinski / Emipics / Picture Alliance Ex-Labor Chef Jeremy Corbyn: Due to investigations on anti-Semitism currently excluded from the party

Corbyn, because of its supported support for the Palestinians in the past, had also been accused of even anti-Semitic tendencies, But the allegations always denied.

Protesters Rally in Solidarity With Palestinians at Israel's U.S. Embassy, Consulates

  Protesters Rally in Solidarity With Palestinians at Israel's U.S. Embassy, Consulates Demonstrations have taken place outside seven of Israel's eight consulates across the United States, as well as the embassy in Washington, D.C.The latest escalation in violence on the Gaza Strip began on May 10. At least 219 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since that date, the Associated Press has reported, citing the Gaza health ministry. AP said 12 people in Israel had been killed in rocket attacks launched by Hamas, which controls Gaza.

The organizers spoke of 150,000 participants, the police did not give any information. The organizers included several associations, including the Alliance "Stop The War", the Muslim Association of Great Britain and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

Palästinenserflaggen überall auch in Madrid © Burak Akbulut / AA / Picture Alliance Palestinian flags Everywhere in Madrid

in Madrid, according to the police, about 2500 people went to the support of the Palestinians on the road. "Jerusalem, eternal capital of the Palestinians", was to be read on transparent. Many young people were wrapped in Palestinian flags. The demonstrators called the Europeans no longer cooperate with Israel.


Over 1,500 Arab-Israeli Citizens Arrested in Gaza Protests .
Israeli police said they will continue to apprehend those suspected of "riots" and "bring them to justice."Israeli police said they will continue to apprehend those suspected of "riots" and "bring them to justice." They added that "the campaign is a direct continuation of police activity in the past two weeks and more than 1,550 suspects have been arrested while about 150 indictments have been filed," the Daily Sabah said.

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