World Must-Have-Alarm: This nail polish is clicked online most often - and for good reason!

17:45  01 june  2021
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Must-Have Alarm: For this reason, the shoe designer's nail polish has many fans

Must-have-Alarm-Nagellack-dunkerot-hoch © Getty Images Must-Have-Alarm Nail Polish Dunkerot High

No sole has achieved such a cult status as the Christian Louboutin . But fans of the iconic shoe designer are also on whose nail polish , which is at least as noble and elegant as his self-designed Heels . And this Nail Polish is already so popular with that he has significantly overtaken other competitors on the Internet.

Must-Have: This nail polish by Christian Louboutin is popular in the network

"Rouge Louboutin" : That sounds already after luxury. In fact, this hue belongs to the perhaps most characteristic, but also most popular Nuance by Christian Louboutin Beauty. In the period from January 1 to April 22, 2021, the nail polish even went through the ceiling that he was most viewed the global pages of the Stylight

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platform of all nail racks. After no other was sought so often.

"Rouge Louboutin"

by Christian Louboutin is also one of these nail polish colors that everyone should have in the beauty repertoire. In fact, this nuance corresponds exactly to the powerful and send red, which is also located on the iconic shoes of the French designer with hype potential. This is definitely caused by elegance on the nails, which is underlined by the shiny, covering and splinter-free finish. In addition, UV protection supports the long-lasting effect and assumes that the carrier has permanently slightly from the radiant rotton. Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin makes nail polish with unmistakable design

But also the design of the

nail polish makes something: for the long and narrow locking closure you were inspired by calligraphy and typing feathers. It is also no coincidence that the tip of the vial reminds of the shoe model "Ballerina Ultima". This is the highest high heel from the house of Louboutin.

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X1X1 Here you can buy the nail polish from Christian Louboutin Beauty for around 42 euros. X1X1

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