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The screenwriter DOCTOR STRANT IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, Michael Waldron, entrusted the characters who inspired him for the suite of the adventures of the wizard Supreme stages Sam Raimi.

Doctor Strange 2 : © SpENTH DOCTOR STRANGE 2: "Indiana Jones with a Cape" for the

screenwriter in full promotion of the Loki series on Disney +, the Showrunner Michael Waldron , also DOCTOR STRANG IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS , entrusted Variety that after the departure of Scott Derricickson , he and Sam Raimi , who realizes the feature film, had to resume the writing of the continuation of the film carried by BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH to zero.

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In January 2020, Marvel raised the director Scott Derrickson and the Scriptwriter C. Robert Cargill , supposed to work on the rest of Doctor Strange. The screenwriter will subsequently specify that their beginning of scenario had been refused without even being read by the studio. Three weeks later, Marvel announced that Sam Raimi resumed the staging of the suite.

Doctor Strange 2: Marvel fired the team without reading their

Michael Waldron scenario, who had just finished the writing of Loki, then hired to write the scenario of Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. The latter entrusts to Vanity Fair: " I knew I wanted to stay in the family. I had the impression that Loki was in a great place and I was looking forward to raising the next challenge."

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and it was a challenge: " I was only 2 months to write the rest of Doctor Strange. But the Covid arrived and we are now turning in November. So I spent my year 2020 on Zoom with Sam Raimi. Not too bad ".

Indiana Jones with a CAPE

Waldron continues by talking about the characters who inspired it for writing this feature film that, remember it, could finally formalize that the MCU is a multiverse gathering several parallel worlds. He says: " Stephen Strange is Indiana Jones with a cloak in myself.

It's a hero who can cash the blows. That's what made the hero embodied by Harrison Ford so big. These guys. Boot the buttocks. Look at Stephen Strange in the first movie. It is really beating but it remains very competent. "

The screenwriter adds to have also been inspired by the chef and television animator Anthony Bourdain (deceased in 2018):

" As a neurosurgeon and sorcerer, Strange is an elitist while Anthony Bourdain was a man of the people, but he had this intense intellect. We always had the impression that he could evisce anyone with his words At any time. It was the first ingredient of the character of Dr. Strange . "

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The writer then specifies that the feature film will have the leg of the movies of Sam Raimi: " I can tell you that it is a movie very Sam Raimi. It is incredibly exciting visually. I think the film will look like Nothing you saw in the MCU before ".

The feature film will mark the return of Sam Raimi to the realization of a MARVEL movie 14 years after spider-man 3 .

Benedict Cumberbatch returns to Dr. Stephen Strange and will be joined by Scarlett Witch, embodied by Elizabeth Olsen ( Wandavision ) while Chiwetel Ejiofor , Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams are back.

planned in our rooms on March 23, 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness should be linked to Wandavision events, Loki (available from June 9th on Dinsey +) and Spider-Man: No Way Home , in our rooms LE December 15, 2021.

Next appointment with Marvel: "Black Widow", July 7th

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