World CV curved: "Green" Chancellor Candidate Baerbock in explanatory note

10:25  08 june  2021
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Tempolimit on highway: Baerbock takes position

 Tempolimit on highway: Baerbock takes position What if Annalena Baerbock actually would be Chancellor? How did you go to the Ultrasensitive Topic "Tempolimit" topic? Now she was compromised. © Sean Gallup / Getty Images Annalena Baerbock Baerbock About the Tempolimit The height flight of the Green is stopped for the time being. Both the parties and their chancellor candidates are closer to the percentage point.

Annalena Baerbock is the first Chancellor candidate in the history of "Greens" - but it is currently running everything other than around the 40-year-old.

Annalena Baerbock © Pool / Getty Images Annalena Baerbock

Annalena Baerbock had to learn in recent weeks as it is to be hyped as Chancellor candidate at first to go down to and after. Current stem of the impetus: her obviously crafted CV.

Curriculum Vitae: "Green" Chancellor Candidate Baerbock in Explanatory Note

after delayed side income and a cashier Corona bonus now comes to Annalena Baerbock. And again it is debt. In your CV, some jobs have become conspicuous for closer inspection, which were seemingly drawn.

"Recalls today's Chancellor": Ex-Siemens boss Kaeser promotes green Baerbock

 The former Siemens boss Joe Kaeser promotes vehemently for the green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock. "As far as your understanding and interest is concerned, she reminds me very much about our today's Chancellor," Kaeser said the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" from Wednesday. © DPA Annalena Baerbock Baerbock have under the Chancellor's candidates "certainly the greatest credibility for a sustainable and long-term renewal".

This is how the Mirror reports to Baerbock's alleged membership in a United Nations organization. The hook on the thing: In the organization (UNHCR) you can not be a member.

In addition, Baerbock lists unclear information regarding its membership in the Transatlantic Foundation German Marshall Funds. This is not everything dramatic, but underpin the impression that Baerbock seems to be more than the reality gives.

So she pours water on the mills of her critics, which she does not see as appropriate candidate for the Chancellery due to recent developments. Currently, however, it is by no means chance in the surveys - in addition, the federal election is only on September 26, 2021.

as reported Tagesschau , Baerbock has meanwhile corrected her publicly visible CV .

Annelena Baerbocks Party Speeches - Reactions: »The well-known left mix« .
after talking by Annalena Baerbock at the congress of the Greens followed criticism: "soft-rinsed formulations," it said from the CSU. The Green Youth threw the Chancellor's candidate "Fear of the political opponent". © Sean Gallup / Pool / EPA In numbers, the Green Party Day for Annalena Baerbock was a clear success. With 98.55 percent, the online delegates knew the Green Chairman for Chancellor's candidate.

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