World Covid in India: new daily death record, after a countdown revised

22:55  10 june  2021
22:55  10 june  2021 Source:   challenges.fr

How Dissent Dies

  How Dissent Dies The government’s actions, and its responses to criticism, raise more troubling questions than Narendra Modi’s electoral viability does. Cases such as Fatima’s fit a pattern. In recent years, BJP governments at the federal and state levels, as well as investigative agencies under their power, have arrested a range of people so wide—priests, professors, poets, lawyers, journalists, and stand-up comedians among them—as to turn the act of dissent itself into a jailable offense.

Des malades à New Delhi © AFP - Tauseef Mustafa Patients in New Delhi India records a new daily death record, after an upward revision of the count of the dead in a state of the northeast. Many experts believe that the balance sheet is largely heavier than official figures.

India recorded Thursday more than 6,000 deaths due to COVID-19 after a spectacular revision on the state count of the Bihar (Northeast) was postponed to the last 24 hours, supplying suspicion a global balance of much heavier.

Depending on the figures of the Indian Ministry of Health, 6,148 people died over the last 24 hours, with the total number of deaths to nearly 360,000, the third highest in the world. The day before, the country had identified 2.219 deaths and 92,596 contaminations in 24 hours.

Democracy Needs India

  Democracy Needs India Small, rich, homogenous nations do not offer stories of hope. Big, poor, diverse ones do.Why is India the hinge point? The most obvious answer is the optics: When propagandists in Beijing describe democracy as a Western ideal unsuited to non-Western peoples, having a standard-bearer from the formerly colonized rather than the former colonizers is vital. But India’s importance goes far beyond narrative.

Wednesday, June 9, the state of the Bihar revised its account of approximately 4,000 additional deaths bringing it to nearly 9,500 deaths in total, according to the authorities. The High Court of Bihar State in Patna had required an audit of records as a result of accusations that the local government camouflaged the magnitude of the crisis by minimizing the number of CVIV-19 cases and death.

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Governments of other states are also suspected of minimizing their counts during the second epidemic wave that hit India. The end of March to reach a peak of 400,000 contaminations and more than 4,500 daily deaths in May.

The registers being poorly kept in normal times, many experts believe that the number of deaths in India is much higher than the official count, more than one million deaths, the highest in the world.

These suspicions are reinforced by the fact that the per capita mortality rate in many other countries, such as Brazil and the United States, is several times higher than that of India.

The previous World Death Record in 24 hours, according to a statement of AFP, was 5,527 people in the United States on February 12, but this figure was also due to a revision on the rise of previous counts.

India worried as Myanmar’s pro-democracy fighters cross border .
Thousands flee the military crackdown in Myanmar to India’s northeast, where officials now fear instability.Three Indian states – Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland – are currently sheltering approximately 16,000 people from Myanmar, civil society groups and government officials estimate, with the number expected to rise in coming months, Reuters news agency reported on Thursday.

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