World Covpass: Pharmacist for digital detection: "This reminds me of the chaos around the free masks"

09:05  11 june  2021
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Covpass on the smartphone: Spahn presents new Pilot detection app before

 Covpass on the smartphone: Spahn presents new Pilot detection app before The digital detection can replace the familiar yellow stylet in the future. At a press conference, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (41) has introduced the new Covpass app. Users should soon let the conventional vaccination pass at home and then can prove via CovPass or the known Corona Warn App via smartphone that they are completely vaccinated. But Spahn also assures that no one is forced to use the digital alternative, the IMPF book stay valid.

Since today has received completely vaccinated a digital certificate that can then be read in the App CovPass. From Monday, pharmacies should also exhibit it. But are they prepared for it? We asked a pharmacist from Hamburg.

Apotheken sollen ab Montag auch das Impf-Zertifikat ausstellen © Picture Alliance / Menelaos Michalatos / Pharmacies should also issue the IMPF certificate from Monday

from Monday the digital certificate for the COVID 19 vaccine is output in pharmacies . What does that mean concrete for your everyday life?

I can not say that, we just prepare everything. Only slowly we get the details, learn how we should implement something. This reminds me of the chaos around the award of the free masks in the fall.

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What exactly comes to you from Monday?

we do not know that yet. We should confirm that the person has already been vaccinated successfully and then issue the certificate . But many questions are just open. How exactly should we do the exam? Like the documentation? We have to copy the vaccination certificate and the passport. But actually this is not allowed for documents in color. We have to clarify a lot of yourself.

The reasoning of the Ministry of Health is that pharmacies have experiences with the review of documents, for example in terms of narcotic recipes. Is not that true?

But of course. The question is only: This experience can also be transferred to the in the ? So far, there has never been the situation that I had to recognize a fake vaccination pass or knew what to pay attention to exactly. For recipes you can know the details and the warnings. Recipes for strong reassurance or sleeping media are often faked. If there are large distances between the residence of the patient and the practice of the exhibiting physician, one will immediately be suspicious. But with a Covid vaccine, this does not help me - because many people are also driven to other federal states to get one.

Court of Auditors criticizes procurement of corona protective masks

 Court of Auditors criticizes procurement of corona protective masks The Federal Court of Justice deals with the Ministry of Health because of the procurement of protective equipment in the corona crisis hard to court. Improvements: The Ministry has ordered too many masks and paid too much. © Kira Hofmann / DPA / Picture Alliance A FFP2 mask is located on the lawn in front of the German Bundestag in Berlin The Federal Court of Financial Court transmitted its second report on the Corona expenditure of the Federal Government to the Bundestag.

What about persons vaccinated in other countries?

I do not know that at all, because I could not even judge how the vaccine passes should really look like. Especially since it is not clear if we are allowed to exhibit that at all. I will probably have to develop that first.

How is the test concretely expire?

, too, this is not yet finally clarified. You definitely need the vaccination certificate and a identity card. So far, we do not plan an appointment, we have set up an extraasium, in which only the certificate customers are handled. There, there is also a separate software for it. For the examination of the authenticity we got a leaflet of the pharmacist bandage, but until the routinely runs, it will surely take. Of course you can check the batch number, if necessary call the doctor. If you have to do that with every customer, this will quickly make a very big effort.

which you get remunerated with 18 euros per exam.

Start for Volunteer Corona vaccination Pass for smartphone

 Start for Volunteer Corona vaccination Pass for smartphone A complete corona vaccine should be able to prove in the future by smartphone - with a digital vaccination pass, which should go to the start on Thursday. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to introduce details in Berlin. The application named "CovPass" is to be used as a document with curled Corona restrictions and facilitate traveling in Europe for summer vacation time. It is about a voluntary supplement of the further valid yellow vaccine book of paper.

That's right. But it does not change the fact that everything happens during normal operation. And the other customers are therefore no less.

calculate with many inquiries?

Yes! Since Wednesday, customers are with me every day and most likely want to have the certificate immediately. That's also comprehensible if you can finally hope for a little relief after months of waiting. Before the summer holidays, our everyday life is certainly not easier. But we have already said clearly our boss: if it turns out that our everyday life is too stressed too much, we do not offer that.

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