World in full 3rd wave, the Afghans prefer to ignore the COVID

14:05  12 june  2021
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Race against time to relocate NATO's Afghan translators

  Race against time to relocate NATO's Afghan translators Like thousands of Afghan translators who served with NATO forces, Nazir Ahmad fears for his life as the US-led alliance scrambles to pull out of the country in the coming weeks. Translators like Ahmad, who said he had routinely risked his life with British forces, say the Taliban do not consider why staff were dismissed. "We put our life in danger," he said. "Now we are seen as infidels looking for British citizenship.

  En pleine 3e vague, les Afghans préfèrent ignorer le Covid © supplied by the point

E N full third wave of Covid in Afghanistan and despite calls for the reason of the authorities, the Afghans broken in difficult times after 40 years of conflicts continue to ignore the virus. By shame, by embarrassment. Up to the doors of hospitals.

On its bed in the emergency room at Muhammad Ali Jinnah Hospital, one of Kabul's three main public institutions, Said Ali Shah is barely audible through the oxygen mask on his face.

Just in a position to sit after four days of intensive care, the fifty-brought here "out of breath" by his wife, he said, fiercely denies the reality of his condition.

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"No no no ... I do not have the corona me!".

In withdrawal, the director of the hospital looks up: "Of course if. He has been tested positive but we avoid telling it to the patients who arrive in this unit ... otherwise they think they will die and Lost hope, "says Dr. Sayed Amiri, director of this 200 bed.

The situation is serious: "In a week, there was an increase of nearly 200% of cases," according to the Minister of Health, Wahid Majrooh. Its main concern is the scarcity of oxygen in a health system "at the edge of the chasm", already weakened by war and insecurity.

"The next four weeks will be difficult, we need to prepare for the worst," he insisted by desperately calling Afghans to reason. "Many continue to ignore the danger: you see people without mask in front of hospitals, who accompany their loved ones in critical condition".

The 'French Doctors' who came to the aid of Soviet-occupied Afghans

  The 'French Doctors' who came to the aid of Soviet-occupied Afghans Slowly the caravan of heavily loaded-up horses and mules snakes its way around the snow-capped peaks of northeastern Afghanistan. Silent but for the clip-clop of the animals' hooves on the stone pathways, the scene was captured on film in 1986 as a handful of French doctors and nurses brought supplies and medical care to the war-torn country. With four tonnes of medicine and equipment in tow, they were to set up two field hospitals for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) under the noses of the Afghan government and occupying Soviet forces.

In front of Ali Jinnah Hospital, a nurse offers antigenic tests in 15 minutes and free masks to the accompanying patients who are often sleeping around. "But most refuse," resumes the director. "It's hard to change the habits" ...

"A shame"

at the "Afghan-Japan hospital" infectious diseases, the main Covid Center of the country, Dr. Tareq Akbari draws the same observation: " People prefer to stay at home and self-medicating without being tested. "

For the director of this 120-bed establishment (built by the Japan in 2006), "a form of shame" remains attached to Covid - and a death sentence to the idea of ​​being hospitalized.

"They arrive here far too late, when they breathe too bad. We see families, three, four members are infected".

Its establishment receives patients from all over the country, which arrived by their own means, at the risk of disseminating the virus on the way.

also worries: "Even if we have little ways to check it, we know that it is the Indian variant (now called Delta) that circulates in the country. There are a lot of exchanges between the two countries. . And the patients are now younger than in the first two waves "assures Dr. Akbari.

Taliban says Afghans who worked for foreign forces will be safe

  Taliban says Afghans who worked for foreign forces will be safe Group says Afghans who worked with US and NATO in past 20 years have nothing to fear as long as they show ‘remorse’.“They shall not be in any danger on our part… None should currently desert the country,” a statement released by the armed group said on Monday.

For him - and the Minister agrees - the official figures that announce from 55 to 60 daily deaths for a week are largely underestimated. "You can easily multiply by two or three". And even more: who holds accounts in rural districts, sometimes prey to fighting or already under Taliban control.

According to the Minister of Health, Afghanistan lost 110 CVIVID doctors during the year.

But the authorities' alerts remain ignored by the population that has already shunned the vaccination campaign in May, during the month of Ramadan: the most rigorous felt that the injection would bring them breaking their fast. Then the Celebrations of Aid-el-Fitr, which marks the end of the sacred month, have caused many family gatherings - and as many opportunities to share the virus. Hence the current outbreak.

Less than one million doses were taught in first injection, according to the ministry which expects 700,000 others at the end of the week, offered by the China .

The UN also announces Thursday the delivery of ten oxygen production stations to be installed in the country.

But the United States , which are accelerating the withdrawal of their troops after 20 years of presence, have already called their nationals to leave the country as soon as possible, arguing that some of them have Seen refuse access to hospitals due to lack of equipment.

ACH-US-Mam / Ahe

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It’s Not Too Late to Avert a Historic Shame .
As the U.S. military prepares to leave Afghanistan, it’s running out of time to evacuate the Afghans who have helped the United States.The unfolding disaster has seized the attention of international organizations, American news outlets, veterans’ groups, and members of Congress. On June 4, a bipartisan coalition of House members (many of them veterans), called the Honoring Our Promises Working Group, released a passionate statement that urged the Biden administration to skip the cumbersome ordeal of reviewing thousands of visa applications and instead evacuate these Afghans and their families to the U.S. territory of Guam, where they can be processed in safety.

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