World Brood X cicadas interfere with cars, planes, weather radar

22:06  12 june  2021
22:06  12 june  2021 Source:   foxnews.com

Don't eat cicadas if you are allergic to shrimp, shellfish, FDA warns

  Don't eat cicadas if you are allergic to shrimp, shellfish, FDA warns The Food and Drug Administration has a colorful warning for people with a shellfish allergy: don’t eat cicadas. Turns out, the agency warns, that the noisy insects actually share a "family relation" to shrimp and lobsters. "Yep! We have to say it!" the FDA tweeted on Wednesday. "Don’t eat #cicadas if you’re allergic to seafood as these insects share a family relation to shrimp and lobsters." While the warning surprised many of the FDA’s Twitter followers, it turns out eating cicadas isn’t unheard of, and it’s not even the first time experts have issued the warning for those with shellfish allergies.

Cicadas have taken over large swaths of the United States, interrupting sleep, causing car crashes and even bombarding President Biden on Wednesday as he prepared to board Air Force One.

Trillions of the insects have emerged after 17 years underground in approximately 15 states, leaving nymph exoskeletons littered around city parks and backyards.


The red-eyed bugs are especially active amid hot weather conditions that have swept the country in past weeks and residents of heavy cicada areas have taken note.

Although cicadas are not dangerous to humans, the bugs have reportedly been the cause of a few disturbances.

'If you have a seafood allergy, don't eat cicadas': FDA warns

  'If you have a seafood allergy, don't eat cicadas': FDA warns Cicadas are not safe to be eaten by Americans with shellfish allergies, according to the FDA. Some Americans have decided to eat the bug that have taken the country by storm in recent weeks.The advice comes as billions of cicada nymphs that have been living underground since 2004 have begun bursting out of the soil to shed their skin, mate and lay eggs.

A county in Georgia said that residents had been calling 911 over the 100-decibel songs of the cicadas, with reports of "alarms" sounding in the area.

In Ohio, the Cincinnati Police Department said Monday that a young man crashed his car after being hit in the face by a cicada that flew through an open window.

"Remember to keep your windows rolled up until our little red eyed friends are gone," the department advised in a Facebook post, noting that historically there have been "several car crashes attributed to their presence."

In Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, masses of cicadas may even be showing up on weather radar.

"You may have noticed a lot of fuzziness (low reflectivity values) on our radar recently. The Hydrometeor Classification algorithm shows much of it to be Biological in nature," the National Weather Service in Baltimore, Md. and Washington tweeted last weekend. "Our guess? It's probably the #cicadas."

Greg Gutfeld: National leaders' silence on crime is 'existential threat'

  Greg Gutfeld: National leaders' silence on crime is 'existential threat' As the crime gets worse, so will Democrats' deflections. They’ll blame systemic racism and the news will try to convince you that it's your duty to eat cicadas to help the environment. Which reminds me, what's on CNN right now? Skit on woman and man eating cicadas on CNN What you're seeing in LA is the natural response to politicians abdicating their responsibility in protecting citizens. In other words "self-preservation." I envy LA. They have a sheriff who cares about his city. In New York, we have a mayor who thinks his sit-up routine takes priority over brutalized Asians.

However, opinions on whether cicadas are taking flight on or under the radar vary, according to forecaster AccuWeather.

Nevertheless, Brood X has had an impact on air travel, delaying the White House press plane's takeoff from Washington's Dulles International Airport to the United Kingdom for hours on Wednesday.


The mayhem won't last too long.

By July 4, adult cicadas will largely be gone, having successfully reproduced and each laid hundreds of eggs on tree branches.

After the eggs fall to the ground and hatch, the cycle will begin again.

Cicada Hijinks Are an American Tradition .
Drivers, please keep your windows closed.The Brood X cicadas have certainly made their presence known over the past several weeks: their ceaseless screeching from the treetops, their slow, meandering manner of flying around, sometimes right into us. Last week, a plane carrying journalists who were accompanying President Joe Biden on his trip to Europe was delayed for more than five hours at a Virginia airport because of “mechanical problems caused by the cicadas.” Biden himself was not spared; standing on the tarmac before boarding his own plane, the president discovered a cicada crawling on his neck and swatted it away.

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