World Summit in the Character of Russia & China: NATO Tags for the first time with biders

10:15  14 june  2021
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Biden to meet NATO secretary general ahead of Brussels summit

  Biden to meet NATO secretary general ahead of Brussels summit Jens Stoltenberg to visit Washington to discuss NATO agenda including security challenges from Russia, cyberattacks.Biden and Stoltenberg will discuss the “many issues on the NATO agenda, including reinforcing transatlantic security in the face of challenges from Russia and China”, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Friday.

"The summit is important in terms of symbolism; it puts Russia in the same league as the US, and for Putin symbolism is not unimportant," says Andrei Kortunov, director of the RIAC think-tank in Moscow. image copyrightGetty Images. And despite a packed agenda, including meetings at Nato headquarters in Brussels on Monday, there's particular interest in Joe Biden's final stop on his European trip, his one -on- one on Wednesday with Vladimir Putin. "Putin definitely wants to be equal to the US president. He wants to be respected on his terms," political analyst Lilia Shevtsova agrees.

BRUSSELS – NATO leaders hope to open a new chapter in transatlantic relations at a summit with U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday, agreeing to focus on tackling climate change for the first time as well as facing up China ’s military rise. For the 30 allies meeting in Brussels, diplomats say nothing could be further from the truth, looking to the nuclear-armed alliance founded in 1949 to help deal with threats from extreme weather that can worsen conflicts to Russian attempts to undermine Western democracies through covert attacks.

The top meeting of NATO stands - for the first time with US president biders. His predecessor Trump had taken care of for horror in transatlantic alliance.

Belgiens Premier Alexander De Croo empfängt Joe Biden, Präsident der USA, auf dem Militärflughafen Melsbroek. © Benoit Doppage / Belga / DPA Belgium's Premier Alexander de Croo receives Joe Biden, US President, on the military airport Melsbroek.

The heads of state and government of the 30 NATO states will be together this Monday to a summit meeting in Brussels. A central theme is the question of how the alliance with the rise of China should bypass a military world power. In addition, the threats from Russia and the Reform Initiative "NATO 2030" play a revised role. is particularly important to the top meeting, because it is the first with the new US President Joe Biden. This has promised to regain very tense relationships between NATO and the United States under its predecessor Donald Trump.

What to expect from Biden’s first NATO summit as US president

  What to expect from Biden’s first NATO summit as US president Afghanistan, Russia, China and spending to dominate talks as alliance embraces Democrat after tumultuous Trump era.In Joe Biden’s first NATO summit as US president, he will be eager to reassure his allies that “America is back” after a tumultuous four years of former American president Donald Trump, who declared NATO “obsolete”, called member countries “deadbeats”, and at first refused to explicitly endorse NATO’s mutual defence principle.

For the first time in NATO 's history, the alliance is recognizing the challenges posed by China 's rise in a summit declaration. NATO leaders are to raise concerns about China 's growing influence for the first time in a joint leaders' declaration at a summit in London. The 29 member states will sign off on a statement Wednesday that formally acknowledges the "opportunities and challenges" posed by China 's increasing global role.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) will modify its strategic policies regarding Russia and China , and present a related document for the adoption on the alliance's summit in 2022, the White House said on Sunday. "Allies will agree to revise NATO 's Strategic Concept, a framework that will guide the Alliance's approach to the evolving strategic environment, which includes Russia 's aggressive policies and actions; challenges posed by the People’s Republic of China to our collective security, prosperity, and values; and transnational threats such as terrorism, cyber threats, and climate change," the White

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according to the G7 summit in English Cornwall arrived Biden on Sunday evening in Brussels. The white house announced a clear commitment of Biden to the Alliance. "During the summit, the president will reaffirm the permanent transatlantic bond by NATO," it said in a message. Biden will also underline the "Iron Confession of the United States on Article 5" to collective defense. "An attack on one is an attack on all and is answered with a collective response."

Trump had aroused several doubts regardless of the consequences of multiple doubts as to whether the US would comply with their commitment to military assistance. In addition, the non-agreed announcement of a retreat of US troops from Germany and other altitudes came.

US and NATO: Manufacturing a new cold war?

  US and NATO: Manufacturing a new cold war? The US wants to remain the sole superpower in the world and wants its NATO allies to rally behind unipolarity.This will prove a challenging task. NATO seems to have lost its mojo after Trump deformed its strategic vision and values and cast doubt over its shared destiny, albeit rhetorically.

China was mentioned for the first time in a NATO leaders’ communique after the previous summit , hosted by the UK, in 2019 – when it was described as a challenge and an opportunity. Eighteen months later, this language will remain balanced but is expected to give more of a sense of how Beijing, with its growing military power, poses a challenge to the world’s democracies. The allies will still stress areas of co-operation, including climate change. But there is concern particularly in the US about the threat posed by a rising China , with officials accusing the ruling Chinese Communist Party of human rights

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - NATO will be updating its strategic concept after the Monday meeting and could change the reference to Russia as a "constructive partner," White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said. After this weekend's G7 summit in the UK's southwestern county of Cornwall, US President Joe Biden headed for Brussels where the NATO summit will be held on Monday. The last Strategic Concept was done in 2010, and, among other things, referred to Russia as a ‘constructive partner,’ and really didn’t talk about China at all. So it’s time for an update to that Strategic Concept for NATO .

for horror of the Allies had even threatened Trump with NATO resignation

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In the message of the White House it was said that Allies would launch an ambitious package of initiatives at the meeting on Monday, to ensure that NATO can provide our citizens by 2030 and beyond security. "NATO was" the most powerful and most successful alliance of history, "said" Next. "Transatlantic relationships are based on a foundation of common democratic values."

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Concretely, national leaders want to commission the revision of the current strategic concept, among other things. The current version was decided in 2010. At that time, for example, the Allies had hoped that large tensions with Russia were over. However, they followed developments such as Ukraine conflict and the further rise of China to a military world power. This will now be discussed in the revision of the strategic concept.

No new Cold War with China, Nato chief says

  No new Cold War with China, Nato chief says The military alliance is expected to brand China a security risk at President Biden's first summit.Nato leaders are expected to issue a statement branding China a security risk after they meet in Belgium on Monday.

The Russian president downplayed the characterization as “Hollywood machismo” meant for the domestic audience in the US. During Sunday’s interview, Putin also stressed that the poor state of relations between the two countries, including the sanctions Washington has placed on Moscow, hurts both sides. There will be no joint media conference following the talks, with Washington reportedly concerned that putting the two leaders side by side before the press would give the edge to Putin. A 2018 meeting between him and Trump in Helsinki resulted in a PR disaster for the previous US president.

Ties between Russia and China have been hailed as at a “historic high,” but according to Moscow’s top envoy in Beijing, there is no reason to expect the friendly relations to evolve into a formal military alliance any time soon. Citing the US-led NATO military bloc as an example, Denisov wrote that such alliances “are often characterized by an imbalance in the influence of different countries, and the emergence of those who are leading and those who are led." According to him, “this does not at all correspond to the spirit of Russian - Chinese relations and the interests of the two states.”

In addition, plans for increasing the NATO budget and the expansion of political consultations within the Alliance are expected.

At the G7 summit in Cornwall , the leading western industrialized countries had agreed, among other things, to a harder course towards China and critically criticized Russia. Biden reaffirmed according to the summit: "I think we are in a competition, not only with China, but in a competition with autocrats, autocratic governments around the world." For his with excitement expected summit with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday he got backing of the G7.

Merkel's Last NATO Summit

For Chancellor Angela Merkel, it is likely to be the last NATO summit. The CDU politician will leave your office after the general election in the fall and has emphasized several times that it is no longer available for other offices. Thus, it does not come into question also for the succession of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whose term of office expires in the autumn of next year. (dpa)

China bolsters Russia ties as 'important force for stability' following scathing NATO summit .
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian touted China’s growing ties with Russia Tuesday, telling reporters that despite concerns from western nations they are an "important force for stability in a turbulent world."The spokesman's comments come just one day after NATO leaders took a hardline stance against China, warning against the "systemic challenges" they pose "to the rules-based international order.

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