World 6-Year-Old Overdoses on THC Gummy Packaged as 'Hawaiian Punch'

02:16  15 june  2021
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The 6 - year - old accidentally ingested the marijuana gummy , which contained 50 mg of THC , after The parent was fully clothed and had a package of Faded Fruits Hawaiian Punch gummies in Safer Packaging for Marijuana Edibles. McCoy's daughter isn't the first child who has overdosed on THC .

" THC is a MEDICATION and needs to be packaged as such," Morgan McCoy wrote after her daughter spent a night in the hospital. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. The Pensacola mom later confirmed that her 6 - year - old accidentally consumed a Faded Fruits Hawaiian Punch gummy , which contained 50mg of THC , according to her June 1 Facebook post. For context, McCoy said she usually takes 25mg to "knock myself out for sleep or severe pain only."

A 6-year-old girl in Florida overdosed on THC after eating a gummy from a package labeled "Hawaiian Punch." The youth survived, but her mother is calling for federal regulations to prevent cannabis companies from creating packaging that may appeal to children.

a close up of a bottle: Stock photo of dummies in the shape of cannabis leaves. A Florida mother says a THC gummy that resembled candy made her daughter ill recently. © Getty Stock photo of dummies in the shape of cannabis leaves. A Florida mother says a THC gummy that resembled candy made her daughter ill recently.

The incident occurred over Memorial Day weekend, when the girl's parents, Morgan and Alex McCoy, took their daughter to her in-laws in Jacksonville, Florida. On a June 1 Facebook post, Morgan recounted that about 30 to 40 friends and their families were there for a holiday pool party. She said many of the people there were "legal, medical marijuana patients."

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A 12- year - old boy sent at least five of his classmates to the hospital by giving them gummy candy containing THC on Nov. Several children at a Florida middle school overdosed on THC -laced gummies after a 12- year - old student handed them out in class, authorities said. Polk County Sheriff’s Office officials said the boy somehow acquired a package of gummies containing 100 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ), the main mind-altering ingredient in cannabis, and gave it to six other seventh-graders during gym class at Mulberry Middle School on Thursday.

In all the hyperbolic stories of “ THC overdoses ” I’ve seen/read the story is almost always the same. It really depends if you smoke marijuana with higher thc then the gummy will probably only do a tenth of what the joint does. The only time a 10mg thc edible would be better than a joint is if you smoke marijuana with high Cbd content. In that case though it might be a little too much depending on your tolerance!!

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Morgan said that one of the parents got their clothes wet after getting a 2-year-old child who had jumped into the pool. The parent changed clothes inside and left behind a package containing one gummy—Morgan noted it was a single gummy—which the 6-year-old McCoy girl later found. The label for the gummy not only featured the name "Hawaiian Punch" prominently printed on it, it used the same logo as the popular fruit drink.

Apparently, thinking it was candy, the girl ate the Hawaiian Punch THC gummy, which contained 50 milligrams of THC. For comparison, in 2020 medical marijuana expert Dr. Dustin Sulak wrote on the cannabis resource site Leafly that someone new to consuming THC edibles should consider starting with a dosage of 1 to 2.5 mg of THC.

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Morgan, who had left the party earlier, returned to find that all the kids at the house were sleeping, which she said didn't seem unusual since they had been playing in the sun all day. Soon, though, another parent told her that her daughter may have consumed a THC gummy.

She wrote in the Facebook post, "I ran inside and calmly picked her up and moved her from the ground to the couch. She couldn't open her eyes, she was completely non-responsive and when I laid her down she kind of braced herself like she felt like she was falling."

After 911 was called, an ambulance rushed the child to a hospital, where she was monitored and given fluids. Morgan said she and her husband were up all night as the girl's "breaths per minute would drop to single digits at times, her heart rate would shoot up to alarming levels at others."

Morgan called experience "one of the scariest moments of my life."

She wrote that she does not blame the other parent, who she said has "suffered enough" for the ordeal. Instead, she blames the cannabis company behind the misleading label.

Florida mom demands clearer label on marijuana edibles after child winds up in hospital

  Florida mom demands clearer label on marijuana edibles after child winds up in hospital A Florida mom is urging stricter packaging regulations on THC products after her 6-year-old daughter allegedly ate a Faded Fruits cannabis-infused gummy thinking it was candy. Morgan McCoy of Pensacola took to Facebook on June 1 detailing how her child, McKendrick, happened upon the gummy and ended up in the hospital. It all began over Memorial Day weekend, when McCoy visited her in-laws in Jacksonville. A group of friends, who allegedly are legal, medical marijuana patients, were gathered at the house. While McCoy left the house to see a relative, her husband stayed behind.

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Decarboxylation THC Process. MCR labs Terpene Research Database. I just got all the reclaim out of my old nectar collector. If I mixed some of it in with peanut butter and ate a pbj it would work like an edible right? submitted 6 years ago by WhippetGouda. well, once we dabbed it we tasted straight hawaiian punch aftertaste - then everyone said you have to name it that.

"There needs to be regulation in place to keep companies from putting stuff like this on the market," she wrote. "We don't have federal regulation over marijuana because our government won't legalize it."

Morgan, who advocates for the legalization of marijuana, said she's contacted local politicians and even the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

"THC is a MEDICATION and needs to be packaged as such. Period," she wrote. "This packaging is simply unacceptable."

A web search could not locate contact details for Faded Fruits, the company listed as the gummy's manufacturer. Other brands that showed up in an image search for Faded Fruits included other kid-centric names, such as Grape Ape, Cotton Candy Kush, and Cola.

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