World Republican senators to blast S1 as 'Fund the Politicians Act' on floor

20:26  16 june  2021
20:26  16 june  2021 Source:   foxnews.com

Mondaire Jones Says Manchin Op-Ed Might as Well Be Titled 'Why I'll Vote to Preserve Jim Crow'

  Mondaire Jones Says Manchin Op-Ed Might as Well Be Titled 'Why I'll Vote to Preserve Jim Crow' The West Virginia Democratic senator has come under fire for refusing to support the For the People Act following an op-ed he wrote for the Charleston Gazette-Mail.In the Sunday op-ed, the moderate Democrat from West Virginia said he was against the legislation because it had not garnered any Republican support. He felt a resolution for changes in voting rights should be reached with agreement from both parties.

EXCLUSIVE: A group of Republican senators led by Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst are taking to the Senate floor to blast the Democrats’ sweeping election reform bill, calling it the "Fund the Politicians Act."

According to remarks obtained exclusively by Fox News, Ernst and her colleagues will hit the Senate floor on Wednesday afternoon to eviscerate the For the People Act — the Democrats’ controversial legislative priority that is seeing bipartisan opposition — as a bill that "prioritizes themselves."

"This bill creates a federal campaign fund to finance the expenses of candidates for Congress," Ernst’s remarks read.

The Lament of a Republican Moderate

  The Lament of a Republican Moderate Bill Haslam, the former governor of Tennessee, tries to figure out how evangelical politics got so extreme.Historically, Tennessee has favored moderate candidates for statewide office. For many years, Democrats and Republicans rotated through the governor’s mansion, and since the mid-1990s, senators have tended to be centrist, business-minded Republicans. But like other red states, Tennessee seems to be swinging to the right: Trump won in 2020 by 23 percentage points, and the Republican margin of victory has consistently widened in every presidential election since 1996, the last time the state went to a Democrat.

"Instead of addressing the important issues that are on the minds of my fellow Iowans — like the rising cost of gasoline, bread, milk, and all sorts of household goods — this bill literally takes money out of the paychecks of working Americans and puts it into the campaign coffers of Washington politicians," the senator continues.


Ernst, who serves as vice chair of the Senate GOP Conference, points out that the For the People Act "nationalizes elections" and "subsidizes politicians’ campaigns," even those a voter may disagree with. She also warned that there is no "opting out" of the bill.

"Washington would tell the rest of the country how you can select your representatives," the remarks say. "It does so by creating a federal work-around of state voter ID laws by effectively eliminating the enforcement of state ID requirements at the polls."

5 Republican Senators Write Letter to AG Claiming 'Unequal Justice' of Capitol Rioters Compared to Protesters

  5 Republican Senators Write Letter to AG Claiming 'Unequal Justice' of Capitol Rioters Compared to Protesters Senators Ron Johnson, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Lee, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz signed the letter.Signed by Senators Ron Johnson, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Lee, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz, the letter highlighted a few instances of disruption by protests that may have resulted in unequal justice in the prosecution of those involved. They requested "information about our concerns regarding potential unequal justice administered in response to other recent instances of mass unrest, destruction, and loss of life throughout the United States.

The Iowa Republican said the bill is part of the "Democrats’ larger scheme and total power grab to tilt our political system in their favor," such as nixing the filibuster, adding "new states, like the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, that will elect Democrat senators," and packing the Supreme Court.

"There are just 50 Democratic senators, but 60 votes are required to end debate on legislation in the Senate," Ernst’s remarks say. "Therefore, the Democrats must eliminate the filibuster in order to pass S. 1."


"That’s right, changing the rules in order to fundamentally change the country," she adds, pointing out the Democrats used the filibuster "327 times last year alone" while the party was in the minority.

In her prepared remarks Ernst writes the bill "is not about democracy," but rather "changing the rules and tipping the scales to favor Washington Democrats."

Joe Manchin Can’t Have It Both Ways

  Joe Manchin Can’t Have It Both Ways If the right to vote is fundamental, then it cannot be subject to veto by partisans who benefit from disenfranchisement. Video: Historian: Joe Manchin’s ‘living in a dream world that no longer exists’ (MSNBC) Your browser does not support this video The Democrats who opposed the Fifteenth Amendment argued—when they were not asserting that Black suffrage itself corrupted American democracy—that states had a sovereign right to determine who was eligible for the franchise, one with which the federal government should not interfere.

The senator is expected to be joined by several of her Republican colleagues on the floor, including Sens. Roy Blunt, R-Mo.; Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa; Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.V.; Rick Scott, R-Fla.; Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.; Jim Inhofe, R-Ok.; Roger Marshall, R-Ks.; and Todd Young, R-Ind.


The For the People Act has been torn into by conservatives as the Democratic majority attempts to ram it through the Senate, with progressives in the party demanding the Senate end the filibuster to pass the bill and other liberal initiatives.

Last month, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer sent a letter to his party informing them he would be forcing a vote on the bill in the waning weeks of June.

"In the last week of the June work period, the Senate will vote on S.1, the For the People Act, legislation that is essential to defending our democracy, reducing the influence of dark money and powerful special interests, and stopping the wave of Republican voter suppression happening in the states across the country in service of President Trump’s Big Lie," Schumer wrote.

The Democrats’ Dead End on Voting Rights .
They claim that democracy is under threat, but they lack the collective will to save it. Self-interest is also at play. Aggressive attempts by Republicans at the state level to restrict voting in advance of the 2022 midterm elections have led many Democrats to believe that their only chance to retain power is to pass voting-rights legislation in the next few months. Their resulting desperation, in turn, has invited GOP attacks that the election bill’s aim is partisan in nature.

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