World NC Rep. Murphy's Campus Free Speech and Restoration Act aims to send 1st Amendment back to school

03:41  17 june  2021
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North Carolina Rep . Greg Murphy , ranking member of the House Education and Labor Committee’ s Subcommittee on Higher Education, will introduce a bill Thursday that aims to protect free speech at colleges and universities. "And that nonsense needs to stop." The Campus Free Speech Restoration Act aims to crack down on "policies that improperly constrain the expressive rights of students." Judge andrew p. napolitano: silencing free speech – when the 1 ST amendment is not enforced, this can happen.

Free Speech and the First Amendment . What is freedom of speech , and what does it protect? NC State is dedicated to fostering free speech in an environment where members of our community can learn from one another and where all are treated with dignity and respect. The university vigorously opposes and denounces all forms of hateful speech . The university encourages faculty, staff and students to use their free - speech rights, consistent with federal and state laws, to condemn hateful speech and to help create opportunities for the campus community to understand and learn from

Its one of the primary principles defended in the Bill of Rights – but many believe campus free speech is under attack by wokeism and left-wing cancel culture.

A conservative University of Virginia student was "berated" after questioning a subjective "strike" system that the student government there imposed to discourage professors from "offensive" speech.

Conservative activists were punched in the face at the University of California Berkeley and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in separate viral videos.

And a professor-led mob of activist students swarmed a Zoom lecture to deliver a pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic message at New York City’s Hunter College.

University of Arkansas may move statue of William Fulbright, late senator and Bill Clinton's mentor

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The free - speech watchdog FIRE is a familiar irritant to college administrators, but until this past year, the rest of the country wasn’t paying much attention. An “epic” year is what Greg Lukianoff, president and chief executive of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, calls it. Universities investigated for violations of Title IX, or those that do not adequately investigate charges of sexual assault or harassment, face lengthy and expensive investigations — 246 cases are currently under investigation at 195 campuses . Those found guilty, public or private, could lose federal funding.

Start studying 1 st amendment free speech cases. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. -censorship of school newspaper - school with a student newspaper -press speech -not protected because it was school -sponsored speech and represented the school ' s mission. Tinker v. Des Moines.

Not to mention numerous conservative speakers, from Ben Shapiro to Ann Coulter, have been boycotted, uninvited, protested or drowned out after being booked to speak at colleges around the U.S.


So North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy, ranking member of the House Education and Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Higher Education, will introduce a bill Thursday that aims to protect free speech at colleges and universities.

"There are many instances that are going on on college campuses these days, where conservative views are not being tolerated – they're being attacked by other students and by professors," Murphy told Fox News Wednesday. "And that nonsense needs to stop."

Joe Manchin Can’t Have It Both Ways

  Joe Manchin Can’t Have It Both Ways If the right to vote is fundamental, then it cannot be subject to veto by partisans who benefit from disenfranchisement. Video: Historian: Joe Manchin’s ‘living in a dream world that no longer exists’ (MSNBC) Your browser does not support this video The Democrats who opposed the Fifteenth Amendment argued—when they were not asserting that Black suffrage itself corrupted American democracy—that states had a sovereign right to determine who was eligible for the franchise, one with which the federal government should not interfere.

The First Amendment is important, but it' s not recommended as college officials' first response when students engage in racist and offensive speech . As a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, Emerson Sykes has focused on the intersection of racial justice and free speech and how it plays out on college campuses . Sykes is a strong proponent of the First Amendment and said he' s aware of and “frustrated” by the many examples of public and private universities invoking free speech rights in response to incidents of racism or hateful speech from students.

The First Amendment establishes the framework for resolving some of these dilemmas by defining certain critical rights and responsibilities. It protects the freedom of speech , thought, and inquiry, and requires respect for the right of others to do the same. They are not committing an act of censorship every time they cross a book off of a reading list, but if they decide to remove a book because of hostility to the ideas it contains, they could be. As the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and International Reading Association (IRA) note, there is an important distinction between selection

The Campus Free Speech Restoration Act aims to crack down on "policies that improperly constrain the expressive rights of students."


Colleges receiving federal money would be required to publicly disclose their free speech policies in exchange for Title IV funding under the 1965 Higher Education Act.

"They receive federal funds, and those funds are taxpayer money, and those type of policies should be readily available to the American public," he said.

The bill also condemns so-called free speech zones as "inherently at odds" with the First Amendment and states that the increasingly popular "bias reporting systems" are susceptible to abuse that can lead to unwarranted censorship. It would also require the secretary of education to designate an official to receive and address cases of First Amendment abuse on college campuses.

How Dissent Dies

  How Dissent Dies The government’s actions, and its responses to criticism, raise more troubling questions than Narendra Modi’s electoral viability does. Cases such as Fatima’s fit a pattern. In recent years, BJP governments at the federal and state levels, as well as investigative agencies under their power, have arrested a range of people so wide—priests, professors, poets, lawyers, journalists, and stand-up comedians among them—as to turn the act of dissent itself into a jailable offense.

The Assembly sent the bill to the state Senate on a 61-36 vote Wednesday night, with Republican Rep . Bob Gannon of West Bend joining all Democrats in opposing the bill. "Today we are ensuring that simply because you are a young adult on a college campus , your constitutional rights do not Critics argue the bill isn't needed in Wisconsin and would actually hinder freedom of speech by suspending or expelling students. “Our colleges and universities should be a place to vigorously debate ideas and ultimately learn from one another. Instead, this campus gag rule creates an atmosphere of fear where

While the First Amendment protected freedoms of speech , religion, press, assembly and petition, subsequent amendments under the Bill of Rights dealt with the protection of other American values including the Second Amendment right to bear arms and the Sixth Amendment right to a trial by jury. Freedom of speech —the right to express opinions without government restraint—is a democratic ideal that dates back to ancient Greece. In the United States, the First Amendment guarantees free speech , though the United States, like all modern democracies, places limits on this

The move would make it easier for students, faculty and the taxpaying public to hold institutions accountable during First Amendment controversies.

"When I was back in college, free speech was welcomed," Murphy said. "You had a free exchange of ideas without any type of rancor, and I'm not so sure that's the case anymore."


"Unless you've been living under a rock, you take a walk through college campuses, you can see this," he added. "There were even college campuses in North Carolina that had days of mourning after President Trump became president. Just utter nonsense that this that were sanctioned by the college presidents."

University leaders and educators have no business sharing their political views with students, he said.

"College presidents shouldn’t be tweeting out political partisan gestures," he said. "It’s not their place, because then what it does is it sets up a system of fear, just like in Red China: If you do not abide by the party line, there will be retribution."

"And I know on campuses, students fear this, professors fear this," he continued. "They won't get the right committee assignments. They won't get tenure. It's a real issue."

The DOJ has a plan to protect voting rights. It might not be enough.

  The DOJ has a plan to protect voting rights. It might not be enough. Merrick Garland’s speech is a cry for congressional action.In a speech on Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland laid out the DOJ plan to protect voting rights and announced that the department’s Civil Rights Division would begin staffing up to aid enforcement efforts.

Last month, a St. John’s University adjunct professor in New York City said she was fired after reading a passage that included the N-word from an anti-slavery Mark Twain novel out loud.


Murphy said he believes the bill has a lot of support in the Education Committee.

"This is a real issue and we're not going to let the progressive left win on this," he said. "It's time that they stop polluting our children’s minds."

Even the American Civil Liberties Union has called for the defense of free speech on college campuses.


"How much we value the right of free speech is put to its severest test when the speaker is someone we disagree with most," the ACLU says on a portion of its website dedicated to free speech at universities. "Speech that deeply offends our morality or is hostile to our way of life warrants the same constitutional protection as other speech because the right of free speech is indivisible: When we grant the government the power to suppress controversial ideas, we are all subject to censorship by the state."

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